This is very much an open source project!  No one person can ever hope to cover all the possible details of global steampunk, and the more people who add to the project the richer and more global it becomes.  Essays, timelines, art, stories, costume photos, anything is welcome.  Additions can be hosted on this site, if you like, or on your own; I will be happy to include links if you wish to have them listed here.  And if you decide you want to go off in an entirely different direction than everyone else, that’s fine too.  The views of altered history and technology do not have to match from one contributor to another.

Contributions hosted here do need to be offered under the terms of the site license, which states that the work here may be used in part or whole for non-commercial purposes as long as attribution is given to the original author/creator in some prominent location and the recipient agrees to offer the resulting work under the same license terms.  In short, you give permission to remix anything posted here as long as you are credited properly and the result is also remix-able.  To make author/creator-ship clear, each contributor hosted here will be in charge of posting and controlling her/his own work and each page lists the author/creator at the top.

If you do not wish to connect your work to this project, you are still free to use anything you find here under the terms of that license, and I will still be quite happy to link to it!  If you wish to make use of the project icon (see below), please feel free to do that too.

Those wishing to host their work here should please email the admin via the contact form, including the email address they wish to use on this site and the name they wish to have displayed.

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