Hibari looks at the world differently than most people. Written for the drabble exchange prompt: Hibari, Possessive. Drama with Characterization, I-3

“You know,” Dino picked his way through what he could only think of as the litter of fallen bodies surrounding Kyouya, “you probably didn’t need to be quite so, ah, thorough.”

“They insulted the Vongola,” Kyouya pointed out. He still had his tonfa in his hands, steel held straight and poised, and Dino was careful to keep one eye on them. Kyouya wasn’t picky about his opponents when his blood was up.

“I have to say, you’re not the one I’d expected to be the most protective of the Vongola’s reputation.” Dino folded his arms and leaned against the wall, one foot braced, and considered. “Actually, I guess you and Gokudera are probably tied. But I didn’t expect that, either.” He kept coming back because Kyouya kept surprising him.

Kyouya sniffed. “Gokudera acts like a herd animal. Or a pet.”

Dino’s mouth twitched. “So what do you call how you act?”

Kyouya raised a brow at him, finally putting away his weapons. “What do you mean?”

“Well just look at what you did to the poor idiots, just for insulting Tsuna.” Dino waved at the fallen. “And you supposed to be the Cloud, the one who doesn’t belong to anyone.”

“I don’t belong to anyone.”

Dino was starting to have that feeling. The one he often had, talking to Kyouya. The one that suggested maybe Kyouya lived in a different world than the rest of them. “So what do you call your reason for this, then?”

Kyouya looked straight at him, eyes sharp and bright, and smiled like a crazy thing. “I don’t belong to Sawada. He belongs to me.”

Dino eyed Kyouya’s smile, and the scatter of bodies only now starting to groan, and laughed helplessly.

And wondered, in the back of his head, whether Kyouya thought the same thing about him.


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Posted: Apr 27, 09
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  1. annotated_em

    *glee* *glees all over the place* That’s so Hibari–to have it all turned around in his head so that everything is topsy-turvy compared to a sane normal person’s perspective.

  2. aria

    I almost choked on my drink when I read: β€œI don’t belong to Sawada. He belongs to me.”

    Oh Hibari XDD That is interesting X3

  3. renuki@lifejournal

    You never know, Dino, he might. He just might. …Now, whether or not that a good thing, who knows?

    1. Icon for BranchBranch Post author

      *grins* That is the question indeed. I have a vague inkling of a sequel that answers the question; I’ll have to see if it settles into an actual short.

  4. Lickumz

    lol xD that was priceless! really! im dying of mirth! xD lolz this is why i love hibari so darn much!! *goes to fangirl..endlessly*

    1. Icon for BranchBranch Post author

      Thank you! As soon as I read the prompt, it hit me: Hibari would think the whole of Vongola is his, just like Namimori. *snerks*

  5. Lora-san

    Awwww that was really adorable! Gawd Kyouya, you tsundere, you srsly don’t like it when you pets get insulted. Poor Dino though. Bittersweet. Favs!