Ryouma makes some suggestions to Lucifer. Humor, I-2

Character(s): Echizen Ryouma, Lucifer

Ryoma was sitting on the porch at home when a tall man strolled into the yard
and stood in front of him. He decided that the man was probably someone that
he could get along with…or, rather, someone that he wished played tennis.
Ryoma tugged the brim of his hat and gave the man a grin that he saved for
when he was having a great amount of fun, such as playing a hard game, or
teasing Tezuka-buchou. “You came,” he commented.

“It’s unusual enough that someone would request an audience,
particularly in such a way that causes Kurai to arrive in my court spitting
like a cat,” said the man dryly.

Ryoma gave a half-shrug. “I thought you’d be better,” he
said offhandedly. “I wanted to ask if Rikkai and Fudoumine are going
to hell and heaven.”

Lucifer gave Ryoma what Ryoma hoped was a thoughtful look. “Belial
is planning to sign that entire group of humans, but Michael doesn’t
appear to have created a binding contract with his associates.”

Ryoma nodded. “And heaven and hell…they’re at war or something?”

The moment of silence that followed that question sounded more amused than
anything. “Heaven and hell are currently in the process of reorganization.
There’s fighting going on, but there is not a war. There are factions
that hold various areas.”

“Well,” said Ryoma slowly, “If you’re recruiting
mortals…even for the far future…there are ways to keep factions
that don’t like each other from war. I mean, you know that humans compete
and work things out that way. Since humans are used to it, getting humans
would help, too.”

Lucifer smirked. “Are you suggesting that I challenge Michael to a
tennis match?”

“He might say yes, after he tried to kill you,” Ryoma pointed
out. “And the look on his face would be worth it, wouldn’t it?”

Ryoma grinned as Lucifer, the lord of Hell, began to laugh.

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