Visiting Hours

Mad Hatter visits Yukimura in the hospital. Drama, I-3

An individual of duller perception might have assumed se was seeking younger patients
to entertain. A fool might have lashed out in a misguided effort to drive hir

It was not Seiichi’s judgment that was numb, and no one could call him a
fool. “May I help you?” he rasped, and it galled him to find himself
grateful for the ability to speak. Moving a hand to the call button, just in case,
would have given away his weakness, and gained nothing, so he kept his hands folded
and seethed at his body’s betrayal.

Belial smiled. “One,” se said, “was inclined to ask you the

There were a multitude of possible responses to that. Seiichi considered hir smile,
and tilted his head oh-so-carefully to the side. “I’m listening,”
he murmured. “Go on.”

Belial sat, and made hir offer.

In the end, neither was surprised that he accepted it.

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Posted: Jan 04, 05
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