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Internal Dialogue

Renji is protective in bed, even with Ichigo. Written for Porn Battle with the prompt Renji/Ichigo, privately. Porn with Characterization, I-4

Pairing(s): Renji/Ichigo

Ichigo always kind of forgot how big Renji was, until he felt how far back he had to tilt his head to be kissed. Far enough that he was kind of glad for the strong hand that slid up his back to cradle his skull.

Of course, Renji was bigger than most people, which maybe explained his protective streak. Well, except with Byakuya, but that was because Byakuya topped the fuck out of Renji without ever changing expression, whenever they were together, and Ichigo could tell Renji liked it that way. Everyone else, though? Got cuddled.

In the privacy of his own head he had to admit he was kind of glad for that, too, because Renji was big all over. When he was spread out over Renji’s lap, leaning back against the solidity of Renji’s chest, feeling Renji’s cock pushing slowly into him, he was glad that the hands under his thighs were gentle, that Renji was careful to go slow. Slow as it was, the stretch and slide cut his breath into short gasps.

"Nn… Renji…"

"Okay?" Renji asked, voice soft against his ear. It made Ichigo laugh, breathlessly.


Renji grinned against his neck. "Good." He lifted Ichigo a little and rocked into him again, and Ichigo moaned.

They laughed, in bed together. Renji understood why he liked having sex this way.

And because he understood, Renji fucked him slow and sure, thrusting in deep enough to make Ichigo gasp, back arched, fucked him until Ichigo’s muscles were trembling and he needed Renji’s arms around him. Only then did Renji close slick, strong fingers around his cock and stroke him hard. Ichigo could barely even moan as sensation wrung him out like a rag.

He did kind of like it that Renji forgot to hold back when he came, and his arms closed tight enough to make Ichigo gasp again.

But it was nice to be moved carefully, after, to be held close until his muscles stopped shaking.

"Teddy bear," he said anyway, against Renji’s chest. Renji laughed.

"I’m nothing like that little plushy pervert."

"Good thing, too," Ichigo agreed, drowsily, wound comfortably in Renji’s arms.

He could tell Renji was smiling, as he drifted off, and that was the way it should be.


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Posted: Jul 27, 09
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  1. kallipso

    wow great little trio of fics. I can see all the guys reacting to Ichigo in the ways that you portrayed. Thanks for the pick me up I needed this afternoon.

  2. Sunao Fujimori

    Oh my god, you’re awesome. You love all the couples that I do! ShiroganexAkira, RenjixIchigo, and TsuzukixHisoka. You’re like a god. Have you ever heard of Sora and Nao from Sukisyo? If not, I would recommend watching the anime. They’re a really cute couple. Anyway, great job, smut rox my sox.

    1. Icon for BranchBranch Post author

      *sparkles* Thank you! It’s always good to find someone else who likes your faves.

      *rueful look* Alas, SukiSyo never really grabbed me. Too bad, they did seem like they’d be fun characters to play with.

      1. Sunao Fujimori

        That’s okay, I understand. Not everyone likes Sukisyo, I was completely confused at first. The reason I like it is probably because I think NaoxSora are so sweet, Aizawa gives me the sudden urge to rip his head off, and I think Nao’s a little cutie. X3

  3. Rebecca

    This was absolutely fantastic!!!
    Renji is my absolute favorite male character
    from Bleach, and a pairing with Ichigo (my guilty pleasure) is just perfection!

    You’re definitely the best author I’ve ever found!

  4. Jubbles

    I remember this one from Fanfiction . Net!!!!!! Ahh, I missed this one… that`s the picture of my, probably, OTP from Bleach… at least the most perfectly cute portrait from a couple of this fandom. It is as it ~should~ be, and the fact that they can laugh in bed together… never seems to awe me.