Meine Liebe: All In One

Welcome to my Meine Liebe fic. Lui being pretty much my favorite character, he gets a lot of action here.

Highlights on Black

Takes place just after Weider ends. Having made his decision, Naoji has some work getting Ludwig to see what it does and doesn’t mean. Drama with Romance, I-3

Character(s): Ludwig, Naoji
Pairing(s): Ludwig/Naoji

Lui was out of sorts lately.

Naoji knew he’d get a glacial sniff for putting it that way, but it was true nonetheless. Even tea, almost always guaranteed to make Lui sit down and relax, hadn’t called him away from contemplating the gray, drizzling view out the window.

Naoji sighed and set down the teapot with a click and went to stand at the long window beside Lui. They were both quiet for a while, watching the trees droop with wetness and the drops of water trickle erratically down the glass.

“I will go back,” Naoji said softly. “I don’t know exactly when; I only know that I will. But until then,” he turned to face Lui. “Until then, I will go with you.”

Lui turned at last, mouth quirking faintly. “You can’t make two choices at once.”

Trust Lui to put everything in the starkest black-or-white terms he could find. Naoji huffed a little, ruefully. Lui was as bad about that as Orphe, really. “Nor can you act on a decision until its time comes,” he returned. He lifted a hand and laid it gently against Lui’s chest. “Until I go, I will walk beside you and calm your heart.”

Lui wouldn’t show startlement if the stars fell from the sky, but Naoji felt a slight catch of breath under his hand. Lui’s fingers lifted, closed on his chin. “Will you?”

“Yes.” Naoji’s lips were already open for Lui as Lui swept him closer and kissed him slowly, possessive and thorough. It was enough to turn Naoji’s bones to water, but then… Lui always had been.

And then Lui let him go.

Naoji took a moment to recover his breath before he laughed softly. Lui had a talent for making his points; it would undoubtedly serve him well in diplomacy. “So. Now will you come drink your tea?”

Amusement lightened Lui’s eyes and he turned away from the window. “Of course.”

Naoji smiled.


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Spiral of Time

Many years after the series ends, Naoji returns to Kuchen. Drama with Romance, I-3

Character(s): Ludwig, Naoji
Pairing(s): Ludwig/Naoji

Lui was waiting for him at the station.

“Is this all you brought?” he asked, casting an eye over the trunks Liechtenstein servants were efficiently strapping to a single trolley.

“There are a few more things that will be shipped later,” Naoji murmured, looking around. He remembered the scent of this air; it struck him far more deeply than the clothes or colors or sound of the language. The scent of large, fallen leaves and cool, slow water—he remembered this.

“You travel lightly. Or, should I say, you live lightly.”

Naoji turned back to Lui with a smile. He remembered this, too, Lui’s fine touch with a sharp phrase, all while looking quite disinterested. “It’s a virtue of my people.”

Lui paused at the edge of the platform, voluminous coat falling in still folds around him as he studied Naoji. “Are you sure about this?” he asked quietly.

“My family is gone and my land is changing. And it does not wish for my aid while it does so.” Naoji knew his smile was sad; how could it be otherwise?

“So?” One of Lui’s brows tilted up. “Kuchen is the refuge you have chosen?”

Naoji shook his head at Lui. “We had this out in the letters, Lui. Kuchen is the work I have chosen.”

Even more strongly than the air here, he recognized the small easing at the corners of Lui’s mouth, the slight settling of those straight shoulders. The familiarity, across so many years, caught at his heart.

He had been right to come back.

Though he was glad not to be a confused and sorrowful boy any longer. It should make dealing with Lui a good deal easier. Naoji’s mouth curled a bit as he said, “Tadaima,” teasing just a little with his own language.

This was Lui, though. Naoji knew he should have expected it when Lui looked down his nose and returned, in flawless accents, “Okaeri.”

Naoji laughed out loud and stepped off the platform at Lui’s side.

It was good to be home again.


A/N: Tadaima and okaeri (loosely, “I’m home” and “welcome home”) are customary phrases for homecoming.

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Now Must Everything, Everything Turn

Ludwig and Orpheus argue politics in bed. Perhaps three years post-canon. Porn with Characterization, I-4

Character(s): Ludwig, Orpheus
Pairing(s): Ludwig/Orpheus

Long, cool hands slid up the bare curve of Orphe’s back and he sighed. "Bienenstitch was being an absolute idiot today. We need the women to take on all the jobs they can, now."

