Cloud to Cloud

Immediately following “The Continuation of War”, Kirihara finds himself somewhat disturbed by the day’s experiences, and Yukimura offers him reassurance. Porn with Insights, I-4

Pairing(s): Yukimura/Kirihara

The lurch as the bus stopped woke Akaya from a half dozing dream that promptly escaped him. All he remembered was that it had involved cutting a tall chain-link fence. And that Fuji had been mixed up in the project. There were really days Akaya wished his subconscious could just send him a memo. Stumbling off the bus, rubbing his eyes, Akaya glanced up at the sky; clouds were piling up, though it wasn’t getting any cooler. They might have rain soon. Time to be heading home.

He didn’t move, though, as the rest of the team scattered towards their own homes. Instead he stood still and tried to put the day’s events in some kind of order in his head.

“Akaya?” Yukimura-san’s voice asked beside him, soft enough not to startle. Yukimura-san smiled a little when Akaya blinked at him. “Worn out?”

“Not really,” Akaya shook his head. He was a little tired, certainly, but not worn out. He was in better training than that.

Yukimura-san’s eyes sharpened. “Confused?” he guessed.

Akaya bit his lip. That would be it, yes.

“Tezuka-san,” he started, “it was… and when you played Echizen…” Why, he wondered, couldn’t he put this coherently?

“What, worried I want to replace you?” Yukimura-san asked, lightly.

Akaya winced. Oh, yes, that was right; because it sounded so stupid when he did. Yukimura-san patted his shoulder.

“I shouldn’t tease you,” he sighed. “It can be confusing. Good rivals are as close as your teammates; closer, sometimes.”

That, Akaya decided, was exactly what was making him uncomfortable. He looked aside.

“Akaya.” Yukimura-san’s hand turned Akaya’s face back toward him. “You are one of mine. Don’t forget that. Even if you defeat me, you will still be one of mine.”

Akaya wanted to let that reassurance comfort him, to let that hint of wildness glowing in Yukimura-san’s eyes wrap around him, but he remembered seeing it earlier today. While his captain was playing Echizen. He found himself nibbling on his lip again.

Yukimura-san’s expression turned considering. His hand cupped Akaya’s cheek.

“If I asked you to come home with me tonight, what would you say?” he murmured.

Akaya felt his eyes widen. He had really tried to stop hoping that Yukimura-san would ever say something like that to him. And when they both let go, on the court, let the brilliance take them, it was enough for him.


Except that that was the problem right now, wasn’t it? He had watched Yukimura-san share that with someone else, today—and found out, himself, that he could share it with someone besides Yukimura-san. He found himself longing for some connection that he knew wouldn’t be shared outside the team, like that.

And Yukimura-san was offering it.

“Yes,” Akaya whispered, shakily.

Yukimura-san smiled, and leaned forward to brush a light kiss across his lips. “Come, then.”

Akaya spent the walk in a bit of a daze.

They reached Yukimura-san’s home just as clouds overran the sky, and the wind started to pick up. It still wasn’t cooling off, Akaya noticed, eyeing the sky. The wind was warm and heavy with the touch of water, and a flash of heat lightning showed the edges of the clouds for an instant. A soft sound beside him made Akaya look around to see Yukimura-san also watching the sky.

“We’re in for a storm, it looks like.”

Watching the wind lift and twine through his hair, seeing the dark sky reflected in his eyes, Akaya was struck by the whimsy that if this particular weather had human form it would be Yukimura-san. He looked so at ease, not even swaying with the gusts.

And then Yukimura-san looked at him, and held out a hand, and matters of more immediate concern returned with a rush. He let Yukimura-san lead him inside, trying to calm his heart rate.

Though he was a bit startled when Yukimura-san immediately threw open both the windows over his bed. Yukimura-san noticed his look, and one corner of his mouth tugged up.

“Most of the windows at the hospital didn’t open very far; it didn’t take long to get fed up with it.”

Akaya shivered and nodded, subdued. Yukimura-san came and took Akaya’s face between his hands, turning it up.

“That won’t do,” he murmured, and bent his head to kiss Akaya’s lips apart.

Akaya barely noticed Yukimura-san undressing him until he realized that he was leaning against his captain’s body without a thread of clothing between them, and released a breathless moan into Yukimura-san’s mouth. Slim, strong hands traveled down his back, settled on his hips, moved him the few steps to the bed.

