KnB Standalone: All In One

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KnB fic that doesn’t fit into an arc, especially missing scenes and speculation.

The Single Akashi Seijuurou

Two different versions of how Akashi might have taken Kuroko’s resignation, and what promise he extracted from his team: one dark, one light. Character Sketch, I-2

A Side

When Akashi Seijuurou heard that Tetsuya had quit the basketball club, even before the official retirement of third years was announced, he shrugged.

“He’s only anticipating events.”

Ryouta rubbed the back of his head, looking uncertain. “Well, I suppose we’re all quitting, in a way, but…”

“That wasn’t what I meant.” Seijuurou looked around the spare classroom where he had called his team to him. Shintarou was sitting neatly at one of the empty desks, hands folded lightly, still careful of his fingers even now that the tournament season was over. Daiki was sprawled along the boxy sill of one of the windows looking out, one hand draped over his knee, open and empty and desperately wanting. Ryouta had perched on the desk whose chair Atsushi had taken, swinging his feet while Atsushi nibbled pineapple pocky and waited silently. They were the most brilliant players he’d been able to find and train; he thought they would do.

“It’s time for us to separate.”

Shintarou frowned faintly, adjusting his glasses as if that would help him understand Seijuurou more clearly. “What do you mean?”

Seijuurou leaned back against the teacher’s desk and spread his hands. “We’ve won. We are the strongest team in Japan. Where else will we find competition, now, but in each other?”

Daiki’s dangling foot, which had been tapping restlessly against the wall, stilled.

“As you choose your high schools,” Seijuurou continued, suppressing a smile, “choose separate ones. I want your words that all of you will cease to think of each other as teammates and instead play each other as opponents.” Something he had already prepared them for, after all.

They glanced at each other, and he waited patiently for the obvious logic of the thing to register with them. Atsushi was the first to shrug and nod, fishing out another stick. “If you think it would be good.”

“I suppose you have a point,” Shintarou allowed, slowly. “It would allow for more balanced competition.” He was still watching Seijuurou narrowly; of all of them, Shintarou was the one who knew him well enough that he might intuit the point of this exercise. That was all right. It wouldn’t keep him from carrying through the exact sequence of moves Seijuurou mapped out for them.

“Might even be interesting,” Daiki put in, still looking out the window as if he didn’t care, but the hand on his knee was clenched now.

Ryouta was the last, as Seijuurou had known he would be. Ryouta was the only one besides Tetsuya himself who still played by his emotions. “I’d miss the team.” He pouted briefly at the room in general, and Shintarou gave him an exasperated look. “But I guess that could be fun too, playing against you all.” His play-pout dissolved into a genuine smile, edged and glinting. “Let’s see who wins.”

Seijuurou nodded, satisfied. “Very well. Then, for the last time, the team is dismissed.”

They stood and stretched and clattered out, Ryouta already asking Daiki for a practice match while they still had the chance, Atsushi turning away down this newly named path of separation with cheerful ease, Shintarou lingering for a last long look over his shoulder before sliding the door quietly shut behind him. Seijuurou leaned back on his hands and smiled up at the ceiling through the motes of dust dancing in the air. He knew who would win, of course; it would be him. He was the one who had pushed these players to become what they were, and they had never made a move he hadn’t seen coming. The opening was concluded. Now it was time for the middle game to begin. And when the end game was reached, the rightness of all his moves would be revealed for all to see.

It would be a victory worth winning, just as he had planned, for years, that it should be.

B Side

When Akashi Seijuurou heard that Tetsuya had quit the basketball club, even before the official retirement of third years was announced, he frowned. Obviously, Tetsuya wanted to make a point of his disapproval, not that Seijuurou had missed it in the first place.

He expected tracking Tetsuya down to take a little while; it wasn’t an easy task, even for Seijuurou, when Tetsuya wanted not to be found. In the end, though, a single question to a classmate led him straight to the roof where Tetsuya was leaning against the safety rail all alone. Seijuurou contemplated this move, standing in the doorway. Tetsuya had always been the easiest to handle, of his players, but today he clearly wanted a confrontation. Very well.

“A formal resignation seems a bit overdone, considering we’re all retiring in a week.”

Tetsuya didn’t turn around. “A week is too long.”

Seijuurou came away from the door to stand at the rail beside him, watching him. “Do you really think I haven’t seen it?”

