This story takes place in a quantum bubble of the Challengeverse (maybe it happened, maybe it didn’t), immediately following “The Continuation of War”. Tezuka offers Oishi some support after his very bad day. Porn with Characterization, I-3

Pairing(s): Tezuka/Ooishi

It had not been a relaxing day for Oishi Shuichirou.

To be sure, practice wasn’t normally somewhere he relaxed. But today had had more than its fair share of stress. On top of the general run of keeping the team focused, there was the vastly increased problem of keeping them focused on actually practicing against Rikkai instead of attempting to one-up the other team. The attitudes of the Rikkai players had not helped in the least.

No, that wasn’t fair, Shuichirou told himself. The attitudes of their singles players were really quite reasonable, even Kirihara’s. Of course, very few people gave Tezuka attitude for long once they had played against him. Well, very few people, aside from Echizen, who gave absolutely everybody attitude, and could actually be considered becomingly respectful, by comparison, for moderating the back talk he gave his captain.

But he was wandering from the subject. The subject was the doubles players, and specifically that Niou character. His partner, at least, had seemed vaguely remorseful about knocking Eiji unconscious, but Niou had brushed it off. Shuichirou felt his teeth grinding, and made himself stop. Again.

He didn’t lose his temper very often, but he would have this afternoon. Not even over a direct offense, either, no, it had been the crack about Niou’s own captain that had been the last straw, and Shuichirou would have exploded, if Tezuka hadn’t noticed. The hand on his shoulder had startled him out of what Shuichirou was guiltily aware was an irrational anger, and the silent support of Tezuka at his back had given him the moment of calm to take a good deep breath and not yell.

It didn’t particularly surprise him that Tezuka had quietly fallen in beside him when they all left. He knew Tezuka worried when Shuichirou lost his cool, and he had to admit that the company was welcome, now. Tezuka’s company in private, where their long familiarity let him relax his usual reserve and show himself to Shuichirou more openly, would be especially welcome.

At his gate he looked a question at Tezuka and received a tiny smile back. Tezuka would come in for a while, then.

Up in his room he let his bags thump to the floor, and leaned his hands on his desk, blowing out a long sigh.

“I’m sorry about that, Tezuka,” he said. “You shouldn’t have to deal with me acting immature, on top of everything else…”

Tezuka’s hands closing over his shoulders stopped him.

“Enough,” the deep voice behind him said, quietly. “No one can keep a perfect temper all the time.”

“Except you?” Shuichirou murmured, ruefully.

“I’m just a little better at putting it off until later.”

Shuichirou sighed again, more softly, as Tezuka’s thumbs stroked down his neck, coaxing away a little of the day’s tension.

“I shouldn’t need you to make allowances for me,” he insisted, though.

Tezuka pulled Shuichirou around and into his arms. “I said, enough,” he warned, the warmth and amusement in his eyes belying his stern tone. “You let yourself be more open than I do, and have the problems that go with that. Why should I be unwilling to help you with the problems when the openness is exactly what I need? Both in my vice-captain and in my friend.”

Shuichirou leaned against his friend and rested his forehead on Tezuka’s shoulder, smiling just a little. They’d had this conversation often enough that he knew he wouldn’t win it. Nor did he really want to. He just couldn’t help saying so, when he felt as if he was taking advantage of Tezuka’s strength. He saw enough of Tezuka’s honest emotion and response to know that, while the strength in question was impressive, it wasn’t limitless. Tezuka always insisted that it was a more than even trade, though. And, to be honest himself, Shuichirou always relaxed quickly with the reassurance of Tezuka’s arms around him.

“Better?” Tezuka asked.

“Yes,” Shuichirou laughed. “Better. Thank you.”

“No need.” Tezuka freed one hand to lift Shuichirou’s chin. “Shuichirou.”

Hearing Tezuka’s dark velvet voice wrapped around his name always made Shuichirou shiver, and his lips were already parted on a quick breath when Tezuka’s mouth covered his. The heat wound its way into his bones, and Shuichirou moaned softly. Tezuka kissed him deep and swift, again and again, the way he kissed when he wanted to lay Shuichirou down and open his legs and touch him until he was incapable of thinking.

Tezuka seemed to especially enjoy that last part.

