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Cool, Clear Water

Chris finally notices just how much Miyuki has been seeking him out and decides it’s his turn to speak with his actions. Romance with Physiotherapy and Fluff, I-3

He wasn’t sure whether to kiss Rei-san or curse her for carting him off to Chris’ father’s gym for his physical therapy. He thought there might be discounts involved. Either way, there was Chris involved, and he was very aware of how pathetic it was to want to show off via physical therapy, thank you, he just… couldn’t quite stifle the impulse. He’d never been able to completely stifle that particular impulse, around Chris.

At Your Fingertips

Miyuki spends some time contemplating Chris’ hands. Drama with Romance, I-3

Miyuki Kazuya tended to watch people’s hands. He watched their whole bodies whenever they were throwing, of course, but especially their hands. It was the hands that told you exactly where the ball was going.

Long, Like Memory

Four moments when Miyuki actually thinks about his hair, often to keep from thinking about something else. Drama with Angst and mild UST, I-3

His mother always combed his hair for school.

Flirting With…

Imayoshi may have a bit of an exhibitionist streak, and Kasamatsu may be incapable of turning down a challenge, and this may eventually get them both in trouble. They should probably stop–but maybe not just yet. Porn, I-4

Imayoshi Shouichi was enjoying himself.

So was his current partner, to judge by the sounds Kasamatsu was making, and Shouichi leaned closer, pressing Kasamatsu more firmly up against the wall to purr in his ear, “Careful, now.  You don’t want anyone looking down here, do you?”

Kasamatsu pushed him back far enough to glare at him in the dimness of the arena service hall they were currently taking advantage of.  “Like you’d care,” he hissed.  “You like doing this practically in public.”

Ebooks Are Back

The ebooks-tree assholes have gone down, so open access to my epubs and mobis is back! To celebrate, have a story I’ve been meaning to post for a while.

Ebooks Down

Thanks to the assholes at hotlinking to my ebooks in a way that is not easily prevented, ebooks are currently password-protected. They will return to open access as soon as the aforementioned assholes are shut down. In the meantime, the log-in to download ebook formats (or view cover art) is “Guest” and “”.