Yami no Matsuei: All In One

All my Yami no Matsuei fic, in chronological order.

Polarization – Part One

Watari finally succeeds in becoming a woman, and Tatsumi finally finds out why he wanted to so badly. And why Enma is so upset about it. Drama with Romance and Porn, I-4

Shrieks of joy coming out of Watari Yutaka’s lab caused wise Ministry employees to take swift cover. The Shokan Division, though, had no such hope of easy escape and when they heard the sound of glee approaching the office, they simply braced themselves, waiting for fate to descend upon them.

Fate, today, took the form of Watari himself flinging the office door open and standing in it, panting and disheveled, face alight. “I did it! I did it!

“Ah. What did you do, Watari?” Tsuzuki asked, looking around cautiously for lurking inventions.

Watari burst into delighted laughter, and Tatsumi just stared. Specifically, he stared at the sole remaining button holding closed the front of Watari’s lab coat over a chest that was suddenly a distinctly different shape. As far as he could tell, not that he was looking very closely of course, the lab coat was all Watari was wearing. “Everyone be quiet,” he commanded, adding, “Watari, try not to breathe.”



“Tatsumi-san what are you talking about?”

Fate being what it was around this Division, the button chose that moment to give up its battle with a pop, spilling Watari’s breasts into full view.

Tatsumi put a hand over his face. It was only the polite thing to do, and besides he felt a headache coming on. Fast.

“Wow, they’re so big and soft! I’m jealous!”

“Now, Yuma, you know he… um, she’s going to have to deal with the Bra Problem because of that, try to have some sympathy too.”

“But Waka-chan, Yutako’s got such good proportions, I mean, look, isn’t this nice and firm just the way it should be?”

“Isn’t it? It’s so wonderful that I got everything right this time!”

“Isn’t it?”

A cascade of giggles.

“Now, um, how do you do this again?”

“Well, first you sit down. Now, um… well… just try to relax okay?”

“… oh! Oh wow!”

Tatsumi turned up the water as high as it would go while he washed his hands and resolved to get double insulation installed between the men’s and women’s restrooms that very afternoon. There were some things that weighed more heavily than money, and his sanity was one of them.

“So… he’s a woman?” Terazuma sat and stared while his partner tried to show Watari how to walk in heels and a snug skirt.

“Seems to be,” Kurosaki-kun said, signing off on another sheet and adding it to his Out box. “He’s awfully happy about it, too.”

Tsuzuki, of course, was doing nothing so productive. “Hey, how about this one?” He held up a glossy magazine, showing a full-page spread of a woman with her hair carefully drawn into a loose braid that draped over one bare shoulder.

Wakaba shook her head with the air of a connoisseur. “No, no; it might not look like it, but that would take way too long to do every morning.” She frowned. “Um. How many mornings, do you think, Yutako-san?”

Watari leaned against a desk and scratched—Tatsumi adjusted his pronouns—her nose. “Well…” Her eyes lit up. “Oh, I know a test I haven’t tried yet!” She tottered across the office and threw her arms enthusiastically around Terazuma.

Terazuma’s eyes barely had time to widen before a rush of magic filled the room and a howling, black beast stood on the wreckage of his desk.

“Watari-san!” Wakaba put her hands on her hips and glared.

“Sorry.” Watari didn’t look very sorry, beaming from the floor where he… she’d been dumped.

Tatsumi was starting to think he’d need something a good deal stronger than aspirin to get through this day.

Watari had finally calmed down enough to do a little of… her paperwork, everyone else had gone home, and Tatsumi was daring to hope the worst was past when the Chief poked his head in, cautiously. “Watari-kun. A memo came for you.” He frowned, looking worried. “You’re summoned before Enma-daiou tomorrow at noon.”

Watari was very still for a moment before she went and took the paper from the Chief’s hand. “Okay. Thank you.”

Tatsumi didn’t think he was supposed to hear the Chief ask, very softly, “Are you going to… be all right?”

Expressions flickered across Watari’s face, bleak and then thoughtful and then wry. “I hope so.”

Konoe-san patted Watari on the shoulder and left them alone again.

“Is there anything wrong I should know about?” Tatsumi murmured after a few minutes of silence, because he didn’t pry into employee’s lives, but there was a time for everything. A silent Watari hinted that this might be a time for asking.

Watari’s back, slimmer than it had been, straightened. “Yes.” She sounded resolute, and the gleam in her eyes as she turned and stalked back to stand in front of Tatsumi was familiarly disturbing. “I need you to take me to bed, Tatsumi-san.”

It took a few moments for Tatsumi to get his voice to work. “You what?”

Watari slid her arms around his shoulders and pressed close, and Tatsumi suddenly had no trouble at all recalling that Watari was currently she. “I need you to take me to bed right now, please.” Her tone was firm, but that was desperation he heard making the words quick instead of the usual rather manic enthusiasm.

Tatsumi frowned and took Watari’s shoulders, setting her a little away. “If you want me to do this, I think you need to tell me why,” he said quietly.

