Grace and Radiance

Shen Wei gets impatient and decides a desk is just as good as a bed, for somethings. Zhao Yunlan has to agree. Porn with Characterization, I-4

Character(s): Shen Wei, Zhao Yunlan

Yunlan slumped a little deeper into his desk chair and flipped to the next page of the long-and-only-getting-longer file on what he could only call Dixing tourism requests. Someone down there, and he darkly suspected the Regent, had declared that final decisions on who could come garden-viewing or shopping or whatever could only be made by the human Ministry, who had promptly passed the question on to the SID.

Which, all right, better him than his father. Yunlan appreciated that, he really did. But the paperwork.

Still, better him than his father. Yunlan crossed his feet on the edge of his desk with a sigh and signed off on yet another page, this one wanting to do a river tour, (who, thankfully, had no priors at all). With a little luck he could get this set done before—


He looked up, startled, to see xiao-Wei in the door of his office, brows raised. A glance at the clock showed him it was already later than he’d thought. “Ah.”

Xiao-Wei now looked amused. “You lost track of time?” He stepped in, letting the door shut behind him, and came around the desk to glance over Yunlan’s shoulder, one hand on the back of his chair. “The requests, hm?”

“There are so many of them,” Yunlan groaned. “All of them with supporting paperwork. At this rate, we’re well on our way to having a copy of the Dixing Register up here!”

Xiao-Wei’s faint chuckle seemed a bit heartless, under the circumstances. “If there are that many, they’ll certainly still be here tomorrow.” He plucked the folder out of Yunlan’s hands and laid it on the desk, ignoring his sound of protest. “It’s time to head home.”

“If I wait until tomorrow, there will just be even more,” Yunlan pointed out, though he didn’t reach for the file again. It wasn’t like he was actually eager to wade through more paper.

“Then I’ll help you with them. Later.” Before Yunlan could really consider the pros and cons of that, xiao-Wei tilted his chair back further and leaned over him, one hand coming up to catch his chin. Yunlan’s breath caught sharply as xiao-Wei tipped his head up to meet his eyes. “Later,” xiao-Wei repeated, stroking his thumb over Yunlan’s lower lip.

“Ngh,” Yunlan said, articulately, and then pulled himself a little more together, though he couldn’t take his eyes off Shen Wei’s. “I should really finish these…”

Xiao-Wei smiled slowly, the smile with the predatory edge that never failed to make Yunlan hard. “Should I convince you, then?” he murmured, leaning down to take Yunlan’s mouth in a slow, thorough kiss. The wet slide of xiao-Wei’s tongue through his mouth put a shudder of heat down his spine. “Or perhaps I won’t wait at all.”

Before Yunlan could retrieve enough brain cells to quite process that, xiao-Wei straightened, hands sliding down his arms to pull Yunlan to his feet. The thought home, then and the faint hope that he wouldn’t get in an accident, driving this distracted, stumbled to a halt when xiao-Wei stepped around behind him, hands sliding lightly over his shoulders and pulling his jacket off.

“Um?” Yunlan started to turn only to be pulled to a halt by Shen Wei’s arm around his waist, pulling him back snug against xiao-Wei’s body, and the hand wrapped firmly around his wrist, stilling the questioning finger he’d started to raise.

“Just like this,” xiao-Wei said softly, against his ear. “Right here, over your desk. I like the thought of that. Do you?”

Heat rolled through Yunlan like a wave, at the very thought, so intense his toes curled. “Glass door,” he pointed out, with the last gasp of sanity.

“Looking at nothing but a brick wall,” xiao-Wei murmured against his neck. “Do you want it?”

Knowing that was the only question that truly mattered, to xiao-Wei, that Yunlan’s wishes were absolutely the only thing that would change his mind turned the rush of heat soft, melted Yunlan back against the steadiness of xiao-Wei’s body. “Yeah,” he said, husky. “I do.”

“Good.” Xiao-Wei lifted the wrist in his hold and pressed a soft kiss to the inside, which didn’t do a thing to help the whole melting feeling. When his hands slid down to undo Yunlan’s jeans and push them down off his hips, now, that did—both the relief and the surge of awareness that this was his office he was standing in with his ass bare and his cock hanging out. The thought, and the brush of fine, suit-grade wool against his ass, made him harder, if that was possible. Xiao-Wei made a pleased sound, palms stroking over Yunlan’s hips as those cool hands slid back up to his shoulders and pressed them gently down.

Yunlan shuddered as he was bent over his desk, weight sagging against the hard surface as he knees when a little wobbly with heat and anticipation. “Xiao-Wei…”

“Shh.” Xiao-Wei’s hands stroked up and down his back, easy and slow, until Yunlan relaxed under them, soothed down from the edge by the reminder of xiao-Wei’s care. “That’s better.” There was a smile in xiao-Wei’s voice. “It won’t do, if you’re tense.” A few faint crinkling sounds, and long fingers dropped an open foil packet on the desk beside him.

The thought of xiao-Wei carrying lube around in the pockets of his neat, tailored suits made Yunlan groan, even before those fingers rubbed over his entrance, firm and slick. When they pushed into him in one long, slow slide, Yunlan reached for the far edge of the desk, because he was pretty sure he was going to need something to hold on to.

