Sky in Shade

Before they face the last battle, Kurogane wants to settle a few things. (Since CLAMP have slacked off showing us the good stuff.) Porn with Romance, I-3, spoilers through iss. 182

Character(s): Fai D. Fluorite, Kurogane
Pairing(s): Fai/Kurogane

"What will you do after this?"

Kurogane glanced over as Fai settled on the balcony beside him, pale in the settling night. "I’ll return to my duties here, of course."

"Of course." Fai’s mouth curled but there was something darker at the back of his eyes.

Kurogane was silent for a long moment before finally sighing. He crossed his arms and leaned back against the door post, looking up at the dark sky. "If we can’t recover your magic, then I’ll still be your prey. Will you mind living here?" Given that Celes didn’t exist any more.

It looked like Fai was thinking the same thing.

"I suppose not. It will have to be somewhere." Fai looked around at the screened walls and swooping roofs as if seeing them for the first time. "It’s a lovely world," he said, quietly. Regathering himself he added, briskly, "Still, I expect not to trouble you with that."

Kurogane couldn’t help rolling his eyes. "What trouble?" he growled. "It was my own decision and it wasn’t like you asked for it." He looked aside for a moment. "It isn’t any kind of problem."

Fai eyed him with rare exasperation. "Kurogane, I’m drinking your blood."

"I noticed." Kurogane looked at Fai levelly. "And?"

Fai opened his mouth and closed it again with a sigh. "All right. Fine. I know I can’t out-stubborn you, by now."

Annoyed, Kurogane snorted. "The only time you haven’t, that I’ve noticed, you were dying. And I said it isn’t any kind of problem."

Fai’s mouth tightened. "I don’t like injuring you."

"It’s practically a scratch, it heals right away, it barely even hurts," Kurogane said flatly.

Fai blinked. "It… doesn’t?" His shoulders relaxed a shade.

"No, it doesn’t." Kurogane looked at Fai for a long, thoughtful moment before holding out his hand. "Come here. I’ll show you."

After a moment’s hesitation, Fai slid closer and wrapped his fingers gently around Kurogane’s wrist. Kurogane’s mouth twitched and he curved a hand around Fai’s waist, pulling him closer. "More than that, tonight. It’s about time you stopped worrying about doing this." He drew Fai against his shoulder and tipped his head back, watching Fai through his lashes.

He wasn’t surprised at all when Fai stiffened.

"Kurogane…" Fai’s hand braced against his chest, but Fai didn’t quite pull away and Kurogane snorted to himself. He’d figured Fai would be hungry by now.

"It doesn’t," he said distinctly, "hurt."

"But…" Fai’s breath was brushing his throat now, as he leaned in. "Are… are you sure about this?"

A chuckle rolled through Kurogane’s chest. "Yes, I’m sure." He lifted a hand, threading his fingers through the fineness of Fai’s hair, urging him closer.

Softly, hesitantly, Fai’s lips brushed his throat and parted. Fai’s tongue stroked his skin and Kurogane took a slow breath, waiting for what was next.

When Fai bit down it was too sharp to be pain, too hot to be pleasure, and a raw sound caught in Kurogane’s throat. Fai stilled against him and he whispered, "Don’t stop." Slowly Fai’s hands slipped over his shoulders and Fai sucked gently.

The slow movement of Fai’s mouth on his throat made him shudder and Kurogane gradually slid down until he was spread out on the floor, Fai stretched over him. He’d thought this offer would prove to Fai that it was all right, and maybe it had; Fai wasn’t pulling away. And right now neither could Kurogane.

He hadn’t expected it to be so intense. Hadn’t expected that baring his throat for Fai would fold him in the same ringing rightness he’d felt renewing his oath to Tomoyo. A corner of his mind wondered if that was wrong. He pledged everything he was to his master; a person couldn’t do that twice, could they? But Fai… Fai’s life depended on him even more surely than Tomoyo’s. He’d taken that on willingly.

Fai’s teeth grazed his throat again and the thoughts spun away. Kurogane’s body pulled taut, hands tightening on Fai’s back. "Nnn. Fai…"

Fai made an inquiring sound, distracted and lazy, and it came to Kurogane that Fai was taking longer to feed than he usually did. And that Fai was definitely more at ease than he had been, lying warm and relaxed over Kurogane’s chest.

He remembered the brief word Subaru had made time to have with him, in Tokyo.

"It depends on how much of our instinct he has when he recovers, but since you’re his only prey he may become…" Subaru’s mouth tilted wryly, "territorial. It, ah, affects some people. "

Kamui, had taken a moment from guarding Subaru’s back to glance at Kurogane and his nostrils had flared as if testing a scent. "I wouldn’t worry about it, if I was you," he’d stated.

Kurogane hadn’t pressed for more detail, but maybe he should have.

Or maybe he didn’t honestly need to.

He slid his hands down Fai’s back and Fai nearly purred. The sound went straight to Kurogane’s groin. "Fai…" he groaned softly.

Fai stretched out over him, tongue sliding against his neck, coaxing. Fai’s teeth closed again, delicately, not breaking skin this time but holding his throat firmly and Kurogane moaned, sliding a hand down his own body. He started when Fai’s fingers closed on his wrist in a steely grip. "Fai?"

Fai made another pleased sound and slid his own hand under Kurogane’s kimono and between his legs. Kurogane gasped as long fingers closed on his cock, stroking him slowly. Those twins had an interesting definition of "territorial", he thought distantly.

