This was a gift-fic for moumusu, and a bribe to get her to draw a large, clean… er, uncluttered version of this picture. Note that the picture is decidedly NC-17 (Ed/Roy, light bondage). All those “mustang” and “ride ’em cowboy” jokes finally came to this: Ed ties Roy up to have sex in Roy’s office. Porn, porn, nothing but porn. Porn with Insights, Bondage, I-4

Character(s): Edward Elric, Roy Mustang
Pairing(s): Ed/Roy

Roy didn’t tense until he felt Edward fingering the cuff of his glove.

Well, all right, perhaps he had started when the first loop of rope dropped around him and tightened. Edward really was getting very good at moving quietly, and he’d managed to genuinely surprise Roy this time. Enough that he’d caught Roy’s wrists behind his back as well as his arms against his sides. But none of that actually made Roy nervous.

When Ed stroked a finger down the inside of Roy’s wrist, catching the edge of his glove, that was when a twist of anxiety coiled through him.

Behind him, Edward laughed.

“Relax,” he said against Roy’s neck, “I know better than that.”

Reassured that Edward was not going to test the limits today, Roy did relax, only balking when Edward nudged him toward the couch.

“I just had the couch cleaned,” he protested.

“When it was the floor you complained about rug burned knees,” Ed pointed out. “Deal with it.”

Roy heaved a slightly dramatic sigh, but didn’t object when Ed overbalanced him onto the couch. In fact, he managed to roll with the fall and make a fairly graceful landing, considering. Mild attempts at discomfiting each other were all part of the dance between he and Edward on these occasions. It amused Roy to no end that they both worked so hard to maintain dignity as long as possible when going about something as basically undignified as Ed tying him up so they could have wild sex in his office.

In keeping with that part of the agenda, Ed assumed a judicious expression as he arranged Roy on his knees on the couch. Not that he wasn’t actually quite considerate, supplying Roy’s lost balance as he pressed Roy’s shoulders down, and tucking a pillow under Roy’s cheek. Edward’s hands were light and careful as they unfastened Roy’s pants and slid them down.

Ed’s hand slipped up the inside of Roy’s thigh, and now Roy felt the loosening inside him, the deep shudder of relaxation that was the reason he did this. The reason he didn’t snap his fingers and burn through the rope.

And then Edward got off the couch.

Roy’s eyes snapped open to see Edward grinning down at him. Roy growled, and shifted, seeking some not totally undignified way to get off the couch again and pounce on his smirking lover. There really didn’t seem to be any.

“No, no, don’t bother yourself,” Ed told him, lightly, “I’ll be back before you know it.” Roy growled again, and then gasped as Ed ran his cool metal fingers over Roy’s bared skin, circling, pressing in hard, once, before retreating.

“Tease,” Roy accused, breathless, as Ed stepped back.

“I learned from the best,” Edward noted. As if to emphasize that fact he proceeded to strip off every last bit of his own clothing. Slowly. On another day Roy would have taken an act like this as an invitation, and it would have most likely ended rather abruptly, with Edward bent over the desk. Today it was Roy bent over, wanting to feel Ed inside him, but a coherent corner of Roy’s mind appreciated the irony that their relative states of undress were unchanged.

Now completely naked, Edward sauntered around Roy’s desk to fetch the oil Roy kept there before he finally came back to the couch. Anticipation heightened Roy’s senses, now that he couldn’t see Ed, the constriction of his thoroughly bound arms sending a tingling drench of adrenaline down his nerves. The heat of Ed’s body against the backs of his thighs made Roy shiver, and he spread his knees a little further, coaxing Ed with his openness. He muffled a groan in the pillow when Ed rubbed a slick thumb, teasingly, against his entrance.

“Ed,” he whispered, body melting under the touch he was unable to rock back against.

Roy wasn’t sure Edward knew it, but he enjoyed it a great deal when Ed set the pace. Edward had a fine sense of how long to tease, how to touch and sooth, to get Roy to willingly abandon his reserve. Ed enjoyed it too, of course, and hence the whole song and dance with the rope, which Edward said kept Roy from distracting him.

Even without it Roy wasn’t sure he’d be able to distract Ed now, not with Ed’s hand between his legs and Ed’s tongue drawing designs over the base of his spine. But, since it was there, Roy let himself twist against it, let his wrists tug against it, and added that touch to Edward’s. As Ed’s teeth nipped gently, Roy moaned.


“Hmm?” Ed murmured against his skin.

“…ride me,” Roy breathed. He heard the intake of Ed’s breath, and felt Ed shift behind him, leaning over him, and then, finally, Ed was pressing into him.