Scooting back on the sheets, momentarily without Yukimura-san’s touch to distract him, Akaya felt suddenly shy, and cursed his quick blush once again for giving him away. He looked up at Yukimura-san through his lashes to see a gentle smile and eyes bright with amusement. His captain pressed him down and stroked his hair back, soothing.

“So shy, Akaya? After the way I’ve seen you tease Genichirou, I’m surprised.”

Akaya turned his head away to press a hot cheek against the cool cotton under him. “That was Sanada-san,” he mumbled, “that’s different.”

Yukimura-san’s fingers closed on his chin and turned his head back. “Does that mean I can stop worrying about you teasing me?” he asked, lips just brushing Akaya’s.

Akaya’s breath caught on a faint whimper. “Yes, Yukimura-san,” he husked.

Yukimura-san’s lips covered his, softly, fingers smoothing over Akaya’s ribs, down his hips, feather light on the insides of his thighs. Akaya arched up, shivering, and then sank back, open and yearning under those hands. With his eyes closed, Akaya found it hard to tell, sometimes, what was Yukimura-san’s delicate, inciting touch and what was the brush of that heavy wind blowing over them. It only got more so when Yukimura-san drew him up onto his knees and into the path of the air curling through the room.

His captain’s fingers brushing his entrance was one touch he couldn’t mistake, though, and another low sound escaped him. Yukimura-san held Akaya close against his body and touched him slowly, coaxing and teasing and gentle. Akaya stretched against him, wanting, asking silently for more than this soft stroking. When Yukimura-san’s tongue traced down Akaya’s neck and over his shoulder, Akaya tossed his head, bowing back over the arm that held him with a gasp, because it was suddenly too much for nerves brushed to hypersensitivity.

“Yukimura-san,” he choked, “please…”

He broke off with a breathless moan as Yukimura-san’s fingers finally slid into him, a presence spreading him open around itself. Yukimura-san leaned over him, a familiar electric edge in his dark eyes, and the wind stroked his hair across Akaya’s skin as his mouth moved over Akaya’s chest. The gentle touches left Akaya limp in his hold, breathing in faint sighs as his captain’s strength wrapped around him. Silent flickers of lightning painted red across his closed eyes.

When Yukimura-san drew him back up and turned him to face the window, Akaya found that he had to lean back against the support of Yukimura-san’s body behind him to keep from collapsing in a heap. That support was as familiar as the demand in the kiss that Yukimura-san turned Akaya’s head back to meet, and the compelling pressure that opened him slowly, steadily. Familiar in a new form. Akaya’s small, desperate sound, as Yukimura-san slid all the way into him, was caught by his captain’s mouth on his before Yukimura-san’s lips curved.

“Akaya,” that soft voice stroked against his ear, sounding pleased and reflective, both, “you give yourself to me so easily.”

Akaya rested his head back on Yukimura-san’s shoulder, shivering as his captain took the opportunity to press his mouth to Akaya’s exposed throat. “You take me so completely,” he whispered, both an explanation and a plea.

True lightning etched the fast moving sky in front of them, and the thunder that followed it drowned out any reply Yukimura-san might have made. Akaya didn’t care, because Yukimura-san was moving, now, slow and hard, holding Akaya tight against him. The stretch and slide of it burned through Akaya, started sweat on his skin that only made the glide of Yukimura-san’s hands sleeker. The increasing power of the wind washing across them did nothing to cool Akaya; it was still warm, almost skin-warm, and played between his spread legs as lightly as Yukimura-san’s fingertips.

Akaya’s senses slid into each other. The rhythm of Yukimura-san moving in him matched itself with the rhythm of the increasing thunder, a breathless pause before the echoing shock of each thrust. The hot, tense pleasure licking at his nerves felt like the bright, soundless bursts of heat lightning, flickering from cloud to cloud, building and never grounding. Akaya wanted it to ground, to strike down, to find some bridge of release, and found his voice long enough to call his captain’s name, needing, asking. Yukimura-san shifted, harder, deeper, and he spoke into Akaya’s ear, voice low and clear.

“Come with me, Akaya. Let yourself go.”