Lui stroked a hand back down to Orphe’s hip. "He’s a fool."

Orphe leaned up on an elbow and glared, exasperated. "Why didn’t you say anything then? He dangles on your every word."

Lui arched a brow, fingers tracing the line of Orphe’s hipbone. "You think I should tell him he’s a fool?"

"Yes," Orphe snapped, hooking a leg around Lui’s, fingers kneading Lui’s shoulder.

"Then you’re a fool too. However," Lui continued, calmly, though Orphe’s annoyed sound, "talking to you occasionally has some effect. Tell me. Who is the king’s heir?"

Orphe eyed his lover sharply. Lui lay back against the sheets, still and unconcerned. Three years ago that would have driven Orphe half mad with frustration.

It still did.

What he had learned was that Lui didn’t ask questions without a purpose, though, so Orphe ran a hand slowly down his body and answered. "With the king’s brother attainted, I doubt the nobles will see his children take the crown. If the king has no children… it will probably be you."

"Mm." Lui looked up at the ceiling, abstracted and detached even as Orphe’s fingers caressed his stomach. "Only the fact that the queen is still alive has kept me from being named already." His eyes focused abruptly on Orphe, who had to catch his breath. "If I was only inheriting Lichtenstein it would matter far less what enemies I made."

Orphe was silent for a long moment. "If you don’t speak though," he finally said, quietly, "how will you ever change them? How will you ever make the people who serve you other than fools?"

Lui’s thumb stroked over the curve of Orphe’s mouth and he smiled, thin and sharp. "I don’t need to change them. I only need to know that they are fools and plan accordingly."

Orphe’s lips parted, breath coming short as Lui’s thumb stroked back over his lower lip in silent demand. "I hate that you think like that," he whispered, wrapping his hand around Lui’s cock.

Lui’s voice was lighter now, husky as he flexed up into Orphe’s grip. "I know you do." Long hands teased over Orphe’s body, swift and precise, a fingertip rubbing his entrance softly, a palm stroking slowly between his legs and up, gentle fingers coaxing and pinching his nipples. Orphe held Lui close, mouth moving over his, swallowing Lui’s gasps and trading back his own soft moans. It no longer surprised him that Lui brought him to the edge first; he was simply pleased that Lui arched up into Orphe’s abruptly tightened grip, arms finally locking around him.

"Orphe…" Lui’s eyes closed and Orphe smiled and kissed him gently until he relaxed back against the sheets.

"You know," Orphe murmured, "if you become king…" He smiled down at Lui. "I’ll still argue with you."

Lui’s stomach trembled under his palm, a laugh that didn’t show on Lui’s face. Lui reached up, hand curving around the back of Orphe’s neck.

"I’m counting on it."



A/N: Title from the poem "Faith in Spring" by Ludwig Uhland.

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In bed with Ludwig, Naoji considers the effect Ludwig has on him. Porn with Characterization, I-4

Character(s): Ludwig, Naoji
Pairing(s): Ludwig/Naoji

Naoji leaned against Lui, hands spread against his chest, under his loosened shirt. The solid heat of Lui’s body grounded him on days like this, soft gray days when mist drifted up from the grass and hid the strange shapes of the leaves and reminded him of home. Lui’s hand at the small of his back braced him, and Lui’s mouth caught his, sure and confident.

Naoji didn’t realize how much he had relaxed until Lui plucked loose his hair tie and drew it free, and long fingers slid under the fall of his hair to stroke his neck. That pulled him taut, flushed with sudden awareness.

"Hmm." Lui’s mouth curved just a little against his own and his hand cupped Naoji’s nape firmly, slowly, caressing.

He gasped at that knowing touch—knowing? Lui couldn’t know, could he? He turned his head aside, cheeks warm, breath coming fast and light.

Lui hooked his fingers in the collar of Naoji’s shirt and pulled it a little way down his back, and lifted Naoji’s hair away from his neck, and bent his head to press an open mouthed kiss to the bared skin.

"Lui…!" Naoji was trembling a little now. A breath of a laugh brushed over his nape and he gasped again.

"So I was right," Lui murmured against his ear. "It always makes you shiver when I touch you here." He trailed two fingers down Naoji’s neck and back, and Naoji couldn’t help the shiver that followed them. "Now." In a whirl of motion he turned them and laid Naoji back against the bed. "Tell me why that flusters you so." He cupped Naoji’s cheek, thumb stroking over the color that was surely there.

