May Flowers

Tsuna gives his people whatever they need, and Yamamoto is no exception. Porn with Characterization, I-4

Pairing(s): Tsuna/Yamamoto

Tsuna pressed Takeshi back against the bed, settling over him, and nodded to himself at Takeshi’s low sigh.

It was easier, he thought, to give Gokudera what he needed. Gokudera was far more straightforward. When Yamamoto came to him Tsuna had to look harder and make guesses.

Sometimes Yamamoto just sat quietly at his feet for an evening. Sometimes he wanted to hold Tsuna, to shelter and shield him, and Tsuna rested against his chest until his arms relaxed and loosened. Sometimes he wanted to touch, slow and gentle, and kissed Tsuna’s fingers softly until Tsuna said yes.

And sometimes he needed to not be the protector, for a while.

Tsuna kissed Takeshi’s palms, one after the other and pressed his hands down gently, firmly against the bed, watching Takeshi’s eyes fall half closed, his lips part on a quick breath.

"It’s all right," Tsuna told him, softly.

Takeshi smiled up at him, sweet and rueful, relaxing under his hands. "Yeah."

Tsuna stroked down Takeshi’s arms, over his bare chest, kneading the hard muscle there, pleased as Takeshi sighed more deeply and let his hands lie against the sheets, fingers uncurling loosely. It was a warm feeling, that Takeshi could relax under his hands. Tsuna dipped his fingers in the jar on his bedside table, slicking them, and reached down to press between Takeshi’s cheeks and rub over and over his entrance in slow, hard circles.

Takeshi moaned at that, letting his legs fall open.

"There," Tsuna murmured as taut muscle unwound under his touch. "It’s all right, Takeshi. Just feel." He could feel the soft shudder that ran through Takeshi’s body as his fingers pressed in deep.

"Oh… yes." Takeshi’s voice was husky now, eyes dark as he looked up at Tsuna under lowered lids. "Boss…"

Tsuna’s mouth quirked and he leaned down to take Takeshi’s mouth and kiss him slow and thorough. "Yes."

It always meant something particular when Takeshi called him that. Tonight, at least, it was easy to figure out what.

He reached for more lube to stroke over his cock, catching a breath at the coolness of it; at least he didn’t blush over it any more. Not when he was concentrating on someone else. He slid his palms down Takeshi’s thighs, easy but not lightly, pressing them wider. Takeshi’s breath was coming fast now, as Tsuna spread him out against the sheets.

"Boss… please."

"Shh." Tsuna leaned in to kiss him again and Takeshi shivered under his hands. "It’s okay. I’ve got you," Tsuna murmured.

Takeshi laughed, low and breathless. "Yeah." And then he moaned, head dropping back to bare the arch of his throat, as Tsuna pushed into him.

Tsuna’s own breath came in short bursts as he slid into the tight heat of Takeshi’s body and pleasure curled through him. He rode the edge of it and watched Takeshi carefully, hips flexing slowly. The husky sounds Takeshi made guided him, drew him on until he was fucking Takeshi hard and steady, heat curling up his spine at the way Takeshi moaned. He leaned in for a sharper angle and when Takeshi shuddered and gasped, he smiled, drew back, thrust harder.


Takeshi’s hands were clenched again and Tsuna reached up to grip his wrists, holding him down firmly. "Let go," he ordered, low and even and sure. "I have you."

That was the last thing it took and Takeshi cried out, wordless, hips jerking up as Tsuna drove into him hard and fast. His body tightened fiercely and Tsuna hissed through his teeth, hanging on until Takeshi was still, under him, and he could let himself go, let heat rush through him like a flood and leave him draped over Takeshi, panting.

Takeshi was lax under his hands, eyes dark and calm.

Tsuna smiled.

"Stay there," he murmured, pressing a kiss to Takeshi’s forehead, and slipped out of bed to fetch a washcloth.

Takeshi was pliant as Tsuna cleaned them up, but his hands were always stroking lightly over any part of Tsuna he could reach; Tsuna settled back down with him as soon as he’d tossed the cloth in the hamper and pressed close. "It’s all right," he repeated, gently.

"I know." Takeshi lifted Tsuna’s hand and kissed his fingers. "Boss."

"Yes," Tsuna promised. "I’m here." He hesitated for a breath and added, "And you’re mine."

The last tension unwound from Takeshi’s body and he smiled.

Tsuna stroked Takeshi’s hair as they lay together. He still wondered, sometimes, if it had been right to entangle people like Yamamoto, like Ryouhei, in the world of the mafia. But he had to admit, that world neatly enfolded Yamamoto’s mix of gentleness and violence.

Most of the time.

If it was his reassurance that his people needed, for those moments when it didn’t, Tsuna would certainly give it.

Takeshi’s breathing evened into sleep and Tsuna held him closer, satisfied.


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Posted: Mar 11, 09
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    1. Icon for BranchBranch Post author

      *grins* That he is. This was an odd one; it came out from his perspective, so there’s a lot stronger an element of meta-awareness than is usual for my porn. Tsuna has his dominant streak peeking through all right, but the think-plan-care aspect is at least as strong. Kind of strange to write, actually.

  1. azartti

    You always have a way of making everything you write into the most amazing mental images, the characterization of both is so beautiful and amazing. This two lines speak so well of Takeshi’s personality, and I love you so much for it. And Tsuna, ohgod, I love him even more. Because he would do it if it meant something for his family.

    “It was easier, he thought, to give Gokudera what he needed. Gokudera was far more straightforward. When Yamamoto came to him Tsuna had to look harder and make guesses”.
    “It always meant something particular when Takeshi called him that. Tonight, at least, it was easy to figure out what.”