Roy panted against the pillow, not bothering with either dignity or quiet any longer as Ed fucked him. This was what he had wanted from the moment he identified that first loop of rope and declined to burn it, preferring the heat of Ed’s fast thrusts into his raised ass. Roy treasured Ed’s rhythm, his enthusiasm, his willingness to ignore Roy’s rank and reputation, to bend him over on his own couch and ride him hard.

Roy moaned as Ed’s hand closed around his length, fingers sliding down him, demanding, and Roy couldn’t have kept from answering that demand if he’d wanted to. Fire raced through his veins and wrung a rough sound out of him, flung him outward and left him floating as Ed’s movement inside him peaked and slowed. Ed’s weight rested over his back for a minute before Ed sighed and tugged the rope loose.

Roy slid into a boneless sprawl, content enough to only make a small face at the wet spot.

“I should take the upholstery cleaners’ fee out of your stipend,” he told the young man now stretched out on top of him. Ed snorted. “And I’ve been meaning to ask, who taught you to make knots like that?” Roy added after a moment, observing that the rope had fallen away from him completely with that one tug.

Ed snickered.

“I’ll never tell. It couldn’t help but affect one of your valuable working relationships.”

Roy considered how Edward had phrased himself, and looked at him sternly. Well, as sternly as it was possible to look at his lover who had just finished fucking him senseless. Which, to judge by Edward’s smirk, wasn’t very. Edward really was picking up some very bad habits.

“And just what bribe do you want,” he asked dryly, “to spare me having to guess about everyone I work with?”

“Let me think about that for a while,” Ed replied, with a downright feline smile.

Some very bad habits, Roy reflected. If only he could blame this on Hughes. Unfortunately, he’d seen that smile in the mirror before. Ah, well. There were certainly compensations.

He leaned up to steal a kiss.

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  1. surpluscat

    I’m horrible at giving feedback (seriously horrible) so half the time I just don’t comment at all which is terrible of me I know. So I thought that it was high time I said that I love your writing to distraction. I can’t remember how I found your site (I can never remember how I find things) but, like I already said, I love it. Just wanted to let you know
    -Surplus Cat

    1. moumusu

      ! *starts to cling to Era as she runs away, but misses and falls flat on face instead* NHAaah! Nooo! *desperately reaches out one hand from the floor* Please…if my words can reach you…MAKE HIM REALLY HOT!!!! >_

          1. veatariel

            Somehow when you mention that… I could see you (as an alchemist) drawing transmutation circles with paintbrushes… and transmuting stuff into paint… (to doodle on drunk people’s faces)

            >.< (In a weird mood… hehe)

  2. moumusu

    I actually envisioned more resistance on Roy’s part—more of an “excuse me?” reaction. Yes, he thinks it’s just terrific when Ed screws him, but does he have to tie him up? Isn’t he irritated that Ed is teasing him? (I’m NOT, but hey XB) The lack of conflict isn’t BAD, but I actually don’t think I’ve ever seen it in this kind of fic. Roy’s not supposed to be a blushing virgin making thundering discoveries about sex, anyways…unless that virgin-Roy bunny is out again… *looks around floor warily*

    It’s really sk34ry how you can make a whole fic out of pictures, and it’s good fic and the stuff in it is right. THANK YOU. For writing such a neat little thing to coax pictures out of me. Even though you never wrote this kind before etc. LOVE.

    1. branchandroot Post author

      *sighs* Yeah, I kind of thought you might, but I can’t write those. *contemplative* Now, you might get Vikki to write it that way…

      You’re very welcome!

      1. moumusu

        Um, no, I’m not going to Vikki (yet, now, for this, etc.). I don’t really want to. Er, not that I don’t like my share of Reluctant Uke (…heh…yeaaaah…), but here’s this whole story where Roy is, like, seme AND uke OMFG!!! Or, um, right, they’re both breaking the mold and I think I like it. But it’s late and I can’t figure out how to be coherent about it again. So, uh, no, that’s okay. XB

  3. naanima

    *giggles madly* Roy being rode *laughs*

    But that aside, Roy is -really- hot, and Ed is a fast study ^_^ I’m so proud of the chibi Ed. And it does make perfect sense that the two would have a semi-kinky sex life.

    And in the office.

    I really do hope the room is relatively sound proof.

      1. kerbox

        Oh my God, if they’re exhibitionists, I can’t imagine the reactions outside the office doors.

        Maybe they’ve overestimated the sound-muffling abilities of the walls XD

  4. hauntedhecate

    Wha! I was having a bad day, and then I went and checked your journal, and you wrote this!!! There’s no better way to cheer a fangirl up than reading wonderful smut! LOL! Thank you so much! And like Veatariel said, I was going into Roy/Ed withdrawal! Keep up the “dirty” work! XD;;;