Watari opened her mouth and then shut it, and bit her lip. “Look,” she said finally, voice low, “some of it I can’t tell you, you don’t have the clearance, and some of it would put you in a lot more danger to know, but…” Her eyes met his, dark and determined. “I need the experience of being a woman. All of it, or as much as I can get. I need the physical, emotional, spiritual memory, and this is the most immediate way I can think of.” She pursed her lips and added, “Short of getting pregnant, and I don’t think I could manage that fast enough.”

Tatsumi adjusted his glasses. “I am not getting you pregnant, Watari. We’re much too short-staffed to be able to afford maternity leave for you.”

To his relief, she laughed, some of the ragged edge easing out of her voice.

“Why me?” he asked, more gently.

Watari blinked at him and then smiled. “Because I like you, Tatsumi.”

And there really wasn’t anything he could say to that. So instead he carefully put an arm around her waist, drawing her close again, and translocated them both to his residence.


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Polarization – Part Two

Watari finally succeeds in becoming a woman, and Tatsumi finally finds out why he wanted to so badly. And why Enma is so upset about it. Drama with Romance and Porn, I-4

  • Note: Part Two involves explicit het sex between Tatsumi and Watari; if this is not your cup of tea, you can read parts One and Three and still get most of the plot.

Watari—and he rather liked Yuma’s suggestion of Yutako, it was cute—was charmed by how courtly Tatsumi was suddenly being. He held her hand to balance her while she slid off her shoes—honestly, something would have to be arranged about that, surely they didn’t have to be so uncomfortable—and slipped the lab coat off her shoulders and hung it up for her. If they hadn’t translocated directly in, he’d probably have held the door for her, too.

But she did hope he’d get on with things; it wasn’t inconceivable that Enma would send someone to fetch and quarantine him early.

She relaxed a bit when Tatsumi took her hand and led her to the bedroom, pointing out a chair-back she could hang her clothes over. She wriggled out of the snug, linen suit Wakaba had found for her—definitely needed to take Saya and Yuma up on the offer to shop for underthings—taking the opportunity to grin over her victory. Her well proportioned victory, at that.

A soft snort made her look up to see Tatsumi smiling faintly. “You and your experiments,” he said. “You’re like Tsuzuki with a whole box of pastry all to himself.”

Watari shrugged. Since he couldn’t stop grinning, he couldn’t really deny it.

Tatsumi set his hands lightly on her waist and drew her close and kissed her; it was soft and a bit hesitant, and very nice. The way her nipples felt, brushing against the skin of his chest was even nicer—warm and tingly. “Mmmmm.” Watari snuggled closer and laughed when Tatsumi started. “No need to be shy, you know.”

“I see,” Tatsumi murmured. He led her over to the bed and settled them both on it, leaning a little over her. Watari thought the concentration on his face was endearing, as he stroked a gentle hand down her body. The softness of her new curves felt good, when touched. Voluptuous—he tasted the word in his head; yes, that was it. Tatsumi’s hand brushed lightly over her thighs and she spread them apart, nearly wriggling with anticipation. Insurance and research all in one, what could possibly beat it?

“Hm.” Tatsumi gave her a thoughtful look, and she was going to ask why, but he bent his head and left a path of soft kisses between her breasts and down her stomach and that was rather distracting.

“Mm. Ooo, that’s nice.” It got a lot moreso when his fingers brushed gently between her legs, parting soft folds of skin.

She was busy cataloguing the way that touch made shivery feelings swirl low in her stomach, and almost missed what it meant that she could feel the heat of his breath against her down there.

Her eyes widened and her breath caught and for a moment she couldn’t even sort out what the sensation was that was rolling over her like a tide. A quick gasp, hands catching at the sheets, and she remembered that these feelings were “wet” and “soft” and “hot” and “sliding”, only those parts added up to a whole that was something else entirely.


Pleasure, surging out from that one point, out to her toes and fingertips. Pleasure making her feel that her whole body must be glowing with it. Pleasure drawing little sounds out of her throat, making her body move, leaving her with no thoughts but “hot” and “wet” and “sliding” and “soft”.

And “more”.

Heat condensed down to something molten and surged out again, long, wild ripples of it that left Watari blinking at the ceiling, rather dazed.

Tatsumi was stroking his body again, holding him close. “Now will you relax a little? However your body is arranged, you aren’t going to enjoy this if you don’t relax, and I have objections to hurting my partner.”

“I’m plenty relaxed,” Watari pointed out, and added, “The difference may not actually be quantifiable. How curious.”

It took him a moment to figure out why Tatsumi had buried his head in the pillow.

“No, no, really I am relaxed!” She waved her hands. “It’s just…” She laughed. “I’m still me, Tatsumi.”

Tatsumi lifted his head again and looked down at her, mouth curling. “Yes. You certainly are.”

“And I don’t actually think I’m a virgin,” she added, helpfully. “The equations indicate there has to have been some conservation of age and time’s effects on the body.”

Tatsumi cleared his throat, and she was fascinated to see actual color rising in his face. That deserved a data point all to itself—making Tatsumi blush.

“I’m glad to hear that.”

She figured he probably started stroking her again to distract her, but that was okay; it certainly felt good. He wriggled a bit , pressing into Tatsumi’s hands, and wound her arms around his neck to pull him down to a kiss. “Mmmm, more.”