Naoji bit his lip, but the weight of Lui’s eyes held him and finally he murmured, "It’s… That’s skin that a courtesan of my country would show."

Lui’s brows rose and his fingers caught Naoji’s chin, keeping him from looking away. "Is this not something you give freely?"

"It’s not that! It’s… you make me feel…" Naoji swallowed and closed his eyes against the piercing look in Lui’s. "Wanton."

"Hm." Lui’s finger traced down his jaw, and his voice was silky as he asked, "And would you rather I not?"

"Please," Naoji whispered. He opened his eyes, and was captivated all over again.

Orphe was so brilliant Naoji felt he needed to shade his eyes just to look at him. Lui drew a curtain around his own brilliance, but nothing could conceal it and the heat of it rose from his every movement.

"Please don’t stop."

Lui’s eyes gleamed. "Then I won’t."

Naoji’s breath came short again as Lui drew off the remains of his clothes, and he moaned as long hands moved up the inside of his legs. Lui’s thumbs stroked firmly up and down the tendons of his thighs, and Naoji spread his legs wider, panting softly, hands closed tight on the sheets; the way Lui watched him respond to the touch sent a twist of heat through his stomach. Lui held his eyes as he poured a bit of oil into his palm and stroked it over himself, and anticipation tightened Naoji’s nerves. He reached out, wordless, asking for his lover’s rare mercy.

Lui smiled and came to him, covering Naoji’s body with his, taking possession of his mouth again. When one strong hand closed over his nape again, Naoji cried out. Lui kissed down his throat and Naoji tipped his head back, baring himself to Lui’s mouth with a soft moan of want.

"My Naoji," Lui murmured against his skin, velvety. It made him shudder.

"Please… Lui…"


Lui’s eyes were bright as he looked down at Naoji, leaning over him, hands sliding up his legs to hold him firmly open. When Lui pressed against him, pushed into him, Naoji’s moan was open, uncaring whether anyone might hear them. The stretch and slide as Lui entered him, strong and slow, fired his nerves, and the sweet, inexorable sensation of surrendering to Lui undid him and laid him open.

He caught Lui’s shoulders, shaken with the heat of Lui’s eyes on him, and gasped as Lui thrust slowly. Lui’s control, even in this, never failed to build need and desire in him until his gasps turned to pleading moans and his whole body flexed up to meet Lui’s, given over utterly to Lui’s hands. Those hands held him easily and Lui drove into him deep and thorough until Naoji was trembling on the edge of pleasure.

Lui caught his eyes again, the way he always caught Naoji’s soul, and said low and intent, "Wanton in my hands. I like that very much. Show me, my Naoji."

The pure assurance in that deep voice was all it took to spill Naoji over the edge and send him arching up taut, fire racing down every nerve. "Lui!"

Lui caught him close, smiling down at him, pleased and possessive. Lui’s eyes half closed and his breath caught as he drove deeper, beautiful and fierce and abandoned over Naoji.

Naoji reached up as Lui settled over him, arms sliding under the silky mane of Lui’s hair as he pressed close. "I am yours," he whispered, words he only ever spoke, truth he only ever gave voice to when they were in bed.

Lui practically purred, lifting Naoji’s chin and kissing him deep and slow.

Sometimes Naoji wondered whether Lui simply soothed his homesickness or if Lui was becoming his new home. Either way, it was Lui’s voice and touch that called him, opened him.

He knew he would never cease to answer.


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Fire on the Mountain

As the new Strahl are inaugurated Nicholas watches the upsets among his fellows. Drama, I-3

Character(s): Daniel, Ludwig, Nicholas

At the appointment ceremony Nicholas found himself kneeling beside Lui, and felt like an interloper for the first time in a long time.

Naoji was watching from the galleries.

Nicholas had heard rumors that someone in the palace had protested a (mostly) foreigner being appointed in the government, but he’d also heard Orphe mentioning Naoji’s hesitance to accept a position in a country he intended to leave. Besides being from the horse’s mouth, that seemed more like the man, to him. ‘Conscientious’ didn’t begin to describe Naoji.

And now Lui was staring straight ahead with less expression than one of the church’s statues, giving his responses in a pure and disinterested tone. No hint of his usual sly amusement and disgust over the antics of the less intelligent souls around him.

Nicholas had seen a younger student thrown from his horse, earlier that year. The boy’s leg had been broken. He’d sat and stared at it, face perfectly blank while everyone else ran around shouting.

He hadn’t screamed until they’d moved him.

