A little Momoshiro introspective about how he manages to be friends with Ryouma. Drama, I-3

Pairing(s): Momoshiro/Ryouma

Momoshiro Takeshi considered himself a straightforward sort of guy. He didn’t bother to hide what he thought much, and he liked the friends he made by being outgoing and cheerful. He didn’t stand on formality, and if that caused certain stiff-necked classmates of his to call him an annoying idiot, well Momo knew that he gave respect where it was due and accepted it where he’d earned it, and that was good enough for him.

Which could be why he’d gotten along with Echizen Ryouma right from the start. They had very similar approaches, that way.

It was one of the more interesting things, to Momo, about their friendship. He was outgoing and outspoken, while Echizen was self-contained and sparing with his words. Momo, despite his casual ways, was really quite proper most of the time, while Echizen, despite his genuine respect for skill and accomplishment, mouthed off to absolutely everyone. And yet, somehow, they were always in the same place, always looking the same way, always knowing what the other would do.

Kachirou had mentioned, once, that it was strange Momo and Ryouma still couldn’t play doubles to save their lives, since they seemed to understand and predict each other so well. Momo had replied that that wasn’t enough for good doubles, especially when what they could unfailingly predict was that both of them would go for the ball no matter where it landed. Kachirou had agreed, ruefully, that Momo had a point.

In fact, the only one Momo had seen who could play doubles with Echizen was Kachirou himself. And that highlighted the difference, of course. Kachirou played as support to Echizen, and he did it well because he’d spent so long watching how Echizen played. Momo knew how Echizen played, too, but Kachirou… orbited Echizen. Ryouma was the primary in that relationship. And neither Momo nor Ryouma would ever do that for each other. For them, Momo decided, extending his astronomy metaphor, it was more like a double star, both turning around a common center. Not that determination to win generated gravity. Or, maybe it did…

An elbow in the ribs interrupted his musing.

“Momo-senpai, quit dozing off and work on the English,” Echizen directed from where he was propped against Momo’s back, reading his Japanese textbook.

Momo sighed. “Right, right, whatever you say. Buchou.”

Ryouma reached over his head and noogied Momo.

Despite his startlement, Momo could hold back a delighted grin. Lately, Ryouma had been descending to physical retaliation, in their teasing; it was almost as good as having another little brother. Momo thought it was probably because Ryouma was afraid of losing contact, with Momo gone from the club. His sister had acted a little the same, when Momo had started junior high and wasn’t in the same school with his siblings anymore. Whatever the cause, it meant that, every now and then, Momo actually won.

Thinking of his brother gave Momo an idea, and he reached around his side and crooked his fingers in Ryouma’s ribs.

A stifled squeak answered, and half a second later Ryouma was on the other side of the room, plastered against the wall, glaring at him.

“You’re that ticklish?” Momo asked, hugely amused.

“Of course I’m not ticklish,” Ryouma snapped. Momo recognized the spinal-reflex, defensive denial, and grinned more broadly. Ryouma glowered.

“Oh, don’t worry, I won’t let on,” Momo assured him.

Ryouma gave him a very suspicious look.

“After all, I have to keep some advantages to myself,” Momo finished.

Ryouma now looked like his worst suspicions had been confirmed.

“You worry too much, Echizen,” Momo told him. “C’mon, homework.” He patted the floor next to where Ryouma’s book had fallen.

Ryouma didn’t budge a centimeter. Momo sighed a little. Looked like he’d found another gap. Most of the time, he and Ryouma could have their little brawls without worrying, because Ryouma gave as good as he got; it passed the time until they encountered an outsider they could cooperate to take down. Every now and then, though, Momo stumbled across some gap in Echizen’s poise. The first one had been Karupin, and he still remembered being startled at how badly Ryouma’s cool attitude had shattered when his cat was missing. Feeling the slightest bit vulnerable did not seem to be something Ryouma did with any grace whatsoever. Momo held out a hand.