“You’re normally more patient when it comes to your experiments,” Tatsumi noted, dourly, and Watari grinned; he liked it when Tatsumi loosened up enough to tease him.

“I am; but timing is everything, you know.”

Tatsumi snorted, but he did kiss her back, and his fingers slid down between her legs again. Watari’s eyes unfocused as those fingers eased into her and she tried to mark the sensations spilling past. “Mmm. Ooo, shivers. Mm, oh that’s nice—kind of tingly…”

The slight vibration against her arm, she catalogued as Tatsumi trying to stifle a chuckle.

And actually maybe it was a good thing he was going slowly, because while Watari was sure she wasn’t a virgin, she was turning out to be very tight. An equation describing the interference function of experiential conservation in muscles that had been configured differently danced across her mind and dropped into the Examine Later memory-box. “Ahh, a little deeper… yes, there…” Watari’s hips tilted, back arching, as the sharp stretch eased into glowing heat. “Mmmm, Tatsumi, now.”

Tatsumi was wearing a faint smile as he settled between her legs, and Watari smiled back. When Tatsumi had asked why him, it had really been a silly question. Who else was this kind? Besides, Tatsumi was confident enough to help her without repercussions to himself, and he… he…

He felt smooth and thick inside her, and the slide as he moved was so slick and wet it took her breath right away, and she could feel the bones of his shoulders under her hands as they closed tight, and he was all the way in and it made her moan.

Her hips pressed up to meet him as he thrust again, and Watari sighed with pleasure. “Yeah.” She slid her hands down the length of Tatsumi’s back and pulled him in tighter, moaning as their hips ground together and a bolt of heat zinged up her spine.

The rhythm was familiar. The sound of her partner gasping wasn’t any different. The pleasure itself was deliciously familiar. But the pattern of the hot sensations was so different—did distribution have anything to do with quality?—and it felt so good she couldn’t concentrate, only wind her legs around Tatsumi’s and rock up into him hard and fast.

Clearly they’d have to experiment a lot more…

That shivery drawing-down feeling welled up in her again, and she gasped as pleasure tightened and the world crystallized. And then it surged out like something exploding and she gasped wildly for breath, riding the fierce sensation until it ebbed back and she could pick out individual parts and realize that Tatsumi was moaning, hips jerking against her.

She stroked his chest, smiling as he slowly relaxed too. “Mmm. That was nice.”

Tatsumi laughed, husky, rolling over to lie beside her. “It was.” He picked up her hand and dropped a light kiss on her fingers. “Thank you.”

“No, no, thank you!” Watari couldn’t quite manage a laugh, though, as she remembered all of why she was doing this. She hoped it would be enough.

It had to be enough.

When Tatsumi slid an arm around her and held her against his shoulder, she let him, and even cuddled closer.


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Polarization – Part Three

Watari finally succeeds in becoming a woman, and Tatsumi finally finds out why he wanted to so badly. And why Enma is so upset about it. Drama with Romance and Porn, I-4

Watari left the offices at quarter to twelve the next day and walked steadily out the door, looking straight ahead.

Tatsumi lasted perhaps five minutes.

And then he left, too, holding his bento prominently to stave off questions about why, and locked himself in one of the soundproof library viewing rooms. He gathered into his palm the tiniest thread of shadow he could weave and sent it sliding down halls and walls and under the door of Enma-daiou’s audience room.

He suspected he’d get a lot worse than a docked paycheck if he was found out, but the tightness around Watari’s eyes and the tension of her mouth were more than he could ignore. He liked most of his co-workers, even when they were being idiots or breaking expensive things, but Watari…

Watari was the only one who laughed at him.

He heard the thud of heavy doors swinging shut and then nothing for so long he wondered if Enma’s power had somehow closed out his shadow.

“So,” Enma’s voice finally rumbled.

“You wanted to see me,” Watari stated. “Here I am.”

Tatsumi could imagine Watari spreading her hands demonstratively, and probably turning around just to show off everything.

“You have unfitted yourself for your purpose.” Enma’s voice was clipped. “This does not speak well for your dedication to your work, Golden Bird.”

“It wasn’t my work, or my purpose,” Watari shot back, fearless as if she merely faced Konoe.

Now Enma sounded surprised. “Of course it was your work! The entire project is based on your discoveries and calculations.” A sly, coaxing edge slipped into his tone, one that made Tatsumi bristle to hear. “Surely you want to see if you were right? To carry the experiment through to the end and see the final culmination of Mother? To have your brilliance vindicated before all?”

Watari was silent for long enough to alarm Tatsumi. He knew how Watari was about his damn experiments…

“No,” Watari whispered, at last. “Because I wouldn’t see. I wouldn’t know. If the Golden Bird of the Sun and the Jade Hare of the Moon combine the way you want, to make Mother complete… I will be gone.”

“You agreed to that once already.”

The simple, factual tone of Enma’s statement horrified Tatsumi more than anything ever had before, bar seeing Tsuzuki bleeding out in the midst of black flame.

“I agreed to give my mind, and my body.” He could imagine Watari standing straight, chin lifted. “Not my soul.”

“Is there a difference in our world?”

Oddly, the next thing Tatsumi heard was a sigh and a rustle. When Watari spoke, her tone made Tatsumi think of her running a hand through her hair. “Enma-daiou. I’m sorry. I know you want to escape. To give your throne and history to another and finally pass on.”

