A Theme in Pentatonic – Interlude Three

Kazuki tops Juubei, which is a new experience for Juubei though not an unwelcome one. Porn, I-4

Pairing(s): Kazuki/Juubei

Juubei was puzzled.

Moreover, he was puzzled by Kazuki, which didn’t usually happen. Well, hadn’t happened in years at any rate. And had certainly never happened in bed.

He listened, always, for what Kazuki’s body told him Kazuki wanted, and took some quiet pride in providing whatever it was. And being right. But today there was a tautness in Kazuki’s muscles as he stretched against Juubei’s body that was new, restless, unwilling to be soothed. “Kazuki,” he murmured, stroking his hands down the slim, strong line of Kazuki’s back, meaning to ask if there was something wrong, but the words were lost in a short gasp as Kazuki’s teeth closed on his throat. Not painfully, not roughly, but firm enough to mark him. Juubei tipped his head back, accepting it, and he had to admit the tingle when Kazuki closed his mouth there and sucked slow and deliberate was… good.

“Juubei,” Kazuki said softly against his throat, and hands settled on his shoulders and pressed him back, down against the sheets. Juubei eased Kazuki over him, gathering him close, and a shiver dragged down his spine at another nip. In fact, Kazuki’s mouth was moving steadily down his body, hot and wet, open-mouthed kisses and occasional bites that made the muscles of his stomach jump. Juubei spread his legs far enough for Kazuki to settle between them, though something in the set of Kazuki’s shoulders under his hands said that that was not all Kazuki wanted.

Juubei was really quite puzzled.

Not so puzzled that he didn’t respond when Kazuki’s mouth closed on his cock, hot and slow. The pleasure coaxed a low moan from him and he lay back, relaxing into the touch; that much he could tell Kazuki wanted from the way his hands stroked over Juubei’s thighs.

When long, slim fingers stroked further back between his cheeks, though, he couldn’t help starting.

“Ka… Kazuki?”

“Is it all right?” Kazuki asked quietly, fingers still but pressing gently against his entrance.

Juubei’s face turned hot. No wonder he hadn’t understood what Kazuki’s body told him. “I’ve… never…” he managed, stifled.

“I know.” Kazuki’s cheek rested against the inside of his thigh, and his fingers were poised to withdraw or… not.

If this was what Kazuki wished… The light press of Kazuki’s fingers there put a flutter in his stomach, and his voice was husky when he answered, “Yes.”

Kazuki made a distinctly pleased sound and his mouth closed over Juubei’s cock again, coaxing back the hardness startlement had stolen. Kazuki’s fingers slid away and when they returned they were slick, cool. Juubei held down another start with determination. He knew perfectly well that Kazuki was a gentle lover; Toshiki’s body told him that, over and over. There was no reason for alarm, no reason for his breath to stutter as Kazuki’s fingers rubbed his entrance hard and slow and eased gradually into him.

The feeling was unfamiliar but… good. Slick and slow, like Kazuki’s mouth on him. And if Kazuki wished this, then it was right. Gradually, his hips started to rock a little, down into the press of Kazuki’s fingers, up into the heat of his mouth. Kazuki laughed low in his throat and drew back to murmur, lips brushing Juubei’s head, “You take well to this.”

Juubei could feel his face getting hot again.

Kazuki’s fingers eased free and Juubei was half startled by the sound of protest that caught in his throat.

“Shh,” Kazuki soothed him, and strong, gentle hands urged him to roll over. “Almost ready now.”

Juubei found himself on top of two of the pillows, propping his hips up in the air, and buried the heat of his face in the sheets. “Kazuki…”

Kazuki’s hands slid up and down the backs of his thighs, spreading them apart, and finally stroked over Juubei’s lifted rear. “You look good like this,” he teased, lightly.

Juubei’s whole body flushed this time, heat tightening through him at the thought of Kazuki looking at him spread out this way. Of Kazuki enjoying looking at him this way.

Kazuki’s hands tightened. “I want all of you, Juubei,” he said, low and husky, and that shook Juubei more than anything else.

“You have me,” he whispered.

“Thank you,” Kazuki told him, soft, and the bed shifted under his weight.

When blunt thickness pressed against Juubei’s entrance, his breath cut short with anticipation and a hint of trepidation he would have denied to his dying day. Kazuki felt so big. He knew this worked, but… it felt so…

Kazuki pushed.

So thick. So solid, sliding inside him, stretching his muscles hard and slow, and he realized the gasping noises he heard were coming from his own throat. He understood perfectly now why Toshiki liked this so much, liked having Kazuki, and sometimes Juubei, inside him like this. It was so intense, so intimate, and the gentle care in Kazuki’s hands kneading slowly against his lower back was so sweet it unstrung him. He needed that care right now, was wholly reliant on Kazuki’s gentleness, and knowing that set his cheeks burning, wrung a moan from him.

Yes, Juubei,” Kazuki answered, panting. “My Juubei.” Kazuki drew back and pushed into him again, and again, and again, and Juubei shivered against the pillows, eased into pleasure by Kazuki’s hands on his body, relaxing and guiding him. The slow, relentless slide in and out pressed pleasure through him, made his nerves taut with sensation. When a hand reached under him to close on his cock, slick and firm, a shudder ran through him. Now he was moving with Kazuki, spreading his legs wider, yearning toward the pleasure building with each stroke.


Kazuki leaned down, grinding deep into him, and pressed an open kiss to the nape of his neck. “My Juubei,” he whispered, fingers tightening.

That was all it took, and heat struck down Juubei’s spine and burst, raking through him in quick, hard waves. He moaned openly, shocked by the feeling of Kazuki’s cock deep inside as his body tried to tighten. It felt like he was pinned in place. It felt wanton and hot, and drew the pleasure out and out for timeless breaths.

He lay, a little stunned, panting for breath as Kazuki closed his hands on Juubei’s hips and drove into him harder, faster, sending tingling shocks skittering down already sensitized nerves. Kazuki’s moan, the way his fingers tightened sharply, made Juubei shiver. When Kazuki’s weight settled against his back he made a soft sound of contentment. This was good, to receive this pleasure from Kazuki, to give way to his wishes and his care; this was right.

“All right?” Kazuki murmured, hands stroking down his arms, over his ribs, slow and easy.

“Yes,” Juubei said softly, hoping his tone would tell Kazuki what there weren’t words in the world to say. Kazuki’s lips curved against his shoulder so perhaps it did.

He stifled a grunt as Kazuki shifted back, sliding out of him, and his muscles twinged a little. Kazuki kneaded his rear gently for a few moments, which made him flush again but helped considerably. He was only a touch gingerly as he turned onto his back again and reached out for Kazuki, who settled against his chest with a contented sigh.

“My Juubei,” Kazuki repeated in tones of rich satisfaction, twining his arms around Juubei’s shoulders.

“Yours,” Juubei agreed quietly, hands tracing the lines of Kazuki’s body again, listening.

After all, he wanted to be sure he recognized this mood the next time it came.