Nicholas didn’t think Lui would ever scream. He respected that. But he didn’t like the way both Helmut and Camus were watching Lui lately.

As the priest raised her hands, invoking the blessing of wisdom on the newest Strahl, Nicholas, instead, prayed that Naoji would stay in the country long enough for this break to knit.

He wondered if hearts took longer than bones.

"Poland is a long way off." Bauerwurst looked around the room for support. "Germany is between us; any aid we sent would only serve to turn Germany’s attention to us, which we have thus far avoided."

Nicholas growled under his breath at such idiocy.

"Therefore, it behooves us to maintain our tradition of neutrality—"

"And die?" Lui’s cool voice sliced over Bauerwurst’s.

"We are neutral!" Bauerwurst insisted, as if the words were some kind of magic spell.

"No one else is," Lui pointed out, leaning back in his chair and folding his hands in waiting stillness. "Do you want this country to be caught in a closing net of alliances, driven into a corner at the last, allying with whoever will have us at the end?" He waited until Bauerwurst had drawn a breath to reply and added, softly, "Would you repudiate the tentative alliances His Majesty has made, at such diplomatic and personal risk?"

Bauerwurst was left with his mouth hanging open, and the truth that yes, he would if he could, written so plainly across his face that even his own allies squirmed uncomfortably.

Lui straightened, hands laid flat on the table. "This is not a time in which conservative tradition alone will serve us. Our king has pointed the way. It falls to us to follow it."

A murmur of approval and relief ran through the room and Nicholas’ mouth quirked. They might as well be back at school, the whole crowd following after the brightness of those few who shone.

He did look forward to seeing all of their faces the first time they watched Lui and Orphe have a fight, which was sure to happen just as soon as Orphe got back from his inspection of the country’s factories and they all set to over how many might be made over to war purposes, if needed.

He frowned, though, as the meeting broke up and he watched Lui leave the room, head down, with none of the air of having a personal patent on rightness that winning an argument usually brought out.

Lui’s brightness still seemed dimmed, for all his sharpness when they worked. Nicholas admitted to being impressed that Lui could work like this through whatever his private injury was, but he didn’t approve of it at all. He would, he thought, mention something to Daniel, who was better at prodding Naoji than anyone else Nicholas knew.

Nicholas was looking for Helmut, but found Daniel instead. Well, that would do. Both of them would be off to England in a few days to soothe and worry the English, respectively. He started to call out when his friend looked up sharply from the door he was lingering at and put a swift finger to his lips. His smile was wicked and bright as he beckoned Nicholas closer.

Nicholas’ mouth tilted wryly but he continued silently down the hall, wondering what trouble Daniel had found this time.

He was halfway there when he spotted who was beyond the half-closed door and stopped short.

Naoji was caught up against Lui, being kissed, from what Nicholas could see, within an inch of his life, fine hands buried in Lui’s mane of hair. They burned against the dimness of the room, the way he’d only ever seen them burn when they both had swords in their hands.

He looked away and put his hands on his hips and raised his brows at Daniel. Daniel just grinned at him, eyes alight. Nicholas shook his head and trod forward more softly than before.

"Your path will be glorious, no matter which one you walk," he heard Lui murmur, voice husky and intent in a way that nearly made Nicholas shiver. "Show me."

"Yes." Naoji’s voice was pretty husky too, he couldn’t help noticing, but it was firm, and that… that was probably what Lui needed to hear.

Lui would not be happy to know anyone else had heard it, though. Nicholas wound his fingers in the back of Daniel’s jacket and pulled him away down the hall.

"Let’s not stir them up too much," he said softly when he judged they were out of earshot.

Daniel burst out laughing. "And after setting me on them; you’re so dishonest sometimes, Nicholas."

"I was worried, sure. You want him to go off feral again, the way they say he used to be?" Nicholas paused and snorted. "Wait, never mind, don’t answer; this is you I’m talking to." He gave his friend a tolerant smile. "Come on. I’ve got the shipyard figures for you and Helmut to take with you." Tempted by the promise of new targets, Daniel went along easily enough and Nicholas smiled.

If his smile had as much to do with relief as with his friend’s bad hobbies, that was his own business.


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Light to Walk By

Years have passed. Nicholas is a member of the Strahl, and finding that people simply don’t understand what’s between he and Ludwig. Drama, I-3

Character(s): Nicholas

Bauerwurst had an oily little voice; Nicholas had always thought so, and annoying as it was in ministerial meetings, it was a lot more annoying when the man was dogging his personal heels through the palace halls.

