Archive: March, 2010

Anger Management

In which Federico teaches his brother a lesson about the importance of controlling one’s temper. For Round III of khrfest, prompt II-62. Xanxus — Anger Management; “He who angers you conquers you.”. General audiences.

The heir to the Vongola would never do anything so crass as eavesdrop, not least because the Vongola had people for that. But, as Federico told himself, if he happened to be in the right place at the right time he could hardly help what he overheard, could he?

All-in-one reading

I have finally done something I’ve wanted to add to the archive for a while. It is now possible to view an entire arc as a single document and save that all-in-one document as html or pdf for later reading! (The print-ready minimal styling will apply to the pdf since you’ll need to go through […]