Shuichirou pressed against Tezuka’s body, offering his assent, and went willingly when Tezuka’s hands guided him down to the bed. Long fingers flicked open his shirt and pants, as Tezuka’s lips traced down his neck.

Opened them, but didn’t pull them off.

“Tezuka,” Shuichirou murmured, shifting under him. It always made him feel a little more… wanton when Tezuka touched him without undressing him first. As if what they were doing was more urgent, even when they went slowly. As if the presence of clothing somehow emphasized how undone and open it was. How undone and open he was, under Tezuka’s hands.

Tezuka’s fingers stroking his chest were a silent question; Tezuka knew that he was hesitant, sometimes, about this. But it excited him, too, and his hand over Tezuka’s, moving it down, was an equally silent answer. Tezuka’s lips curved against his throat.

One warm, strong hand slipped into his open pants, closing around him, and Shuichirou gasped, pressing up into it. Tezuka stroked him firmly, mouth tracking over Shuichirou’s shoulders, pushing his shirt further off, before wandering down his stomach. Shuichirou shuddered as Tezuka’s hands slid down his hips, pushing his pants a little further down even as Tezuka’s legs spread his apart.

Tezuka paused, kneeling above him, hands resting on the arch of his hipbones.

“Tezuka?” Shuichirou asked, breathless.

“Your strength is part of your magnificence, Shuichirou,” Tezuka said, voice low. “Never doubt that I find you magnificent.”

Shuichirou’s breath caught in his throat, and Tezuka’s smile acknowledged both the flush that heated Shuichirou’s cheeks and the wonder that softened his eyes. Tezuka leaned down to kiss him, once, softly.

And then the heat of his mouth closed over Shuichirou’s cock, and Shuichirou’s thoughts were washed under the abrupt surge of tense pleasure. His senses took over the moment, filling his mind with the rough brush and bind of cloth against his skin, the press of Tezuka’s fingers, the sleek, wet glide of his tongue, demanding reaction from Shuichirou’s nerves, stroking liquid heat down them until Shuichirou couldn’t help but answer those demands with long, deep shudders of pleasure that raked through his body and took away with them his ability to move.

Not, he reflected, a little lightheaded, that this was all that different from the results of Tezuka’s demands on the court.

Fingers brushed against his cheek, and Tezuka laughed, softly, that rich sound that so few ever heard.

“You certainly look more relaxed, now,” he commented.

Shuichirou looked up at him and smiled. “So do you,” he said, quite truthfully. The bittersweet-brown eyes were warm, the faint pinch between the brows was gone, and Tezuka’s mouth was gentler than anyone but Shuichirou probably ever saw it. He drew Tezuka down to lie against him, tangling his fingers in soft, springy hair.

“Rest a little,” Shuichirou suggested. “You had a long day, too.”

“Mmm,” Tezuka agreed, winding an arm around Shuichirou. “Good idea. Especially,” and the deep voice took on a hint of teasing as it breathed in Shuichirou’s ear, “since you’ll need your rest later.”

Shuichirou flushed again, abruptly aware of his still rumpled condition, and felt more than heard Tezuka’s suppressed chuckles.

“Tezuka!” he laughed.


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      1. branchandroot Post author


        But, darling, now I have to go write the Yanagi/Inui you wanted. *eyes Tezuka and Oishi* I have to say, though, they certainly made it easier for me than I was expecting. Such obliging boys. I may come back to them. *pets*

        1. written-in-blue

          Oishi is nothing if not obliging. Even when you’re putting him through the angst wringer.

          Oishi: [grimace] Damn my accomodating nature.

          Yanagi/Inui! Squee! SQUEE!

          1. naanima

            Then IGNORE everything EXCEPT for the Yanagi/Inui!!!!

            Just the thought of Yanagi/Inui make me squee with happiness and joy.

            (Of course they are obliging. They know their chances of failure very well. So they may as well sit back and enjoy the ride ^___^)

            Love you darling *hugglesglomp*


  1. soloproject


    It really doesn’t get better than this…except um…*cough* YanaInui and…*hack*FujiKiri… ♥ I’ve missed this pair, really, I have. (^o^)/

    1. branchandroot Post author

      *blinks innocently* Well, you could go back and read the TezuAto. Would that help? *wicked grin*


      Erm. You realize that if I write FujiKiri it’s likely to be somewhat similar to the FujiMizu? Like, kinda, darksmut? I’m not sure I can do that to Kiri-elf.

