Crowley under cover. Humor, I-1

Character(s): Crowley

As far as cover went, it was nearly perfect. Sure, there were dangers, like the
gimlet eye of the angel, who certainly suspected that something was not right,
but couldn’t put his finger on what that something might be. Crowley could deal
with that in his sleep, and frequently did.

Dealing with his host body, on the other hand, presented certain inconveniences.
Since he was only subletting, as it were, he could only lurk within his host’s
subconscious, rather than taking outright control, and that meant dealing with
his host’s little freaks and foibles.

All this meant was that he was not presently napping, but was bouncing on a tennis
court, as his host fan-boyed over his buchou’s latest cool new move. In the back
of Jirou’s head, Crowley rolled his eyes.

He was going to be very glad when the tournament season was over, and they
could go back to napping their way through Jirou’s adolescence.