Fingers stroked down his length and drew Akaya’s pulse and breath with them, wringing out of him like the desperate gasps that wrung free from his throat with each spasm, leaving him lax and panting in Yukimura-san’s arms. He felt very much like purring. Yukimura-san laughed, softly, and laid him down, leaning beside him and smoothing damp strands of hair away from his eyes. Akaya smiled and turned his face into Yukimura-san’s hand, laying a shy kiss in the palm. Yukimura-san was breathing deeply, the same indefinable glow hovering around him as did after a serious game. He bent down and caught Akaya’s mouth with his, somehow both wild and soothing.

“Feeling less confused?” he asked on a teasing note.

Akaya looked up through his lashes with a wicked grin. “As long as you aren’t planning on taking Echizen to bed.”

Yukimura-san’s laughter was bright and rich. “Definitely not,” he assured Akaya, chuckling.

Akaya curled contentedly against his captain’s side and listened as it began to rain.


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  1. soloproject

    HA! I saw it first for once! ph33r…

    I, for the life of my, was flailing when I read in your LJ something about YUKIKIRI and spent an entire day bumbling around trying to imagine it.

    It’s Porn with Insight. In stupid person talk, you are GENIUS. *___*

    So long as you don’t go into the YUKIRYO thing. No bunnies there! >.> *stabs at possible YUKIRYO bunnies*

  2. lechaco

    ahhhh *flails and fangirls* YukiKiri!!! I was lusting after YukiKiri for a while. XDXDXD all your smutfics are so erotic *____* <333!! It’s Everyone Loves Seiichi again *_* <33 though I like to see Akaya’s fixation with Yukimura as the Oedipus’ Complex…*coughs* :D;;;

    I really liked how you drew a parallel between the storm and Yukimura. Wonderful imagery and descriptions.

    if I’m not mistaken, you filed AtoYuki after YukiKiri? *_*;;;

    1. branchandroot Post author

      Of course everybody loves Seiichi, Seiichi is a god; ‘Haru-chan even said so. *nodnod*

      It wasn’t too overdone, then? Oh, good! I was a little iffy about that. Even if I did have to forcibly stop myself from dragging in dragon myths… ^_^;

      Yeah, Sei-chan is, um, having some fun with Atobe. I can’t, for the life of me, tell who’s manipulating who, here. Probably both.

      1. lechaco

        I completely agree with the both part. I see Atobe taking a liking to Yukimura like a little boy to a new toy that he would eventually tire of. But I also see Yukimura as a Siren who lures Atobe to him. >:D!!

  3. flowright

    *refreshing the page every other minute*

    yes another fic ! (it’s 2am here and I don’t go to sleep before reading the last part of the challenge arc)

    So Akaya knows now what it’s like to have sex with a god… (their love is so greek myths !)

    I second [ profile] lechaco AtoYuki would be delightful ! And it wouldn’t hurt to tease Sanada and Renji with jealousy since they trust each other. mainly Sanada since he wants to protect Yukimura even if doesn’t really have the power to do it

    1. branchandroot Post author


      *laughing over the greek myth thing*

      Ah, but it’s Kiri-elf’s job to tease Sanada, I wouldn’t want to take it way from him. ^_-

      *Kirihara smiles, as-if modestly*

      I think the AtoYuki bunny has won the wrestling match with the Sanada/Yanagi bunny, though.

      1. flowright

        kudos to the AtoYuki Bunny !

        they look cute and everything but I suspect them to be from the family of the killer bunny of the Holy Grail fame, they could beat the others bunnies any times.

        I never ask afraid of the answer but Have you a precise idea about when you will feel that you have mo more to say about rikkai ? I dread that moment….

        1. branchandroot Post author

          *counts bunnies* Let’s see, there’s the Sanada/Yanagi, Sanada’s Research Excursion, the Yuki v Tezu match at Nationals. Those for sure. I also find myself deeply tempted to write grown-up-Troika fic of indeterminate shape. I do want to get back around to my languishing MomoRyo branch at some point, but I now suspect that this will merely be the preface to including Rikkai in the Mirror Writing arc, too.

          I guess all that translates to: not soon.

              1. mica-chan

                I think the AtoYuki bunny has won the wrestling match with the Sanada/Yanagi bunny, though.