      1. soloproject

        Hmm…mebbe. Is that the fishing one? *raises eyebrow*

        Yes, darksmut. Exactly. Is there some kind of ummm…like a fluffy red-eyed black plot bunny amongst the fray?

        But ok…I’ll take read your FujiMizu stuff again and leave you alone on the *cough* FujiKiri. XD

  2. lechaco

    wonderful once again even if I don’t ship this pairing. XD; very erotic :B

    chaco would be one happy kitty if you write AtoYuki *coughs* :D;;;;;;;;

    1. branchandroot Post author

      *scratches head* Usually I don’t either; it just happened. But, glad you liked it!


      *eyes AtoYuki bunny*

      *bunny bounces cutely*

      *holds out arms* If this actually goes anywhere, I shall be sure to blame you for it. ^_-

      1. lechaco

        haha I wish I were that good with pairings I don’t ship. if I don’t ship it, if I don’t feel their mojo, it’s very hard for me to come up with anything for them. XD but you did so well here :D!

        yay the AtoYuki bunny may have a new home :D!! thanks XD<3 you’re awesome. oh I wholly blame myself too. XD I don’t even know how I got on the topic of AtoYuki but once I got onto it, I started liking it and omg it just works so well with renaissance and art and kfdlajdk *brain breaks from the pretty overload*

        1. branchandroot Post author

          Art. Art models. Oh, yeah, I can work with that. Oo, in the garden. Yeah, the value of natural lighting, and all that. Museum trip, as the catalyst.

          Pardon, plotting out loud. *files after YukiKiri*


  3. lady-readwolf


    Omake… means… parody, ne?

    Don’t get me wrong… it was–is–a good story… but… but… {spurtters} It’s OISHI! and TEZUKA! WTF!!! {wails and pulls at hair}

    My brain… can’t… compute….

    Other than that minor user-problem…

    Really did like way you described the relationship between captain and vice captain… and between these two friends. How they can support each other with Oishi’s openness and Tezuka’s seemingly unending strength…

    (and then my brain fried when they started kissing >.< )

    1. branchandroot Post author

      Well, it used to. Best I can tell, omake is one of those words like otaku or yaoi that has altered significantly since the US fanbase got ahold of it. The, er, consensus definition seems to be something like “extra” or “spinoff”, though it is still used in its traditional sense by those who can actually pull it off. /linguistics lecture

      *bounces* Lookee, I fried her brain! Go me!

      1. lady-readwolf

        really? I mean, I first learned of ‘omake’ through the fanbase, that it should be like a mockery of certain scenes… like the screen caps after the credits of the show–the chibi caps? an omake…

        {waves hand} I’ll ask my boss at class tonight.

        And it’s not nice to fry your readers brains!!!! How I’m a supposed to WRITE when my brain is *fried*???? HUH????

        1. branchfic

          *stares into space*

          I am taken with a sudden vision of this story taking place during the closing credits of Continuation, in chibi form.

          *falls out of chair laughing*

          OMG. Ok, excuse me, but I am inspired, and must go change the title, right now. Oh, it’s perfect.

        2. branchandroot Post author

          *snickering* Ah, thank you for inspiring a real title for this one, dear.

          You’ve probably been in the fanbase long enough to have learned the term before the meaning really started to slip. It never fails to astonish me how fast it can happen, I mean, a matter of a year or two in online-based communities.

          This does not stop me from railing against fate when it’s an annoying shift. For instance, all the signs here in Ohio that say “Stop here to actuate signal.” Yes, help that traffic light be all it can be! *facepalm*

          1. lady-readwolf

            Oh, jeesh… I’ve only been in the fanbase for… for… {blinks} well, damn… five? six years? shit… That’s not *that* long, really…

            {pouting} glad I could help inspire… even if it’s *still* an Oishi & Tezuka fic….

            Hey! I thought there was supposed to be Fuji & Tezu action!!!!

            Okay… gotta ask… “Stop here to actuate signal”??? Huh???

            1. branchandroot Post author

              Well, they mean “activate signal”, but someone in the State Department of Signs messed up, lo these many years ago, and all the signs at traffic lights that tell you where the weight-plates are say “actuate” instead. *shakes head*

                1. branchandroot Post author

                  *sighs* Darn. The thing is I never intended this to go TezuFujiwards. *pauses* Of course, I never actually intended it to go TezuOishiwards, either…

        3. anruik

          “Omake” is generally the same as “Extra”. Kind of like an added little thing just because the author/mangaka feels like adding it in. It’s just that omake usually ends up being comedic, though not always.