“You know.” Enma’s voice was suddenly contemptuous. “You can’t know, Golden Bird. I have been here since the beginning! The first human who died, caught in this… trap of the gods! Everyone passes on. Everyone but me.”

“I know.” Watari’s voice was soft. “Mother contains your mind, and it was me they poured all that through in the first attempt. And yes, my calculations are almost certainly right; Mother could replace you, if it incorporated pure representations of Yang and Yin to give it eternal balance. But I will not be Yang to take your place.” Her voice turned wry. “As you see, I am not a suitable representative anymore.”

Enma’s voice rumbled deeper than ever, heavy with anger and threat. “So, are you any use to me anymore?”

“Less use,” Watari returned agreeably, just as if utter destruction wasn’t hanging over her head. “But still some. As any other employee.” A small sniff. “Any other employee who’s a genius inventor, anyway. The only inventor,” she added, “who might find another way.”

A snort that could only be Enma. “Begone.”

As the doors’ thud echoed down his shadow again, Tatsumi exhaled and realized that his shirt was soaked with sweat and he was shaking with tension.

No wonder Watari had been tense last night, gambling for her soul’s integrity on one roll of the dice!

Or, perhaps, on one roll, at any rate.

And her damn sense of humor was rubbing off on him, too.

Tatsumi translocated home to get a fresh shirt and a drink of water, and put his lunch in the refrigerator. He was certainly in no shape to eat anything now.

He was not entirely surprised to see that Watari, when she got back to the offices, gobbled her own lunch and half of Tsuzuki’s in exchange for Watari’s cupcakes. It was coming to him that Watari was in all ways astonishing.

It was the end of the day before Tatsumi managed to casually stop at Watari’s desk. “So, you’ve succeeded with your transformation, the way you needed to,” he said, choosing his words carefully. “Is it reversible?”

Watari’s head jerked up to look at him with warm eyes startled blank. “Tatsumi…” Slowly she answered, “I expect the change can be made back. The experience will be with me forever, though.”

“Ah. That’s good,” Tatsumi murmured. And then her wording caught up with him. “You expect? You don’t know?”

“Well, I mean,” she waved her hands as if to shape an answer out of the air. “It might reverse. Or it might not. That part isn’t vital to the experiment!”

Tatsumi covered his face with a weary hand, trying not to laugh. It would be bad for his image, and it was only his image that preserved discipline in this mad office.

“Did you, um. Eat lunch, Tatsumi?” Watari asked. The undertone of her voice was a touch husky, and when Tatsumi looked up, she was watching him with a tangle of amusement and surprise and gratitude and… something he couldn’t really name.

“No,” he admitted.

“I could make you some dinner,” she offered, properly off-hand if one wasn’t looking at her eyes.

“Not in your lab,” Tatsumi specified, on a last gasp of self-preservation.

She laughed, and it was altogether Watari’s laugh, bright and guarded. But perhaps inviting the hearer to see if he could find his way past it.

And shadows, Tatsumi was reminded, went everywhere there was light.


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Scattered Beans, Year Passing

Post-canon. In the wake of revelations about Touda and the Yellow Emperor, Touda comes to Tsuzuki to begin again. Drama with Porn, I-4, implied spoilers

Character(s): Touda, Tsuzuki Asato
Pairing(s): Tsuzuki/Touda

Touda walked the halls of Tenkou wearing only his leather leggings and armlets, the long fall of his hair, and a collar and pair of stiff cuffs buckled snugly around each wrist.

He knew there was no shame in what he did, and he felt none, but he still found himself glad that the palace was still and silent around him, everyone sleeping or preparing for sleep. He did not wish to have any interruptions. When he reached Tsuzuki’s door he slid it open and stepped inside quietly. As he had hoped, and rather expected, Tsuzuki was still awake, standing at the window. As he turned, in the moment before a welcoming smile covered it, Tsuzuki’s face was distant and a little sad.

Touda was privately pleased to see both the distance and the painted smile vanish when Tsuzuki saw him.

"Tou… da… ?" Tsuzuki’s eyes were wide and startled in the dusk and Touda’s mouth quirked for one moment.

He composed himself, though, and stepped forward until he could sink down to his knees at Tsuzuki’s feet, head bowed, hair coiling silkily on the floor around him. "You called me to come forth. I have come."

"Oh." It was barely a whisper, but Touda thought he could hear understanding in it, the echo of many years ago. Good. He was not surprised to feel Tsuzuki’s hands come to rest, light, on his bare shoulders.

"I meant to free you." These words were stronger, and softer, and Touda looked up at last, meeting Tsuzuki’s shadowed, twilight eyes.

"You did." He said only that, and waited.

Tsuzuki’s teeth closed on his lip, and he sank down himself until he could wrap his arms around Touda. "Oh, Touda."

Touda supposed he might as well be resigned to it, that Tsuzuki touched so much. If he were honest, it was something he had rather counted on, coming here tonight, and he let his hands curve around Tsuzuki’s back in return. "Do you want me?" he murmured.

"I… Touda…" The answer was yes, Touda could tell by the way Tsuzuki’s fingers stole up to stroke through the wild fall of his hair before being snatched back.

