Dance on the Grave

Lucifer gives Alexiel a present. Written for the OTW Online Con Hodgepodge Challenge, with the prompt: Angel Sanctuary: Alexiel and/or Lucifer, revenge is a dish best served cold. Total Crack, I-1

Character(s): Alexiel, Lucifer

Alexiel stared. "But why…?"

"Revenge is supposed to be served cold, isn’t it?"

She gave Lucifer the look she’d perfected as a teenage boy. "It’s a metaphor."

Lucifer’s lips curled for just a moment. "Many humans say that about our entire existence, don’t they? Just because something is a metaphor is no reason for it not to exist." He settled back in his chair, looking very smug for someone without any expression.

Alexiel drove a hand into her hair. "That isn’t the point. The point is… is…" she trailed off, distracted by the thing on the table in front of them. "The point is… How did you get the expression so close?"

"I did see him a few times, myself," Lucifer pointed out, and picked up a knife. "So?"

Alexiel planted her elbows on the table and buried her face in her hands, laughing helplessly. "Okay, okay. I can’t believe you actually did this. Um." Her eyes were starting to sparkle. "I’ll have some of the mouth."

Lucifer cut into the ice-cream cake in the shape of the Creator’s head, slicing her out a large section of beard and mouth and laying it rather ceremoniously on her plate. This time, his smile had a bit of Kira’s glint to it. "Happy birthday."

"You are so weird," Alexiel muttered, taking a bite anyway.

She had to admit, it did taste good.