          Ex: Ever read some of the Gundam manga? Those little chibi comic strips at the end of the books? Like how to draw Trowa, or Heero using Duo’s braid for a brush? That sort of thing? Those are omake.

          1. lady-readwolf

            Yeah! yeah! I guess because they always seem comedic I just associated them with ‘parody’.

            (and yes, although it’s been a while, I do remember the ‘braid for a paint brush’ incident’ ^__^)

    2. mica-chan

      I really had to laught with your reaction because….I’ve always been so in love with Tezuka/Oishi pair. To me (even though I love a lot of pairs in PoT) they are one of the best couple in this anime.
      I never could understang why people couldn’t see how well they are together…

      1. lady-readwolf

        Oh, no! I can completely read any pairing. Usually. And normally I don’t have a problem (well, there was this one fic, but I’ve erased it from my memory), but…

        but… but… This story had all the setting ups for a Fuji-Tez relationship… and my mind had fitted itself for that schema… and then…

        WHAM!!! I literally… could not… compute… my brain actually stopped reading and understanding what was going on right after Tezuka kissed Oishi.

        I swear… it’s the weirdest thing… I don’t think it’s ever happened to me before…. >.< ”’

        1. mica-chan

          Heheheheh…I think I can understand you. Unfortunatly (or fortunatly) I don’t share the same destiny, because even if I could see the hints to a TezuFuji story, I also could see the base to a wonderful TezukaOishi. But this, probably is because I love this pair and can’t imagine one without other (I really never was a Golden Pair fan or a TezukaFuji fan).

          Sometimes I envy who can read all kind of pairs…I’m not like this. When I dislike something (like MomoRyo, for example…or Golden Pair) I can’t force myself into it (with rare, rare exceptions).

          1. lady-readwolf

            There were no *hints* for Fuji-Tez, it was darn right *blatant*… Even Yukimura said so. {nods}

            Still, I’ll admit to there not being enough good Tezu-Oishi fics out there.

            See, in my mind, the characters naturally pair off–funnily enough, into all the Seigaku pairings you don’t like. ^.^–but if the story is well written and the characterization done right, it’s easy to see how any pairing might couple. It’s the same with the boys being straight. I can see them all being hetero without stretching my mind to the limits, but if I’m going to read it in a story (even mine) I want it to be darn right believable.

            You know what I’m saying?

            We’ve got ourselves a great author here, though, so I’m sure now that I’ve given my mind a chance to adjust to the shock of it all, there won’t be any problem.

            In fact (after being *forced* {grins teasingly} to like Tez/Atobe), I’m looking forward to seeing how this turns out… She has her work cut out for her, though, doesn’t?

  4. issen4

    A convincing Tezuka and Oishi, that is. I guess it’s because it’s all Golden Pair, Golden Pair, and occasionally I get the crazy (heretical?) thought maybe they aren’t married; after all, Eiji didn’t even know that Oishi was a bowling enthusiast in the bowling episode. But there’s so much GP–and some of it is lovely so I treat all of it as AU.

    Ahem, to get back to the point. I love your Oishi. It’s nice to know that he’s not some super-patient, long-suffering Japanese boy who gets stamped with the ‘mother’ label. Well, not one who doesn’t get any sex, anyway. Especially sex with Tezuka-with-personality.

    1. branchandroot Post author

      *beams* Thank you!

      Poor Oishi, it almost makes me wonder what Konomi had against him to put that ‘mother of Seigaku’ line in his actual profile info. I mean, talk about a curse. He deserves good sex. *firm nod*

  5. mica-chan

    Oh, my God! I. LOVE. YOU! I really, really love. You don’t have any idea how happy you made me.
    I simple LOVE Tezuka and Oishi together. They are the best pair in my opinion. I love, love, love them. And it’s so rare to find any fic with them together. Everybody always write Tezuka with Fuji and…well, that’s not a pair that I like. And Tezuka/Oishi is a rarity and you as always were perfect. So, I love you even more now for doing it.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you so much.

