Unexpected Visitors

Michael encounters Setsuna at Fudoumine. Drama with Humor, I-2

Character(s): Michael, Mudou Setsuna

The search for Tachibana led Michael to another set of tennis courts. Michael
didn’t really see the attraction in this particular sport, though he
understood the need to compete as the underlying principle of sports in general.
He was about to walk over to the player called Tachibana when a familiar
voice rang out behind him. “Oh, it’s you. Hey, what are you doing
here?” Michael turned to eye Setsuna, not without a little surprise.

“I thought all of you left,” Setsuna continued. Despite his words,
he was smiling easily, standing in his favorite slouched position. “So what’s
up with you being here?”

“Belial is playing with souls, and I don’t want him to get a lot,”
Michael replied shortly. He didn’t continue to say that he didn’t
want Belial doing anything to benefit his brother in the long run, since Setsuna
would assume it, anyway.

“Oh,” said Setsuna. “I’m just here to meet this guy I
know, Tachibana Kippei. He’s kind of rough, but an okay guy. Good about
protecting his friends.” Setsuna nodded over at Tachibana, who seemed to
have noticed them and then dismissed the thought of them to continue practice.
“We probably can’t catch him right now – they’re busy
working for the nationals.”

Michael frowned. “So you’re friends with the guy Tachibana? Someone
suggested that he might need some help.”

“Pfft. Not for his playing,” Setsuna declared, grinning. “Guy’s
incredible on the courts. I love to see him kicking ass out there.” Setsuna
frowned and shifted. “But yeah, if anything goes wrong with the shot he
took to the head, he might need help.”

“Well, I could…” Michael paused, remembering his second’s
warning about offering angelic assistance without considering the phrasing. “I
could help him out, if that happens. If you really want me to.”

“Sure,” said Setsuna easily. “If you wanna help out a friend.”
Setsuna waved to Tachibana again and turned to jog off. “Anyway, catch you

Michael settled on the edge of the courts to wait for practice to end.

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