    1. Icon for BranchBranch Post author

      *hearts* Thank you! This really was kind of a Yamamoto character sketch, in a lot of ways; he’s such a wonderful puzzle.

  2. jusrecht@livejournal

    Oh dear lord.

    I swear now I can no longer see Tsuna as anything but seme. After your awesome Tsuna/Xanxus, and now this. It’s the way you write Tsuna. Mature and gentle but not overly confident that we can still see traces of the old him. Really, really beautiful work.

    P.S.: Please allow me to rec you and your fics everywhere. Please?

    1. Icon for BranchBranch Post author

      *does a victory dance* Yes!

      *coughs* Erm, sorry about that. ^_^ I just love recruiting so much. And thank you; it’s great to hear you liked it! I’ve been having so much fun playing with seme!Tsuna.

      Please, feel free to rec me wherever you like, I’d be flattered!

  3. phishy@livejournal

    Oh, I loved this! Beautiful characterizations, and though I was initially skeptical of seme!Tsuna, you’ve pretty much sold me on it. ^_^ And I like the idea of a sweetly pliant Yamamoto. Considering that’s how he generally is in the manga, it’s a wonder that he’s not made the uke more often, haha.


    1. Icon for BranchBranch Post author

      *pleased* Thank you! It’s so good to hear that Tsuna comes across convincingly; I know it’s pretty rare to write him this way. *grins* But, yeah, Yamamoto is awfully obliging, isn’t he?

  4. demoerin

    I like how the things Yamamoto needs seem to be expressed so simply; I could see him sitting at Tsuna’s feet, just because he needs to, in a kind of lord/vassal way without feeling any loss of pride. And I love the image.

    The idea of Yamamoto calling Tsuna ‘Boss’ is intriguing – there would have to be a good amount of change in both of them for it to work, and it’s fascinating to think about. Also, in this context, it is totally hot. 8D

    1. Icon for BranchBranch Post author


      Yeah, Yamamoto is a complex character; feeling around for the various ways he might respond to Tsuna and mafia life gave me a very diverse handful of images.

      And I definitely place this years and years away. At some point I’d actually like to write something about those years of progress and the development of “Boss” as a sort of… secret code, almost, between Yamamoto and Tsuna. *rueful* It’s a fairly vague bunny at the moment, though.

  5. Shadowkatz

    *squeaks* I’m a new one to your fanfics….but what fanfics they are!! I read through all of your KHR ones ^////^ even those pairings I tend to avoid…simply because I couldn’t resist your talented writing. I was going to leave comments with every fic (like the devout fic stalker I am XD), but I felt I wouldn’t have the literary prowess to properly convey the sheer squee-factor of each one LOL. So instead I chose this one – one of my favorites ^^

    It’s always interesting to see the dynamic between Tsuna and his guardians. It was especially interesting to see your take on those relationships and get the chance to glimpse into the complexities surrounding the Vongola Boss-Gaurdians interactions. For some reason, I find that your fic is just so nicely and evenly paced. Even the sentence structure reflects that calm gentle feel of it all. The simplicity of the dialogue seems to hint at a deeper understanding beyond spoken words. Ehehe that and I’ve always had a thing for TYL(ish)!seme!Tsuna XD! *gasp* and out of hyper dying mode too ^o^

    There are so many parts of this story I loved…I’m afraid if I had to quote all of them, I’d just end of c/p-ing the entirety of your fic here XD One of my absolute favorite lines though was definitely this one:

    “Yes,” Tsuna promised. “I’m here.” He hesitated for a breath and added, “And you’re mine.”
    The last tension unwound from Takeshi’s body and he smiled.”

    *happy fangirl squeee* Woooonderful, just wonderful <3 Overall, and excellent little ficbit that could very well fit into a larger story. Simply lovely characterizations~ Softly silent Yamamoto and tenderly assertive Tsuna…….adf;kjl aj kl; *__* (is out of words) I can’t wait to see what other stories you turn out!

    1. Icon for BranchBranch Post author

      *sparkles* Thank you so much! It’s fantastic to hear you’ve enjoyed the stories that much.

      *grins* I definitely have a taste for in-control!Tsuna. His dynamics, over time, with his Guardians are just such wonderful fic-bait.

  6. muumuu

    This is honestly the first time I have read tsuna/yamamoto and don’t I love it <3 I love 8027 and it seems that I love 2780 too. Tsuna's hyper intuition can come handy in several ways, no ? ^^

    Now I'm going to go check your other stuff 🙂

    btw. That quick comment systems seems brilliant. There's been several times I'm just too tired/don't know what to say/ lazy to comment but I still want author to know that story was loved. Several times I have wished for button exactly like that ^^

    1. Icon for BranchBranch Post author

      *pleased* Thank you! I’m a not-so-secret fan of Tsuna on top, especially with his Guardians. *grins* Glad to hear you liked it!

      And thank you twice. *laughing* I wrote the script for the quick comment!

  7. Sarah

    Do you, perchance, have these same fanfics on fanfiction(dot)net? If so, I would be ever so ecstatic if I could find out your author name as I would so love to fave them like crazy. ^_^ Your stories involving Tsuna and his Guardians, Xanxus too, are just beautiful. So well written and just magnificent. It shows how much Tsuna himself has grown as a person and as a friend and Vongola Boss with the trust of his friends, his Guardians, his Family. Just… wow.

    You are an amazing writer. Never change.

    1. Icon for BranchBranch Post author

      Thank you so much! I am actually Branch on, but I’ve posted almost nothing there. First there was the ban on explicit fic, and then there were the insane changes to the upload interface. *rueful* I’m afraid it just got to be too much of a pain in the but to reformat for ffn. When they started stripping out the line breaks I just gave up.