    And I know I didn’t do any sense in this comment, but…that’s because I’m too happy to be real ^_^

    *** PS: I’m definetly not used to listen Oishi being called Shuichirou…

    1. branchandroot Post author

      You’re very, very welcome! The bunny just kind of pounced on me, and it was so soft and fluffy that I had to write it. Glad you liked it! I like to keep my best readers happy. ^_^

  6. lady-readwolf

    very few people gave Tezuka attitude for long once they had played against him. Well, very few people, aside from Echizen, who gave absolutely everybody attitude, and could actually be considered becomingly respectful, by comparison, for moderating the back talk he gave his captain.

    {laughing} you know… this reminds me of what Aishuu and I were talking about with Echizen and his maturity–or lack there of–and how his attitude towards respect is very much one of a more American upbringing.


    it had been the crack about Niou’s own captain that had been the last straw

    This is such a telling observation about Oishi’s character. Where Yukimura would have laughed it off and/or played into Niou’s teasing, Oishi took offense for him… or maybe I’m reading this wrong?


    sspp… I noticed this ’cause of someone else’s comment, but, the third paragraph—“Oishi’s teeth were grinding”…


    mmmm… Tezuka’s hands… massage…. damn, I bet that feels good….


    I don’t know… maybe I’m a liar, and I really can’t read most pairings… but this.. still didn’t sit right with me. Not so much with it being Tezuka and Oishi, but… but with it being Tezuka. Tezuka seemed off to me. I haven’t placed my finger on it yet, but when I do…

    :-/ Perplexed.

    1. branchandroot Post author

      but, the third paragraph—“Oishi’s teeth were grinding”…

      *facepalm* Oops. Thank you.

      Hm. If you do pin it down, let me know. I know I do take advantage of the fact that you can ascribe just about any emotion to Tezuka in private; I may have taken it too far in this one. Maybe the implied history needs to be fleshed out more to support their interaction?

      1. lady-readwolf

        yeah, I figured you’d want to know about that–I honestly didn’t notice it the first couple of times, I’m so used to switching back and forth in my own narratives. ^.^;;

        Hmmm… good point. You’re right. that’s it. Tezuka just seems too… emotionally *open* all of a sudden…

        {happyily} well, that solves that mystery! Now, when’s the next part???

  7. histoirede

    You made my day with this fic.
    Tezuka x Oishi is so raaaaare and it was so well described, and Oishi’s pov is just perfect and
    *o* that I can’t be constructive. I love this pairing so much and your fic was marvelous, so thank you !!

  8. unknownhasunuma

    Hi! I’m [ profile] unknownhasunuma and I help run Touka Koukan ( I’ve tried to contact you a few times through your web-site, but am unsure if the e-mail went through. So, I’ll try this way!

    Anyway, I was just wondering if you’d be at all interested in letting me host some/all of your FMA Yaoi fanfiction. If you don’t want to, take a look at the site anyway! ♥ I apologize if you just didn’t want to respond to the e-mail, but I don’t remember getting a response from you. So, I thought it might be a good idea to send you a comment incase the e-mail just didn’t make it!

    Feel free to respond to me at:
    E-mail –
    AIM – Unknown Hasunuma
    Livejournal – [ profile] unknownhasunuma

    I hope this reaches you and thank you for taking the time to read this!

    1. branchandroot Post author

      *blinks* Yes, I recognize the archive. I remember one email from you, and I did write back that you could archive my fic. Odd; maybe our mailservers don’t like each other, or something. At any rate, yes, feel free to archive any of my FMA fic that seems to fit your site. The versions at my webpage are the most recent revisions. (The formatting is css, you can just strip that out of the header.) Cheers!

  9. solaas

    Whatwhatwhat?! *sparkles*

    Ohmigosh! What a totally unexpected and utterly delightful little surprise! Imagine that; Ooishi and Tezuka. Intimate. Together. Love this — absolutely adore it! *_*

    (Tinyminimal unimportant nitpick: The heat wound it’s way into his bones… There’s an its/it’s error in there. <:) )

    1. branchandroot Post author

      *pleased* It surprised me, too! It just… popped out of the end of “Continuation”. These two are a sweet pair to write, though. Even when they’re having wild sex in the locker room they’re pretty sweet. *giggles*

      *checks final revisions* Ack! It even made it though there! Thank you for pointing that one out. I do that constantly. ^_^;