“You haven’t done anything about it.” Tetsuya’s tone was even, as always, but it was still an accusation. Seijuurou hid a smile; perhaps this pawn would reach gold after all.

“What would you have me do? Try to reduce their strength? Force them to cooperate when their talents make individual play the most natural thing?”

“I don’t know!” Tetsuya actually raised his voice, fingers a little white with the force of his grip on the rail. “I just know it’s wrong. Something’s missing.”

Seijuurou sighed. Tetsuya was the one he had the highest hopes of, in some ways, the one whose perception might let him control a game as surely Seijuurou himself did. His tactical awareness was already superb. His strategic sense, on the other hand, still had a ways to go. “Are you going to quit basketball itself?”

“I…” Tetsuya stopped there, unable, even now, to say that he wanted to leave the game, and Seijuurou let his smile show.

“Then I’ll have the same promise from you that I’ll take from the others, when we retire. Choose a high school none of the rest of the team is going to and give me your word you’ll play with all your strength for your new team.”

At last Tetsuya turned to look at him, blinking. “…you want to split up the team?”

“How else will they keep playing?”

Tetsuya was quiet for a long moment, and finally turned back to the rail and the bare trees below. “I still don’t think this was the right way to do it.”

Seijuurou felt a moment’s exasperation. Tetsuya still had yet to understand that the only way to prove a strategy or approach right was to win. Seijuurou’s methods of developing his players had won steadily, and this new strategy shape would continue to win the ultimate game, the one in which all of his players achieved ‘promotion’. This way won; therefore it, and he, were right. Sometimes Seijuurou got tired of having to point that out. Well, perhaps by the end of the game Tetsuya would see it himself. “Will you come?”

“To a school without any of you,” Tetsuya said slowly. “To… the tournaments. With a different team.”

“All of us in different teams,” Seijuurou agreed patiently. “To play against each other, now.”

Slowly, Tetsuya’s back straightened, and his gaze was level when he nodded. “Yes. I’ll do it.”

“Good. I’ll see you there, then.” Seijuurou turned briskly toward the door and the stairs down from the winter chill of the roof. He glanced back, once, before he went in. Tetsuya was standing straight and steady at the rail, one hand closed into a fist. Seijuurou smiled.

He still expected to be the one who would face Daiki, and give him back the life of his game. Ryouta had the potential to match Daiki, but he still let his emotions get in the way of his playing. Tetsuya would have to find suitable pieces of his own to work with before he had a chance, and that wouldn’t be easy. But Seijuurou wouldn’t discount them. They might do it after all.

They were, after all, his players.


For He Has This Grace

After the match between Kaijou and Fukuda Sougou, and the aftermath with Haizaki, Kise finds Aomine in one of the side hallways. (The porn that had to happen, Y/Y?) Spoilers for anime-only fans. Porn, I-3

Character(s): Aomine Daiki, Kise Ryouta
Pairing(s): Aomine/Kise

Aomine Daiki ducked back inside the Metropolitan Gymnasium side doors and stalked down the dim hall, wincing a bit when he went to slide his hands into his pockets. Shougo had a jaw almost as hard as his thick skull, and Daiki’s knuckles were bruised and stinging. It’d had to be done, though; Shougo was the kind of idiot who would keep going until someone stopped him. Daiki’s mouth tugged up at one corner. He really was kind of like Kise, that way, actually.

He stopped at the edge of the main concourse, glancing around the thinning crowd with a bit of resignation. He’d told Satsuki to go ahead, but he knew she wouldn’t have. She worried too much about him. And okay, yeah, the year had been unspeakably boring up until just recently, but Tetsu had brought him a very nice opponent (better than chocolate any day) and Kise might just be a serious challenge the next time they played. She didn’t need to keep freaking out. He glanced indecisively between the main doors and the corner with the vending machines. Where to start?


Daiki snorted softly. It had definitely been a bad year—he’d almost gotten to miss the stupid things his teammates called him. “Kise.” He leaned against the wall as Kise eeled out of the crowd and trotted down the side hall to meet him, still flushed from the game and grinning all over his face.

“You came to watch!”

“Of course I watched. Good game.” Kise actually turned a little pink, at that, and Daiki rolled his eyes. Wasn’t like that was some huge compliment. “About time you got over your damn block about the rest of the team.”