Touda bent his head again. "Then take me."

Tsuzuki stilled. "Touda. Are you sure this is what you want?"

Touda snorted against the curve of Tsuzuki’s shoulder; he couldn’t help it. "Tsuzuki, don’t you know how you really captured each of the others?" Exasperation wasn’t the most appropriate tone for this moment, but this was Tsuzuki, after all. It was likely inevitable. More formally, he repeated, "Take me."

After a long moment Tsuzuki whispered, "All right." His hands found Touda’s wrists and undid the cuffs, slid gently down Touda’s throat and undid the collar, throwing them aside.

Touda closed his eyes and stifled a shiver as he finally felt it. Tsuzuki wasn’t a kami; he had no river of dark, shining hair to show his power, to warn all who saw him of his might. But Touda could feel it nevertheless, flowing around him, the power to match Tsuzuki’s beauty, fit to captivate any kami alive.

He let Tsuzuki lead him to the bed and knelt there, spreading his knees wide, bending down; a thrill of heat slid through him as he remembered lying just like this at Tsuzuki’s feet, stunned, in the moment Tsuzuki had broken his chains. His lips curved, softly, hidden by the fall of his hair, remembering the kindness of Tsuzuki’s smile.

And then his breath caught as Tsuzuki’s hands touched him, bringing then into now. He shivered as those hands moved over his bare skin, stroking his arched back, caressing his raised rear. This was why he had come, to surrender himself, to take a master of his own will and no other, and he moaned, faint and husky, as Tsuzuki’s fingers opened him, setting things right at last.

"Touda." Tsuzuki’s voice was as gentle as his hands, and the contrast to the power that couldn’t help dancing around Tsuzuki’s every touch stole Touda’s breath. "I do want you," Tsuzuki told him, and heat ran through Touda, exultation that the poison between he and his master was purged after all. He moaned, clutching at the sheets, as Tsuzuki pushed into him, slow and hard.

Pleasure and triumph twined together. Triumph that he was the one to be mastered this way, the one, out of all the bound kami who yearned for it, that Tsuzuki gave this surety to. Pleasure at the power that penetrated him far more thoroughly and mercilessly than the slow, gentle strokes of Tsuzuki’s body inside his, pleasure that he surrendered himself only to one worthy of his pride.

"Tsuzuki," he panted, slowly losing his composure under Tsuzuki’s easy thrusts and wild, dark power. He could feel his own magic rising, answering Tsuzuki’s, and cried out as that shadowy, flickering strength locked down on him like a fist. Pleasure pierced through him, fierce and intense, and he finally, finally yielded to it completely, moaning as heat wrung him until he couldn’t see or think or breathe.

He lay sprawled over the bed, shaking as the heat settled, and gradually became aware of Tsuzuki’s hands stroking over his body, tugging off his leggings and armlets, smoothing his hair, warm and soothing. A faint chuckle escaped him; Tsuzuki was incurably caring.

"I remember," Tsuzuki said, quietly. "I remember how you looked at me, when I came to let you out. How amazed you seemed. How soft your eyes were. That was what I hated most about that visor, before I found out what it really was; that I couldn’t see your eyes any more."

Touda was rather glad his face was still hidden in the angle of his arm. "That was a moment of weakness."

"Was it?" He could hear the smile in Tsuzuki’s voice.

Touda hesitated for a long moment, but his reasons to hold back were gone, weren’t they? Perhaps the other eleven still didn’t deserve his honesty, but Tsuzuki had come for him, called him, given him the raw, naked truth he needed after the Yellow Emperor’s lies and schemes. "It isn’t only your power that masters me," he admitted at last.

He felt Tsuzuki’s lips brush the back of his neck and couldn’t help another shiver. "I’m glad you’re mine," Tsuzuki whispered. "Touda. Thank you."

Touda took a breath for steadiness and turned over, looking up at Tsuzuki without shield or mask, surrendering this, too. Tsuzuki smiled down at him, soft and brilliant, hands closing around Touda’s face, and Touda breathed out again. He felt clumsy and uncertain, trying to answer his master’s open heart; it was a relief to get it right. He had to close his eyes, though, when Tsuzuki leaned down to kiss him, sweet and tender.

This, he would admit to himself, was what mastered him, as much as Tsuzuki’s world-shaking strength—Tsuzuki’s gentleness, the compassion that had saved him twice over. A tiny voice deep inside him whispered that this might have conquered him even without that strength.

So he didn’t protest when Tsuzuki settled against him, arms wrapped around him, fingers twining delicately into the flow of his hair, clearly not letting go any time soon. Instead he rested one hand, lightly, at the small of Tsuzuki’s back and lay quietly as the moon set outside the window and Tsuzuki drifted into sleep.



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Walk Straight Down the Middle

Tsuzuki comes to Touda to forget everything else. Porn, I-4, bondage

Character(s): Touda, Tsuzuki Asato
Pairing(s): Touda/Tsuzuki

Touda was the one who did the things others couldn’t or wouldn’t do. So on the nights when Tsuzuki felt like the air was too heavy on his shoulders and the dark edges of his own magic dragged over his soul, it was Touda he went to.