                Even thought Atobe is one of my favorite characters, I really didn’t like this notice…

  4. anruik

    God, you do spoil us so~ *squees, snugs, offers a neat box of truffles* … And of course, one for the bunnies… *tosses a few truffles in their general direction*

    1. branchandroot Post author

      *pounces on truffles* Oooo! *snugsback*

      *bunnies catch truffles and start bouncing faster*

      Hey, if I can procrastinate on my real work and make people happy, it’s all good. ^_^V

  5. lady-readwolf

    Mmm… this was just beautiful. {huffs} how dare you write such beautiful smut! And I hesitate to even use the word ‘smut’ here, because this was just too wonderfully well-written…

    ^.^ I’m a whore for rainstorms, though, so, as if you didn’t already have me wrapped around your fingers—I adored this.

    The different facets of Akaya’s personalitied were reflected perfectly in the roles he plays for Sanada vs. Yukimura, and, and…

    {sighs} Sorry, I’m not being more specific… I’m just a pile of feel-good mush right now…

    (Oh! and the image of the greek gods? Love the idea! Oooh… and Atobe and Yukimura? in the same room? Hello, sparks! It would do Sanada some good to get jealous again! I look forward to seeing these boys in high school and other settings, too!)

    1. branchandroot Post author

      Yes, RainSluts unite! *high fives*

      Mush is good. Mush is very complimentary. ^_^

      Yep, yep! In the same garden, even, where the light will be just right for a little spot of undraped modelling. *tiny grin* Atobe thinks Sanada will be jealous, too, but Sanada doesn’t get a part in this one.

      1. lady-readwolf

        {returns high five happily} Yep; I’ve got one for Yuushi and Gakuto half-written from a couple of weeks ago. Gonna get cracking on it again. ^.^

        Mush is… {grins} a great feeling sometimes ^.^ :-p

        This… Atobe thread of yours sounds mighty interesting. Looking forward to it.

  6. naanima

    “you give yourself to me so easily.”
    “You take me so completely,”

    That pretty much sum up their whole relationship ^_^ Love your Porn with Insights! LOVE! And this piece is particularly gorgeous. Your fics containing rain and storms often touch me the most. Gods, love you and oyur talent *huggles*

    1. branchandroot Post author

      *happy* *lovesback*

      Those were the lines that the whole story really built itself around. Well, that and the storm, since I am deeply in love with storms, and always manage to find at least one character to speak that for me.

      *pets Kiri-elf* There, don’t you feel loved and privileged?

      Kirihara: Depends. Are you still planning to write that story about Sanada-san ‘teaching me a lesson’?

      Emily: Oh! Thank you so much for reminding me, dear!

      Kirihara: …oops.

      1. naanima

        Storms and emotions seem to be a major theme for you (and how I adore them!!).

        Kirihara: Depends. Are you still planning to write that story about Sanada-san ‘teaching me a lesson’?

        *cat ears perks up* Oh, reeeeeeally? What sort of lesson? *lecherous grin*

  7. avamaria

    How you manage to write porn that’s more character-revealing than a character revelation fic is beyond me. ♥ ♥ ♥ Your use of rain and the storm (especially when Akaya cannot tell what is Yukimura’s touch and what is the wind) I found gave such a wonderful sense to it. I love your Yukimura, he’s so gentle and yet so sure.

    AtoYuki! *flails* With manipulative!Yuki, which is the best kind. I can’t wait to read, myself and [ profile] lechaco are obsessed with AtoYuki. XD

    1. branchandroot Post author

      Thank you!

      (Definitely the best kind. And Atobe walks right into it with open eyes, which kind of surprised me. Half the time I don’t know what these boys will do next.)

  8. mica-chan

    Hum….I think it was a little too slow. I love Yukimura, but sometimes he is too gentle to my personal taste.
    Of course I liked this fic, specially because I was waiting for some intercourse between Yukimura and Kirihara for a long time, but…I don’t know. “I” prefer something more rough, more violent. The problem is that it’s almost impossible with Yukimura, because he’s damn manipulative (oh, yeah, I think ‘god’ was a good description to him), but extremely calm and have a self control out of the ordinary.