Kise waved his hands indignantly. “Well, it was hard! All you guys are insanely talented and I’ve only been playing for three years, gimme a break!”

Daiki swatted at Kise, laughing when he ducked back. “Why should I give you a break when pushing you obviously works so much better? Isn’t that what you’ve always insisted on anyway?”

“Aominecchi is mean,” Kise accused, practically pouting at him, the way he did when he was teasing someone. Daiki rolled his eyes even harder.

Which meant he wasn’t looking and started when Kise caught his wrist in a grip that was always stronger than it seemed it should be, when you watched him clowning around.

“What did you do to your hand?” Kise demanded, frowning down at Daiki’s bruised and scraped knuckles.

“It’s nothing.” Daiki tugged against Kise’s hold; Kise didn’t let go.

“That is not nothing! I know you don’t need to be as careful with your fingers as Midorimacchi, but what are you going to do if you mess up your grip?” Kise glared up from under those ridiculously long lashes before turning Daiki’s hand more into the light from the concourse. “If you lose our next game because you let your hands get injured, I’m going to be really pissed off at you.”

“What next game?” Daiki finally twisted his wrist free. “You’re the one who still has games to play in this tournament, not me. You’re the one who has to be careful.” Which was why Daiki had gone looking for Shougo in the first place, after all.

And maybe he’d been thinking that a little too loudly, because Kise froze, staring at him. “Aominecchi,” he finally said, low and wide-eyed. “That wasn’t… Shougo-kun?” Daiki ran an exasperated hand through his hair, stifling a wince because he’d forgotten not to use his left hand.

“Quit looking at me like that. You’d better not backslide on me, Kise.” He’d done it because it was right, not for Kise’s admiration, for fuck’s sake.

Kise’s face hardened and took a long step toward Daiki, away from the bright concourse and slowing bustle there. “I can do both,” he told Daiki, chin lifted with every bit of the arrogance his sweet manners usually hid. “I can admire you and still fight you with everything I’ve got. And next time we do have a game, you’d better keep that in mind.”

Daiki smiled slowly. Those bright eyes were narrow and sharp, the way Kise always looked when he quit clowning and got serious about something. “You can, huh?” he asked softly. Kise took another step, right up in Daiki’s space where he leaned back against the wall.

“I won’t ever hold back with you again.” Kise’s mouth curved like the edge of a knife. “I promise.”

There was something hotter in his smile than Daiki had seen even during their games this year, and he wasn’t completely surprised when Kise reached up and curled a hand around the back of Daiki’s neck and pulled him down. Daiki let him, laughing against his mouth until Kise pressed up against him, biting at his lower lip just enough to jolt Daiki a little.

“Mmm.” Daiki pulled Kise harder against him, settling him snugly between Daiki’s legs, satisfied by the husky sound Kise made. “Bout time you finally decided to make a move. I was getting bored with waiting.”

Kise’s eyes glinted up at him. “You get bored so easily, Aominecchi, I guess we’d better do something about that.”

Even knowing Kise, even having watched him wind people up with his adorable-clueless-model-boy routine, even knowing that Kise and Tetsu were dead even for who had the evilest sense of humor, Daiki didn’t expect the feeling of Kise’s hand sliding down the front of his jeans. "Fuck!"

“If I’m not holding back, you’d better not be either,” Kise told him, breathless, and squeezed.

“Ryou,” Daiki growled, and kissed him hard and hot. Kise made a wanting sound into his mouth, and when his hand tightened again Daiki sucked in a quick breath. Kise’s grip was warm and strong, and made him think about the same hand wrapped around a basketball. About how Kise was, just maybe, catching up. About that promise not to hold back. He reached down to close his hands on Kise’s ass, pulling him in tighter and grinding their hips together. This time they both moaned, and Kise left off groping him to grab his shoulders with both hands and grind back against him. Hot pleasure licked straight up Daiki’s spine, and he laughed, low and husky.

“The next time we play,” he breathed against Kise’s ear, “it’ll feel like this. Only better. Look forward to it.” Kise moaned low in his throat, and Daiki pushed a knee between his legs. “Give me everything you’ve got, Ryou.”

