Remixing History: Anasazi/Pueblo

By Branch, January 25th, 2011

A note on nomenclature: since there appear to be divided opinions among absolutely everyone involved, I’m choosing to use “Anasazi” to designate the dominant south-eastern Northern Native American cultural group on the basis that even a hostile Navajo term is less objectionable than even a relatively neutral Spanish term, taking the history into account. Besides, […]

Remixing History: Maya, Inca, Nahuatl, Anasazi/Pueblo, Iroquois, Anishinabek, Athabascan

By Branch, June 7th, 2010

Talking about a non-colonial Western hemisphere causes some difficulties of nomenclature. Many of the now-common names for peoples and nations are not the names those people would have used, and almost certainly not the name that would have been used had those people continued to flourish. In order that the greatest possible number of readers […]