Many Paths

    There are, of course, other approaches to global steampunk, before and after this one. Here are links to a few.

    • Beyond Victoriana: A blog for multicultural steampunk, featuring essays, reviews, and more. Also has links to many dialogues on this topic in other locations.

    • James Ng: His Imperial Steampunk art series is a fantastic rendition of Qing dynasty steampunk.

    • Overcoming the Noble Savage and the Sexy Squaw: Native Steampunk: An essay by a Native American Steampunk woman, reflecting on the challenges of Native steampunk and how she deals with them.

    • Steampanku: The first evidence Branch ever found of a Western fan writing Japanese steampunk while at least attempting to avoid the pitfalls of Victorientalism.

    • Steampunk Nusantara: Delightful collaborative worldbuilding to create history for a steampunk South East Asia.