"…and the Minister trusts your judgment, your word would be of much value to us…"

Nicholas was sure it would. Right at the moment, he wished it were otherwise.

"…in return I’m sure we could do something about Herzog von Liechtenstein’s leverage against you…"

Nicholas stopped dead and finally turned around. "What?"

Bauerwurst smiled at him, nearly dripping with attempted camaraderie. "Oh, no one dares say anything openly, but I assure you my associates and I are alert to these nuances. You argue every issue with Liechtenstein, but when it comes to a vote, you vote with him each time. I don’t know what he holds over you, but I’m sure we could—" He broke off, suddenly looking less oily and more alarmed. Nicholas noted it distantly, through his rage, and took another step, catching Bauerwurst’s jacket in his fist and pinning the man against the wall. He felt weightless.

"No one holds anything over my head, you little worm," he said, level and hot as poured steel, loud enough to echo off the walls and turn the heads of the people around them. "I vote by my damn conscience and follow my brain, not my damn pocketbook. Ludwig has my loyalty because he earned it."

"I… I’m sure I didn’t mean…" The whites were showing around Bauerwurst’s eyes and Nicholas snorted with disgust, opening his hand.

"Your kind make me sick. You give government a bad name." He turned his back and strode on down the hall, turning his mind firmly to France’s last request for supplies.

He imagined there would be trouble over this, but he’d found there was trouble over everything, sooner or later, at the palace. That was apparently life.

And Lui, too.

Nicholas was stuffing papers into his briefcase, glad to finally escape for the day, when a stir at the door made him look around. Lui was standing just inside, regarding him with cool eyes and crossed arms. Nicholas’ mouth tilted.

"Wondered how long it would take before you heard."

Lui just watched him, distant as any glacier, and Nicholas snorted.

"Oh, relax, will you?" He stood up and stretched the kinks out of his back. "Honestly, I’d have thought Orphe would have gotten you used to it by now."

"Orpheus," Lui said, precisely, "is loyal to this country. Not to me."

"He will be," Nicholas pointed out, blunt and brutal. "We all know it’s coming."

He wouldn’t have thought it possible, but Lui stilled even further.

Nicholas sighed. "You won’t be able to avoid the crown, Lui, and when it comes you won’t be able to do everything by yourself. I get that you don’t like that," everyone got that, wasn’t like it took Camus to spot it, "but that’s just too bad." He slung his briefcase over his shoulder, dangling from his fingers, and shot Lui a fierce grin. "I trust you. I’ll follow where you lead this country."

Lui closed his eyes, as if weary at great foolishness, and Nicholas let his grin turn affectionate. Lui had inhuman control of his expression, but his eyes gave him away if he felt strongly enough. When he closed them, you could be sure it was to hide a strong feeling. Almost as good as Orphe’s open-book expressiveness, really.

"Come on," he jostled Lui with an elbow as he passed. "We can have a nice fight tomorrow over how many ships we can afford to send to France. Won’t that be fun?"

"I’m sure it will be most satisfying, when I win." Lui looked down his nose, collected again.

Nicholas laughed out loud. "We’ll see."

He didn’t know why more people didn’t understand Lui. All you had to do was take everything he said and turn it thirty degrees, but practically no one around here noticed. The best and brightest, in his considered opinion, could be pretty dim.

Fortunately, there were still some bright enough to light the way.


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Sartorial Splendor

Nicholas has been appointed to a post he likes, with a uniform he doesn’t. Drama with Humor, I-2

Character(s): Ludwig, Nicholas

Nicholas put his hands on his hips and glared at his king. "Absolutely not."

This only got him a raised eyebrow.

Nicholas stood his ground. "I don’t care what our historical ties to the Magyar are. I don’t care how symbolically significant it is. I am not wearing that lavender velvet top hat!"

"Kucsma," Lui murmured. "Not a top hat." He leaned his chin in one palm, watching Nicholas with distant interest.

"I know you can perfectly well alter the Councilors’ uniforms. It’ll be a hopeful symbol of change, and all that rot, or at least Orphe will probably say it is."

Lui’s eyes glinted and Nicholas carefully refrained from smirking. He might not be as good a strategist as Lui or Daniel, but Lui-manipulation was a separate art, and one he followed with dedication.

"So, are you declining your appointment?"

Nicholas considered it. Yes, Lui was too practical to throw away a good tool, but he was also bloody minded enough to find a much worse post for Nicholas just to make his point. "No," he decided. "I’m perfectly happy to accept. I’m just not wearing that damn uniform."