“Come on, Ryouma,” he said, more gently. “You know I wouldn’t.” Wouldn’t attack his friend in a weak spot anywhere except on the court. Wouldn’t deliberately hurt him.

Ryouma tucked his head down, and didn’t say anything, but did come back across the room and settled down beside Momo with his book. Momo smiled, wryly, down at his friend’s bent head. Not quite like having another little brother, he decided. He understood Ryouma better than he did his brother, most of the time, and Ryouma was more willing to be coaxed. Not that a single other person would believe him about that last, but it was still true. Under certain circumstances, Ryouma was also more willing to be protected. As long as Momo was casual about it, Ryouma would let Momo protect him when it came to one of those little gaps.

No, not quite like a brother.

Ryouma leaned against his shoulder, silently, and Momo leaned back, reaching for his homework again.


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  1. written-in-blue

    [hefts Clue Trout]

    [beats Momo with the Clue Trout]

    You almost *had* it, you silly boy! [thwapthwapthwap]

    Ann: Maybe he did have it, but didn’t feel the need to emote about it?

    [quietly puts the Clue Trout away]

    Ahem. [burbles over the fic] SQUEE!

    1. branchandroot Post author

      *snickers* Ah, Momo knows more than he shows. After all, he doesn’t want to scare Ochibi off too soon, ne?

      This is not to say I’m not deriving a certain enjoyment from the prospect of torturing my readers with UST. I’ve probably been hanging out with ‘Haru-chan for too long. *sweet smile*

  2. ladycrysiana

    …I’m probably the only person who thinks it would be amusing to see what sort of chaos would be loosed if Ryoma adopted Yuuta as an older brother. I continue to love you, &etc.

    1. branchandroot Post author

      *howls with laughter* Oh, that would be good! If they egged each other on, they just might decide it was time for some payback on their conniving elders…


      1. ladycrysiana

        …is this where I say omgduuuit? Because I could really see this Yuuta in particular accepting Ryoma’s proposal re: Fuji and Mizuki that since, you know, they both LIKE you, Yuuta-nii, and they wouldn’t KILL you for things that they’d, yanno, punish other people for…and besides, no one pranks those two, Yuuta-niisan, and it would practically be a service to the community. …and Yuuta knows it’s a bad idea. A really, really bad idea. And considers whether Ann would help.

          1. branchandroot Post author

            I think you just broke my brain. Oh, dear. The first, I can definitely see. The other one… oh, dear.

            *giggling* Maa, I’ll tuck that first bunny away and see if it grows up to be a story. It really would fit into Mirror Writing.

            …and Ann would so help. ^__^

              1. ladycrysiana

                ^___^ The second image is mostly my being sick and therefore more on crack than usual. But I hope the first bunny can grow up to be a story. *waves a “Yuuta” flag*

  3. soloproject

    *drawls* Weeeeellll…I’ll be damned. I haven’t read a good Seigaku fic in so long! You are precious, Em. ♥

    I agree with Lysapadin. Momo needs a-beatin’ with the Clue Trout[tm].

  4. naanima

    Clue Trout? Don’t be silly. The stumbling over signs is half the fun ^__^ And they are soooooo kyuuuuute this way ^__^

    You know, for some reason Ryouma came across as a cat in a major way. I think it is the whole skittering way from a poke even when a second ago they are happily purring under your hands. You would never hurt the cat, but they are so wound up. Silly cat.

    1. branchandroot Post author

      ^____^ Three cheers for the cuteness! I am in need of cuteness, after all the heavy duty stuff in Challenge.

      *laughing* Yeah, the whole, suddenly hanging from the ceiling thing… And Ryouma certainly has claws. *grins*

      1. lady-readwolf


        claws… {shakes head, pressing lips} Did ya *hafta* mention *claws*? I mean, *Momo* might (not!) need a Clue Trout, but trust me, I *don’t*… and I definitely didn’t need to have the–LOVELY–image of Ryoma and claws and Momo and… {sighs}

        Ya know, they *DO* make such a gosh darn *cute* couple, don’t they?

