Mother Hen

Ooishi gets a taste of his own medicine. Humor, I-1


Shuichirou looked around, surprised. Raphael didn’t often have much to say
during practice. Well, not to the team. He seemed to find a good deal to
say to Ryuuzaki-sensei, and whatever it was made her laugh quite a lot. Shuichirou
hadn’t asked.

Now, however, Raphael was beckoning to him.

"Come here a moment, Ooishi-kun."

"Me?" They had all seen enough to be just a touch wary of Raphael’s

Ice blue eyes narrowed. "Yes, you." Raphael snorted. "What is
it with you warrior types that you never want to actually talk to a physician
before it’s a crisis? Come here," pointing to the space in
front of him, "and let me look at your wrist. You’ve been favoring it
all day."

Shuichirou cast a reflexive glance at Tezuka. Tezuka looked back, very pointedly
not wearing an expression of smug satisfaction. Shuichirou sighed.




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