Kise made a desperate sound and dragged Daiki’s head down again, fingers buried in his hair as he rode Daiki’s thigh shamelessly. Daiki dug his own fingers into the tight muscle of Kise’s ass with every flex of his hips, grinding him ruthlessly close, hot and wild with the hope Ryou and Tetsu had held out to him this winter. The hope put an edge on the pleasure winding his nerves taut every time he rocked against Kise’s hip, and it didn’t take long before it all spilled over. When he came, he muffled his groan in Kise’s mouth, kissing Kise like he could breathe him in and hold him that way. Kise answered him, just as open and passionate as he’d been two years ago, already relaxing against him, and that sudden sweetness made Daiki’s hands turn gentle even as his body wrung itself out.

When they’d both caught their breath, and Kise lifted his head and smiled up at him, Daiki smiled back, only a little tilted. “Next year,” he said quietly, “I’ll be waiting for you.”

“Or maybe before then.” Kise’s eyes glinted. “Come to the semi-finals and see how it goes. I have some revenge to get on Kurokocchi and Kagamicchi, after all.”

Daiki snorted, remembering how he’d been hauled to the Tokyo preliminary finals. “Doubt I’ll get out of it. Imayoshi-senpai’s being a complete bastard about that.” Even after he was supposed to be retired.

“You should have more respect for your senpai, Aominecchi,” Kise told him, contriving to look virtuous even while rumpled and flushed and straddling Daiki’s thigh. “Like me. I always do what Kasamatsu-senpai wants me to.”

“Kise!” someone yelled out in the concourse, sounding irate.

“Mostly,” Kise added with perfect aplomb.

Daiki had to laugh. He really had missed his old teammates, idiocy and all. “Go on, then.” He kissed Kise one last time, softer, and pushed him away. “I’ll be watching.”

Kise flashed a true smile, so much brighter than his model-smile. “Watch me win.” He brushed his uniform mostly straight, and trotted back around the corner calling, “Coming, senpai!”

Daiki slumped back against the wall and ran a hand through his hair, still smiling a little. That had been an impulsive thing to do, and now he had to find a bathroom and get cleaned up a little before he went looking for Satsuki. But he was glad he’d done it. Kise had spent a long time following him around, looking at his back. It was about time he started walking alongside, instead. Daiki made a pleased sound at the thought and pushed off the wall, stretching. For the first time in a long time, he was looking forward to the next game.

Maybe afterwards he’d find go find Kise again.


Twelve Views of Summer

Twelve kisses between Kuroko, Kagami, Aomine, and Kise. Can be read as poly or as six separate timelines. Character Sketch, Light Porn, I-2

Kuroko Tetsuya

When they were together, Kagami wrapped himself around Tetsuya until Tetsuya felt like he might drown, go under the surface of all the Kagami-ness and not come back up. But he kissed gentle and hesitant, mouth moving lightly against Tetsuya’s, like he was never sure he was doing it right.

Tetsuya thought he was doing just fine, and reached up to wrap a hand around the back of Kagami’s neck and keep him there so they could do it some more.

Kise kissed the same way he looked at people, coaxing and charming, dropping tiny kisses at the corners of Tetsuya’s mouth until Tetsuya relaxed against him—relaxed into the hand on his back and arched his spine to tip his head back far enough to meet Kise straight on. Because, of course, that was the other way Kise looked at people, when he was ready to stop playing around: direct and hot. When he kissed like that, Tetsuya relaxed against him all the way.

Aomine twined around Tetsuya like a cat, until Tetsuya wondered lightly if Aomine was trying to mark him. Aomine laughed and purred against his ear until Tetsuya couldn’t stay still any longer and batted him away, and he was smiling when Aomine swooped in to catch his mouth. Aomine kissed as open as a laugh, but he tasted as wild as his game had gotten, and as they kissed he slowly pulled Tetsuya tighter and tighter against him.

Tetsuya let him, because Aomine wasn’t the only possessive one.

Kagami Taiga

It hadn’t taken Taiga very long to figure out that Kuroko’s bland expression hid something a little scary. Something unrelenting and fearless. It was still always a shock to actually see it, and it had been just as much of a shock the day Kuroko gave him a long, thoughtful look and then leaned down over the bench and kissed him. It hadn’t been an aggressive kiss, but the firm heat of Kuroko’s mouth against his had made him go still.

