Kirihara has a problem with spillover. Humor, I-3

Character(s): Kirihara Akaya, Mad Hatter

No one had told him that he was signing up for this.

Akaya stared at the ceiling above his bed, panting softly, as the ghosts of Sanada-san’s
touches burned across his skin, and shuddered at the overlapping echo of Yukimura-buchou’s

On his hip, Hatter-san’s mark burned.

Akaya moaned into his fist, trying to muffle the harsh sound, as he felt Sanada-san
stroke Yukimura-buchou open. His free hand snaked down the front of his pajama
pants and closed over his aching cock, and he bit down on a knuckle to keep from
crying out. It was probably wrong to be touching himself like this, but when the
two of them got like this, he just couldn’t help it, and—

A low chuckle rolled out of the darkness above him. "That looks uncomfortable,"
someone purred. "Would you like one to assist you, perhaps?"

Akaya opened horrified eyes to see Hatter-san lounging in the air above his bed,
smiling a wicked little smile. He froze.

Hatter-san’s smile broadened a touch. "Ah," he noted, voice light
and cheerful. "One sees that it has taken care of itself." He tipped
his hat to Akaya, and disappeared as suddenly as he’d arrived.

Akaya groaned, and buried his flaming face in his pillow. He’d hope for the relief
of dying of embarrassment, but that wouldn’t be much help any more, not if he
was going to have to spend eternity with Hatter-san.

At least Hatter-san was right; one problem had taken care of itself, at least
for the night. He didn’t so much as twitch while Yukimura-buchou and Sanada-san
finished what they were doing, and their mutual pleasure vibrated through Hatter-san’s

Akaya grimaced into his pillow. Enough was enough. He’d have to work up his nerve
to talk to… someone… about this. Surely there was something they could do
about this echo effect.