Michael talks to Tezuka. Drama with Humor, I-2

Character(s): Michael, Tezuka Kunimitsu

Tezuka was taking a break and drinking some water when he noticed the angel
approaching. He was actually somewhat intrigued – this particular angel
wasn’t doing anything to hide what he was, and had a look on his face
that Tezuka recalled from constant dealings with Ryoma. He found himself
somewhat surprised when the angel settled on the bench next to him.

“This is gonna be a weird question,” the angel said, “But do
you believe in angels?”

Tezuka considered this question gravely, looking out towards the courts. He felt
rather than saw the angel turn towards him and look at his profile. “I don’t
disbelieve the possibility,” Tezuka said gravely, “But I’m not

The angel snorted. “Right. Well, hell and heaven exist, even though it’s
not like most people say. Actually, and don’t ever tell anyone this, hell
isn’t a bad place, with the management the way it is. But we have to keep
some sort of standards, and that means that we all want the best souls, like you.”

Tezuka turned to look at the angel. “So you’re claiming to be an angel.”

The angel scowled. “Of course I’m an angel! What’d you think
I was, a demon?”

Tezuka said with perfect serenity, “I wouldn’t think that most angels
would be so enthusiastic about being under Lucifer.” He watched with interest
as flames sparked around the angel’s head, and continued to watch as the
angel got up to pace back and forth.

“I’m NOT interested in being…in being ruled by that bastard,”
the angel snapped. “He has no business doing what he’s doing, and…Look,
that’s not the point.” The angel brought his wings out. “See?

Tezuka nodded. “I’m Tezuka Kunimitsu. It’s a pleasure to meet

“…I’m Michael,” muttered the angel. He began to pace back
and forth. “I’m not one of those people who schemes and does all that
behind the scenes shit,” said Michael. “So I just want to ask you
if I can fix your arm for you, get your team back on track…”

“No, thank you,” said Tezuka politely. “I rely on myself.”

Michael scowled and crossed his arms. “…fine, I can respect that.
What about the rest of your team? Making sure that they’re not hurt? You
know, like that kid, with the gold eyes and the cat.”

“Echizen is well the way he is,” said Tezuka sharply. “If you’d
like to help someone else in need, Tachibana Kippei has had an injury recently.”

Michael nodded. “Fine, I won’t make an offer about Echizen. Good luck
on the courts.” With that, the angel strolled off. Tezuka watched him leave,
making a note to watch the other teams closely, once he returned.

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