Touda could make the world go away for a while.

It was never something Tsuzuki asked for, but when he showed up and sat down silently on the side of Touda’s bed Touda always obliged. Tsuzuki would have worried about that, after, if it weren’t for the faint smile on Touda’s lips those nights.

These nights.

By now just the feel of thick silk rope sliding around his wrists, pulling them together over his head, around his thighs, spreading them wide open, was enough to make him start forgetting everything else. Enough to make him hard, too. He moaned a little, face down on Touda’s wide, firm bed, as a last tug on the ropes bound him in place. Touda’s large hand slid up his thigh to grip his rear and Tsuzuki jerked, or tried to, and moaned for real when he couldn’t. He couldn’t move, couldn’t do anything.

Knowing that made him harder.

Touda made a soft, approving sound, rubbing his thumb over Tsuzuki’s entrance. He pressed harder when Tsuzuki tried to squirm. Tsuzuki imagined what Touda looked like behind him, big and muscular and naked, one hand working calmly at Tsuzuki’s upturned ass as Touda watched him.

He could feel Touda’s eyes on him.

Tsuzuki made a pleading sound, face pressed into the sheets, at the press of Touda’s head nudging between his cheeks. This was what made the rest of the world go away, and the sound he made as Touda started pushing into him was hoarse and wordless. Touda’s cock was hard and huge, stretching him so wide he could only gasp, sliding into him endlessly. And then sliding out just as endlessly.

"Touda! Touda, please…!"

Touda didn’t answer, but his smile hung in the air. And Touda kept thrusting into him, slow and merciless, no matter how Tsuzuki begged for more, harder, please. This was the feeling Tsuzuki loved, as much as the ropes holding him spread out, as much as the thick hardness of Touda’s cock pushing deep into his body. He loved that Touda would ignore Tsuzuki’s power, the fact that Tsuzuki was his master, and just keep opening Tsuzuki’s ass slowly, relentlessly, until Tsuzuki was gasping and sobbing for breath. His whole body shuddered with pleasure.

There was nothing but this moment.

Tsuzuki was too incoherent to do anything but scream when he finally came. Touda’s hands closed tight on his thighs and Touda’s cock shoved deep into his ass, holding him open with short, hard thrusts as his body tried to wring tight. Tsuzuki loved it. He whimpered and moaned, hoarse and breathless, as Touda’s strokes turned long and fast, fucking the tightness of Tsuzuki’s body hard and ruthless, taking his own pleasure. The last thrust was so hard Tsuzuki could almost taste it. The feeling lingered in his body even when Touda pulled back. And Tsuzuki couldn’t do anything about any of it.

It was perfect.

Tsuzuki tensed a little as Touda released the ropes, but Touda caught both Tsuzuki’s wrists easily behind his back and drew him close.

"Sleep, Tsuzuki."

Tsuzuki rested gratefully against Touda’s chest, trapped in his grip, relaxing again. The world wouldn’t come back quite yet.

"Yes, Touda."

Touda would hold him back from the world a little longer.



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Negative Space

Hisoka thinks about how Tsuzuki is in bed. Porn with Characterization, I-4

Tsuzuki does all the things Muraki didn’t.

Tsuzuki undresses him slowly, carefully, and drapes Hisoka’s clothes messily over the nearest chair. Tsuzki’s hands stroke over and over his body, open and gentle, soothing his skin with body-heat. Tsuzuki kisses down his thighs lightly, lips brushing the inside of Hisoka’s knee.

Tsuzuki’s mouth is hot and eager when it closes over Hisoka’s cock, and he makes little humming sounds when Hisoka thrusts up. His fingers, stroking Hisoka’s back and the curve of his ass, encourage and coax Hisoka to let himself go into slick sensation, to brace his feet and flex his hips up hard.

Tsuzuki stretches out on his stomach, contented smile as good as a purr, and squirms with pleasure as Hisoka’s hands trace his body. He closes his eyes and moans, pushing his ass up in the air, when Hisoka’s fingers work into him, stroking and twisting. He whimpers low in his throat when Hisoka opens him up, and spreads his legs wider.

And that’s why, when Tsuzuki leans over him, Hisoka wraps his legs around Tsuzuki’s hips and rocks into the hard slide of Tsuzuki’s cock inside him. Why he fastens his mouth on Tsuzuki’s, breathing in every gasp. Why he holds Tsuzuki close and lets the man’s emotion soak into every inch of his skin. Why he whispers for Tsuzuki to fuck him harder and tosses his head back and moans openly with the pleasure of each thrust, each rush of sweet feeling.

Hisoka knows what sex is. He knows what love is. He knows what Muraki is, and he knows the difference.

And that’s why he smiles as they lie together in a sweaty tangle, and strokes Tsuzuki’s hair. Tsuzuki is different. Tsuzuki is his. He will never let Muraki have what’s his.



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Better than Dessert

Pure smut. Written for Porn Battle, with the prompt: Tsuzuki/Hisoka, Hisoka on top. Porn Without Plot, I-3

Pairing(s): Hisoka/Tsuzuki

Tsuzuki made soft, breathless noises as Hisoka’s fingers pressed into him, slender and strong. "Mmm. I don’t really need…"

Hisoka thrust more firmly. "Be quiet, Tsuzuki. I like it."