It was a shock every time, in a way, but he kind of liked it that way, and he was careful when he spread his hands against Kuroko’s back, careful so he’d stay close.

The first time Aomine had kissed him, Taiga had been in the middle of challenging him to a one-on-one, and now he couldn’t actually use the phrase without feeling his ears getting hot. Not around Aomine, at least. Which made Aomine smirk, which meant Taiga had no choice but to haul him closer and kiss it away. It took a little while to get to the actual game, sometimes, but that was okay. Aomine kissed just like he played, hot and wild and pushing until Taiga pushed back, pushed him against the fence or the post itself, which was when Aomine finally relaxed, tension easing away under Taiga’s hands. That was when Aomine played a lazy, wicked, drawn-out game, or a bright, fast-flying, laughing one.

Not always on the court, but that was okay too.

Kise should be a relaxing kind of guy to hang out with, as easy-going as he acted most of the time. But he really, really wasn’t, not once you saw what was on the other side of the easy-going. Taiga never really relaxed around Kise unless Kise was showing that flip side, the one where his eyes made you think of a fucking sword even when he was smiling.

Well, okay, he also relaxed when Kise was wrapped around him making soft sounds into his mouth, sounds that made Taiga go slow with him the way he never would have on the court. But kissing, he maintained no matter how much Kise teased him over it, was different. He knew he was right, because saying that made Kise’s eyes turn as soft as the sounds he made.

Aomine Daiki

The day Tetsuya let Daiki kiss him, something in Daiki that had been wound tight finally eased. It finally felt right, again. Maybe Tetsu wasn’t at his side on the court any longer, but this, it was like one of Tetsu’s passes. Something burning through the air. Something so heavy and direct it was impossible to catch, but Tetsu trusted him to catch it anyway. So he caught it and held it, held Tetsu to him, and licked at the tiny, familiar quirk in the corners of Tetsu’s mouth. The way Tetsu laced his hands around the back of Daiki’s neck told him everything was all right again.

Kise kissed like a challenge, and where they went from there was up to Daiki. If he stood firm and kissed back gently, Kise softened and leaned against him and smiled the private smile only friends got to see. If he caught Kise up, spinning him off his feet, laughing over the centimeters of advantage he still had, Kise would laugh with him, bright and happy and true. And if he held Kise hard, kissed back rough and wanting, Kise would turn wild in his arms until they were both wrung out and exhausted.

Sometimes Daiki thought Kise reflected, not a copy, but all the true bits of himself. When he thought that, he wondered a little at how much of Kise there seemed to be.

Daiki liked the way Kagami kissed, though he never said so out loud. He liked Kagami’s weight against him, liked how completely straightforward he was. No bullshit, no holding back.

Considering that, he also found it kind of funny that Kagami was so gentle about it. However wild they started, and Daiki liked wild after all, sooner or later Kagami’s mouth on his turned slow and hot and wet. And that made Daiki not miss the wildness.

Kise Ryouta

Kuroko was a godawful tease, was the thing.

It kind of got Ryouta hot, because he knew how that game was played, and Kuroko could play it right down to the hilt.

So it was a game to get kisses from Kuroko, to tease him back until he decided to finally respond. To feel him turn lightly aside until Ryouta gave in and turned serious. To feel Kuroko finally turn toward him and open his mouth under Ryouta’s.

He was never sure who won those games, but the intentness of Kuroko’s kiss made him not care.

There were times when Kagami scared Ryouta a little. Not because of his strength or his loudness or his vast social awkwardness, or any of the things that Ryouta knew probably alarmed other people. Because he never looked away. To Kagami, Ryouta’s charm for his fans and edge for his opponents and even his quietness for a friend were all the same. Kagami kissed him the same way, no matter what, always warm and steady. Ryouta loved it, and it freaked him out, and even then Kagami just held him.

What did you do with someone like that?

So far, the answer seemed to be: let him hold you and kiss you quiet.

Aomine kissed like a wind blowing through, no matter what mood he was in, always sweeping you up in itself. Bright and laughing or fierce and wild, it always swept Ryouta up. And when Aomine was holding Ryouta tight against him and whispering, between kisses, just what he was going to do to Ryouta, how hard it would be, how good…

…well, it was easy to say yes. To throw away caution and wondering about what this might do to his image and whether his agency would yell at him over it, and just kiss back. It was like swallowing fire, and he strained into Aomine’s arms for more of it.

