How Ryouma got so girl-clueless. Humor, I-1

Character(s): Arariel, Gabriel

Gabriel knew she probably shouldn’t have done it. It wasn’t becoming for one
of the Great Angels to curse a human out of pure spite. But she couldn’t
quite help the warm glow of vengeful satisfaction as she completed the last
flourish on the malediction. She’d been having a bad day. Actually, she’d
been having a bad century. Heaven was in complete uproar and disarray, Sevothtarte
was gaining more power every day, and Gabriel had a bad feeling that she
was the White Bastard’s next target.

So she really hadn’t been in any mood to be forgiving when a human male had
sidled up behind her and squeezed her breasts. And then stood there with
a considering look, as if he were evaluating the merits of this or that loaf
of bread, before declaring her "nice" and asking if she wanted
to take a ride with him. The leer had made it perfectly clear that he wasn’t
talking about cars.

And since she had been down in Assiah covertly, she couldn’t obliterate him
on the spot, which only added insult to injury.

"Gabriel-sama?" Arariel leaned around the doorway, and raised her
brows at the seal Gabriel had just completed. "Um. Someone due for a
little divine punishment?"

"Eminently," Gabriel said, between her teeth.

Arariel took a few cautious steps into the room. "Isn’t it a little unkind
to take it out on an unborn, though?"

Gabriel smiled more genuinely. "He’ll be fine with the boys. It’s just
girls that he won’t have any skills at all with. The child shouldn’t have
a problem; it’s his father that will have fifty fits." She directed
her smile down at the completed curse.

Arariel put a gentle arm around her shoulders. "Feel better, now Gabriel-sama?"

Gabriel laughed.