        And since it appears that I’m not goin to be going to bed just yet…

        Kachirou– now, I’m really trying to get the two freshman straight. Really I am. One’s Kato, right? and the other’s Kachirou? Or are Kachirou and Kato the same one? I *thought* Kato was the little one with the vidcam who got socked in the eye by Kaidoh’s Snake early on in the show (Dad works at the counry club?). *HE’s* the one who always struck me as the up-and-coming Oishi.

        I mean, I’m sure the others have seen that parrallell between Tezuka-Osihi and Ryoma-Kato.

        I just love how you write the short, seemingly simple snippets of the boys without getting caught up in huge scenes. That was one of the traits I used to dislike about my own writings ^__^ I’d always spend so much time and space on scenic details that would drag down the plot of a story. I love that your stories all read so free flowing from one point in time to the next is a smooth time jump so that the passage of time isn’t a painful process.

        And, of course, I’m enjoying your characterization of the characters (remind me to remind Mari to read these two–Momo and Ryoma are her favorite pairing right now, and I probably won’t get to talk to her before I get home on Sunday. Since I’m already forcing her to read “Challenge” before reading the other Mirror stories, I should be nice and let her read a pairing she really likes and knows right now, too, ne? ^___^ Yes, I’m a very good best friend. ^___________^ }

        I loved the reflection on Momo and Ryoma not being able to play doubles despite–because of–them knowing each other so well, and yet the other kid *can* play doubles with Echizen, and you pointed out why, too. Great job.

        and what else hit me…. oh! yes! The doubles strut! and the regulars replacement (and yes, I know this is blending into the previous story. sorry. I’m bad about these things, I know >.<) and the bet.

        YOu know, I didn’t have a problem understanding the Inui-Fuji moment. {Grins} gods, I love fuji. Moving on.

        My gods! What are they going to do when the regulars graduate??? {Grins} Doesn’t Kaidoh say somewhere that the other juniors are idiots (or was he just refering to Momo… I thought he was talking about Arui, but I could be very mistaken)…

        Still…not only are they loosing five fabulous players, they’re loosing all their really strong doubles. I mean, I know that’s why it was so important to pair up Kaidoh and Momo in the Rikkaidai match–to prove that they *can* do it… and so, natuarlly, they’re gonna be shoved into a doubles game to save the club from having nothing left, but… that doesn’t change the fact that both Kaidoh and Momo are singles players at heart, not doubles… The two freshmen look like they’re the perfect set-up replacement for the GP, which leaves Arui’s two friends as a possible alt doubles and Arui free for the team backup, but…

        {blinks} but I suddenly lost my train of thought and yet managed to remember my backside is supposed to be dressed and in the car by 8am tomorrow… hmm… another five hours of sleep night if I’m lucky. yeah… I should go now…

        1. branchandroot Post author

          *giggling* You’re cute when you’re over tired.

          Yeah, the short one is Kachirou. His given name does also start with a K, though I forget what it is just now.

          I’m trying to stay away from giving the new team lineups in too much detail. We just don’t know enough about the other available players (like, anything at all). Lot sof fudging. *nods*

          1. lady-readwolf

            {laughs} well, tis better to be cute than to be annoying, I guess. ^__^

            Since I have a list of names to randomly chose from anyone, I’m just making up the lineups whenver the heck I feel like it. Of course, considering my focus varies from one team to another with the change of the wind….

            Speaking of which, let me look that up now. I *know* I made a note about the three ichinen…. just where did I put it, is the question….

            Ah ha! And only in the second document I looked in, too. ^__^ The spellings could be off, of course, but— Katsuro Kato, Horio, and the third chibi who I have yet to catch a name for.

  5. aishuu

    Sweet. I like how Kachirou is developing a background importance – he’s who I have pegged to be Ryoma’s vice captain.

    Your Momo/Ryoma is still charming. I think that’s the best description of it.

    1. branchandroot Post author

      I do like Kachirou. He strikes me as the only one of the Fresher Three with enough determination to actually make it as a Seigaku regular.

      Thank you!