He couldn’t deny responding to it, though, and he spread his legs apart, hips rocking up into Fai’s hand, and stroked the slim, hard lines of Fai’s body. The confusion of sensations, the pleasure of Fai’s hand between his legs, the heat of Fai’s mouth on his throat, made him light-headed, but he certainly didn’t want it to stop.

Fai’s fingers tightened on his cock and the sound Fai made now was lower, husky. His mouth turned hard and demanding on Kurogane’s throat, and the pure shock of that made Kurogane cry out. Heat struck down his spine like lightning and he moaned as it spun out into slow washes of pleasure that wrung him out over and over. It took a long time for that heat to release him, under Fai’s hands and teeth.

He lay quietly as Fai lapped at his neck, running his hands slowly up and down Fai’s back until Fai stilled too. Finally he chuckled. "Told you it was all right, didn’t I?"

Fai stirred and murmured, "You did." He didn’t look up from where he lay against Kurogane’s shoulder and Kurogane lifted a brow.

"So?" He ran his fingers through Fai’s hair, gently.

"I… think I would like living here," Fai said, very softly. His hand stole up, fingers brushing lightly over the bite mark on Kurogane’s throat.

Kurogane’s breath shortened a little at the gesture and he smiled. "Good."

They lay together on the balcony, silent, watching the moon rise.



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    1. Icon for BranchBranch Post author

      *grins* Thank you, sweet. And, I mean, seriously, what are they /thinking/ giving us a vampire plus sexual tension but not a single erotic nibble?

  1. flannelchild15@livejournal

    Heheh. Very cute 🙂

    I didn’t understand what you said about wrists at first, but then I realized…you’re right, Clamp really needs to fit some neck-biting action into all that angst. But nooo…

    *curses Clamp*

    1. Icon for BranchBranch Post author

      Thank you! *grins* I was trying to make sure I didn’t spoil anything for anyone coming along behind. And, really, is some nice, sexy neck biting too much to ask for? *sighs*

  2. gloomy_gloo@livejournal

    Yum. I never get sick of reading hot feeding scenes XD

    Those twins had an interesting definition of “territorial”, he thought distantly.


    I just want to point out that I find it a bit strange for Kurogane to address Fai by name since he never uses Fai’s name. Aside from that, there were lots of nice dialogue and descriptions. Good job 🙂

    1. Icon for BranchBranch Post author

      Thank you! *chuckles* I’m firmly convinced Kurogane has a sense of humor in there.

      *wry* Yeah, if it was in Japanese, I’d have left it at omae, but that doesn’t work nearly as well in English, at least not in a sex scene.

  3. valentines_av@livejournal

    X3X3X3 *giggles incoherently* Thank you for filling that gap for us! It was perfect! I always thought Fai would be a little ‘territorial’ XD

    (I was wondering if Clamp were going to get around to a feeding… I’m sitting there reading chapters going “Um…guys? Guys? Final arc, bad guy and all that…should he be feeding *before* going to Clow?)

    1. Icon for BranchBranch Post author

      *grins* Thank you!

      You’d think Clamp would do better, wouldn’t you? I mean, they’re usually good about that kind of thing. *sighs*

  4. mayezinha@livejournal

    I never liked much the Kuro/Fai fic around and it makes me really happy that you write them too! ^^

    Yes, CLAMP left us in the middle with only a couple of feeding scenes and this is just great.

    I’m seeing that I can do some rsfeed on LJ, so I’m going to give a try since you aren’t there anymore.

    Thanks for the sharing!

    1. Icon for BranchBranch Post author

      Thank you! I’ve been wanting a good, juicy feeding scene ever since Fai turned; finally figured I’d better go ahead and write it myself. ^_^

  5. Aka-chan

    I would faint because of the uber-hotness of the fic after this comment. Sooooooo hot and smexy and aesthetically pleasing. I love KuroFai to death. And that was definitely one of the better KuroFai fics I’ve read. I loved it. Love it. Love it close to death.

    1. Icon for BranchBranch Post author

      *hearts a lot* Thank you so much! I was pining for some nice fang-smut, myself, and figured I should share the joy. ^_^

  6. keleosnoonna@livejournal

    WHY CAN’T WE HAVE SCENES LIKE THAT IN THE MANGA???? KYAAAAAAAA!! This was so perfect and beautifully written and sexy and I’m rambling now I’ll stop…

    GREAT JOB!!!

  7. owari@livejournal

    Lovely. Just the kind of thing I want from a fic (and the manga, but CLAMP are a bunch of meanies and won’t give us anything beyond a PG rating). I should really get round to reading your other Tsubasa fics, seeing as I enjoyed this one just as much as I did As Red As Any Blood. I really like territorial!Fai. I should write some of that. XD

    1. Icon for BranchBranch Post author

      *grins* Glad you liked it! I, too, am vastly disappointed in Clamp. I mean, if they can manage all that blood, why can’t we have some sexy blood for a change?

  8. Forever Squealing

    LOVED IT!!! CLAMP should seriously add this into the manga, they’ll get more fans most definitely. You captured the KuroFay pairing perfectly. Great job. Oh and I haven’t read the manga in a while but could you tell me the numbers of the chapters with KuroFay feeding scenes in them…only if it isn’t too troublesome for you that is. Thank you.

    1. Icon for BranchBranch Post author

      Thank you! I seriously think CLAMP fell down on the job, for these two, I mean what’s the point of having a vampire swanning around without some good tooth-porn? *grins*

      I think there’s really only one scene we get, in that battle-chess world, Infinity. *fishes around* Issue 137. It’s pretty disappointing.