It was hard to argue with that, especially when Hisoka had found just the right spot and was rubbing his fingertips back and forth over it, hard. Tsuzuki whined a little, rocking his hips up for more and Hisoka’s soft snort of laughter answered.

Hisoka made him wait for it tonight, fingering his ass slowly and thoroughly until Tsuzuki was panting and begging softly.

"Nn… Hisoka, please… oh… oh please, more…"

"You sound like you’re asking for dessert," Hisoka teased, husky and deadpan.

"You’re better than dessert," Tsuzuki assured him, moaning.

"Flattery will get you everywhere."

Tsuzuki decided this must be true, because the next thing he felt was Hisoka’s cock driving into him fast. He moaned approvingly, more than ready, and Hisoka finally seemed to be in a mood to oblige. He pulled Tsuzuki’s hips up into the air and thrust in again, hard, fucking him with concentration. Tsuzuki pushed up to meet every stroke, loving the feeling of Hisoka’s cock sliding thick and hard inside him, the jar of Hisoka’s hips against his that vibrated pleasure up his spine. When Hisoka’s hand, still slick, slid down to close on his cock and stroke him firmly, it was perfect, and he moaned as heat surged through him like a tide, deep and unstoppable.

When Hisoka rested, panting, against his back, and murmured in his ear, "Sure that’s better than dessert?" Tsuzuki hid a grin.

"If I say yes, can we do it again?"

Hisoka’s rare, open laugh was better than a dessert shop.



A/N: I wasn’t sure whether to interpret "Hisoka on top" psychologically or, um, geographically; my Hisoka muse voted for psychologically, so here we are.

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Softer than Velvet

Tatsumi likes to see Watari all tied up. Written for Porn Battle, with the prompt: Tatsumi/Watari, shadow-bondage. Sheer Porn, I-4

Watari moaned as shadows pulled his legs wider apart, coiling around them to hold them there. "Tatsumi…"

"Yes?" Long fingers ran up his inner thighs, gentle and cool and unspeakably teasing, stroking just behind his balls.

Watari squirmed against the shadows, which of course did no good whatsoever. His hands stayed stretched over his head and his legs stayed lifted and spread while Tatsumi ran a slow fingertip over his ass and between his cheeks. Husky, Watari murmured, "Will you please just fuck me already?"

The low light glinted off Tatsumi’s glasses as he raised his head and smiled at Watari, slow and pleased. "No."

Watari whined faintly and shivered as Tatsumi fondled his entrance. "Why not?" His tone turned wheedling. "It was just one little potion, and it wore off in three hours!"

"Oh, it’s not that." Tatsumi leaned down and closed his teeth on the inside of Watari’s thigh, making him buck with the rush of heat. "I just enjoy watching you like this."

Watari’s breath came shorter and his eyes widened. "Oh."

The assurance that there was no simple way out made the whole thing hotter and Watari moaned openly, pulling helplessly against his bonds as Tatsumi caressed his skin, taking his time. The shadows slipped aside, making way for their master’s hands but never loosening, and Watari was panting harshly for breath by the time Tatsumi leaned down and kissed him.

"Mm. Now."

Watari cried out as Tatsumi’s cock pushed into him, slick and hard, stretching him fiercely. After the slow handling, that ferocity was a wild relief and he couldn’t stop the cries vibrating in his throat as Tatsumi fucked him, shadows lifting him higher, spreading him wider. He came without Tatsumi ever touching his cock, nearly screaming with the intensity of sensation as it rushed through him and wrung out every nerve. It seemed to go on for a long time, and, even after, the clasp of the shadows holding him open and Tatsumi’s long, rough thrusts as he finished sent tiny aftershocks of heat up his spine.

When Tatsumi finally let him go, easing him gently back down to the bed, Watari grinned up at him.

"Can we do that again some time?"

Tatsumi’s smile this time was smug. "Indeed."


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Moving Down the Streams of My Lifetime

Sohryu frets over Tsuzuki’s safety and does what he can to protect him. Written for Porn Battle, with the prompt: Souryuu/Tsuzuki, protecting what’s most precious. Drama with Porn, I-3

Character(s): Sohryu, Tsuzuki Asato
Pairing(s): Sohryu/Tsuzuki

"You really don’t have to worry about Hisoka," Tsuzuki assured Sohryu, tagging anxiously after the dragon back to his rooms.

"He’s ill omened," Sohryu snapped, glaring straight ahead. When was Tsuzuki going to start learning how to be careful?

"I’m sure it wasn’t him," Tsuzuki persisted, following through the fountain room.

Never was clearly the answer to Sohryu’s question, and he sighed. Neither of his children had given him a quarter as much trouble as his master. He rounded on Tsuzuki, hems flaring out with the speed of his movement, and caught the man’s shoulders. "Have better care for yourself," he scolded. "This world is not as well protected as it once was."

Tsuzuki stood still and trusting between his hands, smiling. "But you’re still here."

Sohryu fought not to slump in defeat. Had he done his job too well? Was that why his master wandered around in this mooncalf innocence?

But he could hardly do less. Not for Tsuzuki.

