Archive: January, 2007

Truth and Courage

A might-have-been set during Ep. 15, as Shuuei takes a drunk Kouyuu home. Porn with Characterization, I-3

Shuuei made a note to himself to remember that drink unhinged Kouyuu’s knees as well as his tongue.

Pollen for Dreams

A quiet moment between Ryuuki and Seiran, balancing between truth and pretending. Drama with Unspoken Romance, I-3

“Let me play pretend? Just for a little bit?” Ryuuki begged, and Seiran’s resistance fell all in a heap.

Iron and Stone

Yui has to deal with some changes in what she wants out of life. Drama, I-3

“I don’t have to be a god,” she whispered, finally, “to not be a useless little kitten.”

Copper and Candlelight

Yui tries to process what happened to her. Tetsuya is an exceedingly nice guy. Drama, I-2

“At least that’s what all the stories about gods say. When someone tries to do something at the wrong place or time it just twists.”