    But what really matter is that you wrote this piece and I enjoyed as always ^_^

    1. branchandroot Post author

      Any combination of characters has their own pace. While I can easily see Yukimura being somewhat overwhelming to a lover, I have a hard time seeing him being rough about it. That’s what the SanaKiri is for. *winks*

      1. mica-chan

        Yeah, yeah, I know. It’s hard to see Yukimura being rough, specially with someone like Kirihara. But someway I think he’s a terrific lover, ne?

  9. issen4

    I love this very much. And Yukimura, definitely god-like… god of seme, maybe?

    It’s interesting that you use the name ‘Yukimura-san’ (family name) and ‘Akaya’ (personal name) throughout; emphasizes who is in control.

    1. branchandroot Post author

      Good to hear! *snerks* Well, I think he would certainly qualify for that.

      *nods* One of the things that makes me read Kirihara as the baby of Rikkai is that all of his teammates use his given name, and he, very properly for such a demon-child, uses familyname-senpai for all of them. And, while I can see him becoming at least a little more informal with Sanada, and dropping the title, I doubt he would ever do that with his captain. Not in this arc, anyway. *sparkles because someone noticed*

  10. aishuu


    I’m wonderimg if you’re taking this arc somewhere? I still want to see this as Yukimura/Tezuka (and I blame you for making me WRITE a Yukimura/Tezuka piece).

    I think Kirihara has softened a bit through these series of smut ficlets. It’s interesting, and the writing is still excellent, but I’m curious now where this is going. IE – Are you doing your own version of the championship? Because damn girl, I want to see.

    The only Kiri pairing you’ve missed is my favorite for Rikkai – him with Yanagi… but I don’t think this fits in this verse. *looks thoughtful* They don’t seem to have a particularly close connection.

    1. branchandroot Post author

      Kinda yes and no both; I usually have a vague idea of where my arcs are headed, but how they get there often surprises me. I do want to at least get to the Yuki V Tezu match to close out Nationals… though I expect mobs with pitchforks to come after me for the way I intend to end it. And that will be the end of the Challenge arc. There are a few more back-and-fill stories to fit in, of course. The thing is, I’m also very tempted to go on with a Kiri-centric arc tracking how he develops next year, when Rikkai is his. Because I don’t think there will be any other captain he respects, and what happens then?

      That arc, actually, is where there might be Yuki/Tezu, because that’s when Yukimura might find himself in need of some of Tezuka’s hands-off management methods.

      So, yeah, you’ll get to see. But the team stories are exhausting to write, and I need to soothe my nerves with smutlets in between while I get my wind back. ^_-

      *chin in hand* You know, it’s weird. I like to read YanaKiri, but I just can’t bring that pair together in my head to write it. I do want to do some gen interaction fic for them, but I keep grinding the gears when I try to shift it to romance.

      (and I blame you for making me WRITE a Yukimura/Tezuka piece).

      *smug grin*

      1. aishuu

        If you do a Kiri arc, I will… well, not be a slave, but a devoted fangirl. He’s my current favorite…

        I’ve thought of the matter myself, but from Echizen’s standpoint. Next year is gonna be a wash, and the year after? Scary.

        Yukimura strikes me as someone who instinctively is perfect at handling interpersonal relationships, so him needing Tezuka hurts my head. Tezuka is awkward, to me. Then again, my Tezuka tends toward antisocial.

        *shimmers brilliantly* I’m glad you have further plans, sa!

        *thwaps for smug grin*

        1. branchandroot Post author

          *bounces* Well, see, it could be so cool, the thing is… *gets control of self again* Ok. Not babbling. The thing is, I see Tezuka and Yukimura coming at people-handling from different ends of the spectrum. Tezuka is… afraid, I think, to be too open, to let his people too close, because if he let go around his team he’d mow them down, and resentment rears its ugly head. So he leads by distant example. At least, that’s the reasoning I impute to him. Yukimura, I speculate, leads his personal clutch of psychos precisely by letting go around them, by showing them clearly what he can do and by being pretty open to them; the openness counterbalances any intimidation factor, and it all works out. But if he’s not right there, if he’s placed at some distance to Kirihara, and isn’t his official captain anymore, I’m not sure that openness will be as strong. It will have lost its framework. He’ll be forced to lead from a distance, if he still wants to guide Kiri-elf at all, and the best example around of that technique would be Tezuka.

          Ok, stopping enthusing, now.