Xiao-Wei’s hand slid up his spine to wrap around his shoulder, holding him in place while xiao-Wei’s fingers worked his ass open. Yunlan moaned, and went completely lax against the desk as xiao-Wei’s thumb stroked slowly up and down his nape. It was such a simple touch, but it felt just as intimate as the fingers actually inside him. Gentle, even as xiao-Wei drove his fingers in deep and twisted them sharply. It was all so very xiao-Wei, gentleness and ferocity both, and that was what left Yunlan sprawled over his desk, open and unwound and wanting.

“Mmm, xiao-Wei.” Yunlan turned his head a little, looking back over his shoulder with his very best come-hither smile. “Fuck me?”

Xiao-Wei smiled back, eyes dark with heat and focused on nothing but Yunlan. He leaned down to brush a kiss over the corner of Yunlan’s mouth, weight pressing him down for a moment. “Yes.”

A rustle of clothes, and another foil packet was dropped next to the first. Yunlan blinked at it, because xiao-Wei’s hand hadn’t left his shoulder. He spotted the tooth marks at one corner just as xiao-Wei’s other hand settled on his hip, holding him fast, and he moaned, low and open with the rush of heat as xiao-Wei pushed into him, slow and hard. He loved the thought that xiao-Wei didn’t want to let go of him, even that long.

Yes.” Yunlan panted for breath as the stretch of his body around Shen Wei’s cock sang through him, twice as hot for the careful strength of the hands that pinned him in place, over the desk. It felt so good, so sweet to just relax into those hands and feel xiao-Wei fuck him, moving hard and slow in and out of his ass.

“Yes, my own. Oh yes.” Xiao-Wei’s voice was breathless, and Yunlan purred to hear it. He loved knowing that he was what drove Shen Wei to discomposure, to impatience, to open possessiveness regardless of who might see or know. The pleasure of it curled down his nerves, as hot and heavy as every thrust of xiao-Wei’s cock into him. The faint roughness of xiao-Wei’s pants against his thighs, the brush of a crisp cotton shirt over his ass, made him groan, heat shivering up his spine with the reminder that xiao-Wei wanted him too much to wait.

Wait to start, at least. The slow, steady rhythm of each stroke, the slick drag and push into his ass, over and over, said that xiao-Wei fully intended to hold the end off for a while. Yunlan… honestly, he liked that thought, right now. Liked how it felt to lie spread out over his desk with xiao-Wei’s cock working relentlessly in and out of him, sensation rolling through him, slow and easy. Liked the tightness of xiao-Wei’s hands on his shoulder and hip, and the gentle stroke of a thumb, now and then, over his nape or hipbone. Liked the heavy weight of xiao-Wei’s eyes on him, and nothing but him.

“Xiao-Wei…” It came out as a moan, soft and slurred.

Xiao-Wei’s weight leaned down against him again, for a breath, and he murmured against the skin of Yunlan’s nape, “Shh. I’ve got you.”

It was that assurance that finally broke him, the sweetness of being absolutely certain that he could rest in xiao-Wei’s hands for a little while. He groaned out loud as pleasure swept through him like a summer storm breaking, fierce and hot, wringing him tight around xiao-Wei’s cock.

Xiao-Wei fucked him through it, both hands tight on his hips now, soft, breathless words tumbling over each other, yes and good and Yunlan. It made him positively purr with satisfaction, especially when xiao-Wei drove in deep and stilled, voice cutting off with a gasp. When his hands loosened on Yunlan’s hips, they slid up his ribs and down his back, open and so openly possessive it made Yunlan shiver, even as wrung out as he was. He was perfectly content to stay right where he was and let that slow caress ease both of them back down.

Finally, though, xiao-Wei drew back and Yunlan sighed a little at the rustle of clothes being done back up. Maybe he’d see about convincing xiao-Wei to take even longer about things this coming weekend—see exactly how long Yunlan could take it for. The thought made him smirk, and then wince just a little as cloth that wasn’t quite soft enough to be comfortable pressed between his cheeks. There was another of xiao-Wei’s handkerchiefs done for until laundry day.

“Are you all right?” Yunlan smiled at the concern in xiao-Wei’s voice, and pushed himself slowly upright from the desk.

“Very,” he declared, once his legs were holding him up again, though he leaned back against xiao-Wei for balance as he tugged his jeans back up. He felt xiao-Wei’s faint huff of laughter.


Yunlan turned to drape his arms over xiao-Wei’s shoulders and kiss him, quick and soft. “Very good indeed.” He grinned. “Even if no one came to look in on us.”

“Oh, Da Qing did.”

Yunlan froze. “…he did?”

“Briefly.” Xiao-Wei adjusted his glasses in the way that meant he was laughing behind that calm little smile. “You were quite distracted, at the time.”

Yunlan was torn right down the middle between horror at the amount of ‘humans in heat’ teasing he knew he was in for and the twist of heat that went through him, knowing he’d been seen while half out of his head from xiao-Wei fucking him. After a few tries at finding words, he gave in and just laughed, leaning against xiao-Wei. Xiao-Wei smiled, and the possessive glint in his eyes softened into warm satisfaction.

“So, shall we head home?” he asked, as if he’d just stepped into the office.

“Sure.” Yunlan leaned in to murmur against his ear, “And then maybe I’ll see how long it takes to get you hard again, with my mouth around your cock.”

The sharp intake of xiao-Wei’s breath and the way his eyes went darker were deeply satisfying.

It was very possible, Yunlan reflected, as xiao-Wei gestured him politely ahead through the office door, that the two of them deserved each other.

He liked that thought.