The satisfied sound Aomine made, when he did, poured heat right down his spine.

This he had won, and he would not let it go.


Kantoku Means I Love You

Some possible reasons Kiyoshi calls Aida "Riko" while Hyuuga calls her "Kantoku". Unabashed Fluff, I-2

Character(s): Aida Riko, Hyuuga Junpei
Pairing(s): Riko/Hyuuga

Hyuuga Junpei could feel all his muscles protesting feebly as he hauled himself up the last step to the pedestrian overpass on his way home. The pain of the killer workout they’d all been put through for the first day of the new basketball club reminded him of other annoyances, and he glanced over his shoulder at his companion.

“And why is Kiyoshi calling you ‘Riko’, anyway?” he demanded.

Riko rolled her eyes so hard she nearly missed her own first step up to the walkway. “Because he said to call him Teppei, so I said to call me Riko. It would feel weird if he were ‘Aida-san’ing me while I called him Teppei.”

“So call him Kiyoshi, like everyone else in the school,” Junpei argued. Like, for example, he did, and then it wouldn’t seem like the too-perceptive, infuriatingly-determined bastard had stolen his childhood friend.

Alarmingly, Riko grinned. “Yeah, but he gets this sad expression whenever I do. It’s kind of cute, actually.”

Junpei hitched his bag glumly up over his shoulder and stumped down the stairs on the other side. Cute. Great.

“What’s the problem with it, anyway?” Riko demanded, elbowing him as they started down the street of little shops and restaurants that led toward home. “You call me Riko, after all.”

“Yeah, but…” Junpei stifled the rest of his sentence before but you invited him to could get out of his mouth. Even in his own head, that sounded stupid and childish, and if he said it out loud Riko would probably be annoyed at him. Actually, given how annoyed at him she’d been for most of the past year, she’d probably hit him. It was bad enough that she’d taken to calling him Hyuuga-kun months ago, and still hadn’t stopped. “Never mind,” he muttered. After a long moment, broken only by Riko’s predictable distraction over the Rilakkuma phone straps being sold at the stall beside the bakery, he added, “Besides, if you’re our coach, now, the whole team should be calling you Kantoku.”

Riko laughed. “I could get used to that, maybe. After all, I’m going to be putting you all through hell like a good coach should.”

The brightness of a good challenge lit up her whole face, and Junpei’s stomach did ridiculous flip-flops just to see that. “Well then.” He cleared his throat and tried to make sure he didn’t sound breathless at all. “I’ll rely on you. Kantoku.”

She grinned up at him, and linked her arm through his for a few steps, and Junpei smiled helplessly back. He had a feeling he was going to be calling her that a lot, just to see this sparkle in her. He was clearly, completely, and totally doomed.

He was maybe kind of okay with that, though.

“So, what are you going to inflict on us tomorrow?” he asked.

The sparkle turned to a gleam, and Riko cracked her knuckles ominously. “Well, I was thinking about that…”

He listened to her planning their death from exhaustion, and nodded along agreeably, and even made a few suggestions for the footwork drills. She teased him about acting all captain-ly already, and he smiled crookedly and agreed. Captain and coach had to work together a lot, after all. No matter how big and infuriating an idiot fate had inflicted on him to drag him back to basketball, and no matter how well Kiyoshi seemed to get along with Riko, Junpei and Riko would have this. For three years, if he wasn’t stupid enough to throw it away again.

Yeah, maybe he was okay with doomed.


Flirting With…

Imayoshi may have a bit of an exhibitionist streak, and Kasamatsu may be incapable of turning down a challenge, and this may eventually get them both in trouble. They should probably stop–but maybe not just yet. Porn, I-4

Imayoshi Shouichi was enjoying himself.

So was his current partner, to judge by the sounds Kasamatsu was making, and Shouichi leaned closer, pressing Kasamatsu more firmly up against the wall to purr in his ear, “Careful, now.  You don’t want anyone looking down here, do you?”

Kasamatsu pushed him back far enough to glare at him in the dimness of the arena service hall they were currently taking advantage of.  “Like you’d care,” he hissed.  “You like doing this practically in public.”

