The Direct Approach

Ryouma finally catches Tezuka. Humor, I-3

Pairing(s): Tezuka/Ryouma

“Welcome to Sampras, sir. May I take your bag?”

Tezuka stared at the smiling Grigori for a long moment. It had been disconcerting
enough to become used to Uriel’s home and the rather eccentric idea that
Uriel seemed to feel was “organization.” He hadn’t just been
making excuses when he told Lily that he couldn’t come to Echizen’s
“Hi, I’m Dead Too” party, as the man had called it. Tezuka tried
to avoid the thought that he’d been making excuses at all, but a lifetime
of honesty with himself made that difficult. “I can handle my bag, thank
you,” Tezuka said, nodding to the angel. “I was hoping to see Echizen.”

The Grigori nodded. “He’s been expecting you. You have your own rooms
next to his, connected with a door, of course. I’ll show you the way.”

Tezuka followed the Grigori automatically. Though part of his mind urged him to
contemplate the Grigori’s words, he opted to look at the décor, instead.
He reflected that it was probably lucky that the twelve-year-old Echizen hadn’t
been able to decorate it himself, because he certainly wouldn’t have done
something tasteful in cream and jade. It did, however, make Tezuka recall Atobe’s
remark that after a while the colors made one feel as if one was fading out of

“We’re here, sir,” the Grigori said, interrupting Tezuka’s
thoughts. “Mr. Ryouma said to tell you that he’s hoping you enjoy
him and your stay.”

Tezuka gave the Grigori the look he gave Fuji when Fuji had spent too much time
with Belial and it was showing. “Could you repeat that please?”

“Of course. Mr. Ryouma said you’d ask. Mr. Ryouma said to tell you
that he’s hoping you enjoy the rooms and being in him.”

Tezuka shook his head. “Being…”

“Being with him.” Tezuka was suddenly reminded of Eriol and Eriol’s
innocent smile as he watched the Grigori’s polite expression. The Grigori
opened the door for Tezuka. “He’s waiting for you inside, sir.”

Tezuka headed in, dumping his bag by the door. A quick inspection of most of the
suite revealed that it was more apartment than anything. However, Echizen was
not in evidence in the kitchenette, or the living room, or what appeared to be
the office. Tezuka sighed and opened the door to the bedroom. “Echizen…”

Echizen gave Tezuka a sharp look from where he lounged on the bed. “I’ve
finally decided to be direct about it.”

“…ah. I doubt I’ll be able to resist, then,” said Tezuka

“You’d better not,” Echizen muttered, rising and crossing the
room swiftly to come to Tezuka’s side.

“Did you learn that pose from Atobe?” Tezuka inquired.

Ryouma glowered at Tezuka and prevented any further comment by efficiently stopping
the other man’s mouth.