SanaYuki make up smut. Porn with Characterization, I-4

Pairing(s): Sanada/Yukimura

"All right, that should do it for the Nationals lineups."

Seiichi stood and rubbed a hand over his eyes, and felt Genichirou’s hands
close on his shoulders as he swayed a bit.

"Seiichi?" He could hear the incipient panic in Genichirou’s voice,
legacy of the winter, and laid a soothing hand on his chest.

"I’m fine. Just tired, that’s all. Truly." He smiled up at Genichirou,
though he knew the stress he’d been under lately probably made it less convincing
than usual. Genichirou’s chest moved under his palm in a faint sigh.

"Seiichi…" Seiichi blinked; even when they were alone, Genichirou
rarely let his voice soften so much. Genichirou’s arms closed around him,
almost lifting him against Genichirou’s body. Seiichi released a tiny breath
of his own and let himself relax into that support.

"I’m sorry," Genichirou murmured.

"For what?" Seiichi asked, a bit muffled, leaning his head down to
Genichirou’s shoulder.

"Everything." The hint of a laugh in Genichirou’s voice made Seiichi
chuckle. And then he sighed again.

"Genichirou," he whispered, leaning more of his weight against his
lover. He didn’t often ask, but tonight he was very worn out and didn’t want
to think or plan or even speak. Just feel.

Genichirou’s arms tightened. As Seiichi looked up, Genichirou’s mouth found
his in a gentle kiss at odds with the power of that embrace. Or perhaps not.
Seiichi smiled and let his eyes fall closed. Genichirou understood what he
wanted. Perhaps Seiichi should send that little silver haired demon a thank-you

Genichirou moved back long enough to strip off his own clothes before he started
on Seiichi’s. The shirt was lifted off his shoulders, and Genichirou knelt
to slide down Seiichi’s pants and tug off his socks. Seiichi laughed, softly,
and Genichirou looked up at him with a faint smile. Large, warm hands closed
on Seiichi’s hips, and Seiichi gave himself to them, let Genichirou take
his weight and guide him down until they were pressed against each other
and Genichirou’s arms were around him again.

For a while Genichirou only ran his hands over Seiichi’s skin; down his thighs,
spread over Genichirou’s; up his back and across his shoulders; over his
ribs and the bones of his hips; threading through his hair. Soothing and
strong, and Seiichi sighed into their kisses, comforted.

The sound he made when Genichirou’s fingers dipped between his cheeks and stroked
questioningly against his entrance was lower and more hungry. Seiichi leaned
back, trusting Genichirou’s hands to keep him from falling, driving their
hips together harder, and a deep, rough sound in Genichirou’s chest answered
him. Genichirou’s mouth, though, was still soft as it moved over Seiichi’s
chest, and, as Genichirou lowered him to the futon, his stomach, slow licks
followed by open mouthed kisses. Seiichi stretched against the quilt, and
gasped as his lover’s mouth covered Belial’s mark. Protest and acceptance
at the same time; very much Genichirou’s way, with him.

"Genichirou…" When the dark eyes looked up Seiichi held out his
arms and Genichirou moved up to lie over Seiichi. Seiichi made a pleased
sound at that weight on him. There was a solidity to Genichirou that made
it deeply satisfying to be covered by him like this, when Seiichi wanted
another’s strength in addition to his own.

"Seiichi," Genichirou spoke, quietly, against his hair, "will
you let me?"

"Oh, yes," Seiichi answered, laughing just a little. "Please."

From the convulsive way Genichirou’s arms tightened around him, Seiichi thought
Genichirou might need this as much as he did.

Genichirou nudged him until Seiichi was lying on his side and Genichirou could
press up against his back, and he wriggled back a little more snugly against
that solid body. Genichirou nipped lightly at the curve of Seiichi’s neck
as his hand slid down the back of Seiichi’s thigh and urged his knee up,
spreading him out. Seiichi released a harsh breath when Genichirou’s fingers
slid into him. Those fingers felt very good, working his body open, but
it wasn’t until Genichirou’s hard thigh slid up against the back of his
and he felt Genichirou filling him, stretching him open, that Seiichi
finally moaned, breathless, clenching a hand in the worn cotton under his

This was what he wanted tonight, to have Genichirou inside him and around him,
holding him and driving in and out of him, slow and close and hard. To have
that weight and warmth against him. To let himself arch and buck, in Genichirou’s
arms, with complete abandon.

Genichirou’s hand between his legs shocked Seiichi out of the slowness, and
he cried out, hearing the sudden strain in his own voice. He jerked into
Genichirou’s tight grip, heard a soft groan against his ear, and fire ran
over him, rippled out from the rasp of calluses against his skin, catching
at the heavy heat of Genichirou moving inside him. The pulse of it spiked
with a deep thrust, and Seiichi lost himself in brightness. The sharp edge
of sensation twisted through him, harsh and then gentler, softer, until it
subsided and he lay, limp. Genichirou was moving faster, now. Seiichi breathed
deeply as Genichirou muffled a moan against his shoulder, and finally stilled.
It took a few moments before Seiichi could gather himself to turn over and
wind his arms around Genichirou. They lay, twined together.

"Forgive me," Genichirou said, almost too quietly to hear. "It
was only that… I don’t like the thought of what might happen to you."

Seiichi chuckled. "And you also don’t like sharing," he added, lifting
his head to press a kiss to Genichirou’s forehead, and another to his lips,
checking an indignant protest. "With outsiders," he added.


"You know that I’m yours, Genichirou," Seiichi pointed out, lying
back down. "It’s only fair; you gave yourself to me. You know that’s
how I do things."

An even less articulate grumble met this statement, and Seiichi smiled as he
settled down to let himself drift to sleep as well.

Just before he did, the door clicked, and he turned over, yawning, to see Renji
smiling at them. Seiichi held up his arms, and Renji leaned down to gather
him close, careful not to jar the sleeping Genichirou.

"Better?" Renji whispered.

"Yes." Seiichi buried his face against Renji’s neck and breathed
in. "Thank you." Then he tugged, demandingly, on Renji’s shirt,
and Renji smiled as he undressed and lay down to enclose Seiichi in a cradle
of warm bodies.

Seiichi relaxed between them, very pleased.

In a distant room Belial looked up at the ceiling and wondered if se should
look into acquiring Sanada-kun after all. Hir body still throbbed with the
echo of his touch. At last se sighed, deciding that, no, he would probably
die of heart failure at the mere suggestion.

Se did make a note, as se rolled over, not to mention to Seiichi this
particular side effect of the mark.



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