"I’m sure something else can be arranged," Lui purred.

Nicholas snorted at this not-subtle-at-all threat. "Save your gold braid and and velvet for all the trained monkeys you’ve just inherited," he suggested.

As he’d hoped, that made Lui laugh, and he tossed off a casual salute before turning his back with calculated insolence and strolling out. He knew exactly what it was Lui valued him for, and he was more than willing to play on it if it got him out of that godawful, antique, showboat uniform. And if it resulted in some of the more obsequious, suck-up nobles inheriting the pastel velvet instead, well that was just fine with him. He thought it was good for Lui to have someone who would egg on his evil sense of humor.

He smiled cheerily at the official waiting outside the audience room doors and strolled down the corridor, whistle echoing insouciantly off the marble.


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If You Want to Kiss the Sky

Nicholas corners Lui about his trust issues. Drama with Kissing, I-3

Character(s): Ludwig, Nicholas
Pairing(s): Ludwig/Nicholas

Nicholas paced Lui’s private office, running his hands through his hair in exasperation.

"You have to give something back, Lui! You’re starting to lose the Ministers and the Strahl both."

"They should have no complaint." It wasn’t even a statement, it was a pronouncement. Nicholas rolled his eyes.

"Yes, all right, you’re good at your job, you fulfill your duties and then some, you’ll probably be one of our strongest kings. But I told you years ago! You can’t do it all yourself!" He turned and flung out his hands. "For God’s sake, even Orphe isn’t talking to you this week!"

Which was how he’d gotten elected to the next turn of thumping sense into Lui, and he’d have to remember to find some way to thank Ed for that.

Lui sniffed. "Orpheus overdramatizes things."

"Orpheus knows what to do with loyalty," Nicholas growled. "You could learn a few more things from him."

Lui looked away. "I doubt that."

"Hah! The problem isn’t even arrogance, or wanting all the control is it? Loyalty is the one thing that scares you, is what it is," Nicholas threw at him.

Lui stood still, one hand resting on his desk. "Fears are often born of logic. One must simply deal with them."

"Yeah?" Nicholas crossed the room to him in a few swift strides and dropped down to his knees. "Can you deal with it?" He raised his hands, pressed palm to palm, eyes fixed on Lui.

For a long moment, neither of them moved. The usual glint in Lui’s eyes was quenched and dark.

"You can’t, can you?" Nicholas said quietly. "I’m already sworn to you as my king, and even so you don’t have the courage take it personally."

Lui’s nostrils flared as he inhaled sharply, and his hands moved, closing around Nicholas’. At the touch, Lui paused again, and Nicholas grinned darkly; nothing like a challenge to make Lui act. From the twist of Lui’s mouth, he knew he’d fallen for it, too.

"It seems a little superfluous to ask if you’re willing," he murmured, dryly.

"Of course I’m willing." Nicholas snorted. "I am your man."

The glint in Lui’s eyes flared to life again and his lips quirked. "Very well, then. I accept you." The quirk got more pronounced, downright wicked now. "And since such things should be done properly…" His hands closed on Nicholas’ shoulders and he bent down to kiss him.

It wasn’t a ceremonial kiss, and could not, by any stretch, be considered a kiss of peace. Lui’s mouth on his was hot and demanding, opening his mouth fiercely and plundering it. Nicholas pushed back, tongue sliding against Lui’s, sparring fast and strong the way they did with swords.

It was good. It was right, to refuse to surrender to Lui’s strength and fire, and all the while feel the hardness of the floor under his knees, the tug of his spine arched back, because he had offered himself up willingly. It was the way they were with each other.

Finally Lui drew back, tongue tracing one last time over Nicholas’ lower lip. Nicholas found he was panting, hands wound tight in Lui’s shirt, and laughed, breathless. "Somehow I don’t think this is going to work with all your officials."

Lui gave him a rarely exasperated look for the suggestion, mouth twisted in faint disgust, and Nicholas smirked.

"Well, don’t worry," he said, as he rose, "I’ll be sure to whack you another one if you don’t shape up."

"How very comforting."

Nicholas grinned at his friend. "See you tomorrow, my liege."

Lui’s parting look would have been a glower on anyone less controlled, and Nicholas decided he’d prodded enough for one day. Any more and Lui would start talking about the Russian embassy post again.

Now to find Ed and collect on the drink he was owed for this.


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