A hand touched his chest and he looked up to find Tsuzuki smiling more softly. "It will be all right. Believe me."

Sohryu looked aside. "All right," he muttered, finally.

Tsuzuki made a happy sound and promptly hugged him.

Sohryu snorted and crooked his fingers at the door to bid the lock turn. He should never have let Tsuzuki get the idea that it was all right to be so familiar with him, even in private. And, to be honest, he knew that one bark of reprimand would make his master back away, conciliatory.

But then Tsuzuki would look at him with sad eyes.

He was a fool, Sohryu decided as he swept Tsuzuki up, folding his master in strong arms and soft layers of cloth, safe the way he always should be. He settled Tsuzuki against the cushions of his bed and wrapped himself around him, hair slipping down to shield Tsuzuki from everything outside.

"You’ve been sleeping poorly," he stated, fingers tracing the faint shadows under Tsuzuki’s eyes.

"I can’t stop thinking about some of our recent cases," Tsuzuki admitted, mouth tightening.

"Hm." There were several ways to deal with that, but it would take some time to produce enough sweets to do it. In the meantime, Sohryu supposed he could use the other way all the shikigami shared. He set his fingers under Tsuzuki’s chin and lifted it, kissing Tsuzuki firmly. Tsuzuki gasped, hands tightening on Sohryu’s sleeves for a moment before relaxing. His lips parted and he made a soft sound as Sohryu’s tongue swept into his mouth.

Sohryu undressed Tsuzuki swiftly and undid his own sashes, shedding the layers of his robes with a shrug the better to wind around Tsuzuki. Tsuzuki was pliant for him, skin flushed and eyes hazy, and Sohryu thought that Tsuzuki wanted the peace of exhaustion as much as Sohryu wanted to secure him that peace.

He slid into Tsuzuki on long, slow thrusts and Tsuzuki made breathless little moans each time, legs straining wider until Sohryu’s hands kneaded down them gently. "Relax," he told his master. "You say I’ll take care of things. So let me."

Tsuzuki’s smile was sweet and fragile and Sohryu gathered him up, kissing him with passion and concentration until he cried out.

When Tsuzuki finally stilled in his arms Sohryu stroked back his damp hair and brushed a kiss over his forehead. "Sleep," he whispered, weaving his power into the command, and felt Tsuzuki catch hold of the magic, climbing down it into rest. He sighed with a shade of relief; that only ever worked when Tsuzuki let it, and he could be so foolishly stubborn sometimes.

He watched Tsuzuki sleep, stroking his forehead to smooth the lines away, tender here as he could not afford to be outside the doors. Whatever it took to protect Tsuzuki, he would do it. He’d known that from the first.

Whatever it took.


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On the Clock

Tatsumi tries something new to get Tsuzuki to do his paperwork. Total Porn and Silliness, I-4

Papers crinkled under Tsuzuki’s chest as Tatsumi’s cock drove into his ass, and he moaned.

"Tatsumi-san…" another thrust, hard and deep, "ah! Your paperwork…"

Tatsumi’s hands shifted on his ass, spreading his cheeks wider and pinning him firmly against the desk. "I think this is more important, Tsuzuki-kun." The next thrust was deep enough that the wool of Tatsumi’s open slacks rubbed against Tsuzuki’s bare rear, making him shudder.

"Nnn… oh… ahh, why?" Tsuzuki was having trouble keeping the thread of the conversation. It felt too good, to feel Tatsumi fucking him slowly.

Not that he was entirely sure he wasn’t dreaming. He’d had dreams about being bent over Tatsumi’s desk before. Never ones where he really felt the thick hardness of Tatsumi’s cock pushing inside him, though, so maybe not…

"Tsuzuki? Are you paying attention?"

Tsuzuki moaned as Tatsumi drew all the way out and drove back into him faster, stretching him open hard. "Ohh… oh yes…"

"Good." Tatsumi’s hands hitched him up a little further and he fucked Tsuzuki with exactly five long, hard strokes. "I want you to remember this, Tsuzuki-kun, the next time you’re sitting at a desk." He pulled out and pushed in again, just a little, and out and in, tiny, fast strokes and worked Tsuzuki’s entrance over and over. Tatsumi’s voice was husky now. "Remember how good it feels."

Tsuzuki was shuddering with pleasure, now, gasping for breath. He cried out as Tatsumi’s cock pushed deep into him again. This time Tatsumi didn’t stop, driving into Tsuzuki again and again, hard enough to lift him up onto his toes with every thrust. It felt incredible and Tsuzuki bucked wildly over the desk as orgasm wrung his whole body out around the hardness of Tatsumi’s cock in his ass.

He lay over the desk, panting and dazed as Tatsumi finished after him. It wasn’t until long fingers were swiping a tissue over him that he managed to say, "I’ll be sure to remember."

"Excellent." Tatsumi’s hand patted his bare ass before drawing his pants back up. "Anything to make you spend more time at your desk, Tsuzuki-kun."

Oh, was that it? Well, then…

Tsuzuki looked up hopefully. "So, if I get my paperwork done on time, can we do this again?"

Tatsumi adjusted his glasses. "Hm. Since it’s you, some reinforcement would seem to be in order, yes."

Tsuzuki grinned.


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