Shouichi smiled charmingly at his favorite rival, mostly to hear the way it made Kasamatsu growl.  “So do you,” he pointed out, sliding a hand down to cup Kasamatsu’s cock, which was very definitely hard by now.  Kasamatsu bucked into his hand with a stifled gasp before catching his breath.

"I," he told Shouichi in a dire, if very hushed, tone, "need to learn to duck faster every time I see you off the damn court."  

Of course, he immediately undercut the pronouncement by tangling his fingers back in Shouichi’s hair and pulling him down to another kiss, hot and fierce.  Shouichi laughed into his mouth; he loved playing with Kasamatsu, both on the court and off.  “So what,” he murmured against Kasamatsu’s mouth, “would you think if I turned you around and fucked you just like this?”

"I’d think you were dreaming."  Kasamatsu’s voice was amazingly dry for a whisper.  There was a glint in his eyes, though, one Shouichi recognized, and a grin curled his lips as he waited for the next part.  "If you wanted to put that mouth of yours to another use, though, I might just let you."

Shouichi laughed at that challenge.  He loved how sharp Kasamatsu’s edges could get, and how subtle they could be.  “That might be fun, yeah.”  He slid down to his knees on the dusty tile floor, grinning up at Kasamatsu as he hooked his fingers in Kasamatsu’s waistband and pulled it down.  “Let’s find out.  And see how quiet you can be while I’m making that ‘better use’ of my mouth.”

Kasamatsu’s eyes on him turned hot and dark, and he slid his fingers through Shouichi’s hair, tugging him closer.  “Yeah, let’s.”

Shouichi wrapped his mouth around Kasamatsu’s cock and purred a bit at the very satisfying way he moaned.  That was a good start, and so was the way Kasamatsu’s fingers tightened in his hair.  He sucked hard, reaching up to pin Kasamatsu’s hips to the wall when they bucked forward.

"You are such a bastard," Kasamatsu gasped.  "I don’t know why I keep agreeing to this."

Shouichi’s brows rose and he drew back long enough to murmur, “What, really?”

Kasamatsu bared his teeth, laughing low and breathless.  “Well, maybe I do.”  

Shouichi smiled back, sharp, and let Kasamatsu pull him back in, sucking down the thickness of his cock and humming around it.  He liked it when Kasamatsu admitted just how wicked his edge could be.

He also liked the sounds Kasamatsu was making, husky and low, louder whenever Shouichi tongued him, but then caught back at once.  It was hot, hearing how conscious Kasamatsu was that they were in a public place, that this might be a service hall but it wasn’t that far from the changing rooms teams had been assigned, thinking about what they would look like if anyone happened to pass by and glance down this side hall.

Kasamatsu was starting to arch taut under his hands when Shouichi heard footsteps.

Kasamatsu’s fingers tightened in his hair, and his moan had a desperate edge.  He was too close to hold back now.  Maybe he didn’t even want to.  Shouichi sucked on him harder, fingers digging into the lean muscle of Kasamatsu’s thighs, and Kasamatsu shuddered against the wall, making hoarse, stifled sounds as he came.  Shouichi licked at him, half his attention on the footsteps tapping and scuffing down the hall.  Closer.  

Past the service hall they were in.

Shouichi closed his eyes and let himself feel the hot thrill of how close they were to being seen, being discovered like this, let it run through him and pull him right down after Kasamatsu.  He clutched Kasamatsu’s thighs, swaying against him as heat wrung him out hard, pulsing through him sweet and wild.  When it finally ebbed again, he leaned his forehead against Kasamatsu’s hip, panting.

Kasamatsu’s fingers combed through Shouichi’s hair and he murmured, “Pervert.”  There was a laugh under the softness of his voice, though, and Shouichi looked up to flash him a smirk.  They both knew Kasamatsu didn’t actually have any room to talk.

"So."  He levered himself back to his feet.  "Think that’ll take the edge off until we actually play tomorrow?"

Kasamatsu pulled his pants back up and stretched against the wall, lazy and satisfied.  “I suppose so.  Probably.”  He laughed at the mock-indignant look Shouichi gave him and leaned in to nip at Shouichi’s lower lip.  “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Shouichi caught him close for long enough to kiss him, hot and intent; a teaser for the next day.  “Until then.”

He stored away the flash of Kasamatsu’s eyes to tide him over until they could meet on the court.

And maybe after.