Swallow the Mountain

Zhao Yunlan provides a temptation that Shen Wei has no intention of resisting. Even if they are in his office. Porn with Characterization, I-4

Character(s): Shen Wei, Zhao Yunlan

A knock on his office door made Shen Wei look up, and he started to stand when he saw, not one of his students, but Yunlan in the doorway. “Is there—?”

“No, no, no problems today,” Yunlan assured him, strolling in.

After a moment of fruitless waiting for an expansion on that, Shen Wei sat back, brows lifting. “You usually wait for me at the Division headquarters, if there are no problems,” he pointed out.

Yunlan waved an airy hand. “Oh, nothing urgent. Just a little matter I wanted to consult our consultant about.” He hopped up to sit squarely on the desk, planting his boots casually on Shen Wei’s chair, on either side of his thighs.

“Ah, I see,” Shen Wei agreed dryly, and crooked his fingers at his office door, beckoning it closed and locked for good measure. He leaned back comfortably in his chair, looking up at Yunlan, just as mild and enquiring as possible when there was a bubble of laughter trying to escape his chest. “And what is this little matter?” Just as Yunlan was drawing breath, he wrapped his hands around Yunlan’s calves and suppressed a smile at the tiny hitch of breath that answered.

Yes, he’d rather thought that was the point of today’s visit.

“We have a new applicant who listed a biosciences degree from the University in their background. Shang Xie. Was he ever one of your students?”

Yunlan leaned temptingly close, elbows braced on his knees, and Shen Wei smiled, not bothering to soften the predatory edge. There’d always been a hint of wildness in Kunlun, for all he’d preferred peace and quiet—the intractability of stone and snowmelt—and he’d never feared this side of Shen Wei, in any life. “I would have to check my rosters to be sure, with just the name,” he murmured, stroking his fingers down the curve of Yunlan’s calf muscles and watching the way Yunlan wet his lips, slow and deliberate. “Did anything else about him stand out?”

“He sounded pretty laid back, but he had good grades.” Shen Wei slid his hands over Yunlan’s knees, thumbs stroking little circles against the insides, and pushed them ever so slightly wider apart. Yunlan’s eyes went dark and dilated, but his voice was still even when he added, “Graduated three years ago, I think.”

“Mmm, I think I do remember a Shang Xie about three years ago.” Shen Wei could hear his own voice sinking into a purr, and didn’t try to stop that either. After all this time, he didn’t have a great deal of control left, when it came to Zhao Yunlan, and he didn’t particularly care any more. “Not an outstanding student, but very precise.” He ran his hands slowly up Yunlan’s thighs, thumbs tracing quite precisely along the inner seams of his jeans. Yunlan leaned back as he did, hands catching the far edge of Shen Wei’s desk. Shen Wei stopped his hands just short of Yunlan’s increasingly evident erection and smiled up at him. “Shall I check my office records for his assignments?”

Not a lot of control, but plenty of motivation to pay Yunlan back for all those damn lollipops.

“No, no that’s not necessary.” Yunlan sounded gratifyingly breathless, now, and looked like a calligraphed invitation to debauchery, leaning back on his hands with his legs spread for Shen Wei. “I was just hoping to get a general feel.”

Shen Wei couldn’t help laughing at that slip (or perhaps not a slip) of the tongue. “Oh really?” He slid his hands just a little further up and ran his thumbs firmly over the bulge in Yunlan’s jeans.

“Nnh!” Yunlan tipped his head back, hands tightening on the edge of Shen Wei’s desk. “Oh yeah, definitely.”

“Well, then.” Shen Wei undid Yunlan’s jeans, fingers light, not looking away from the heaviness of Yunlan’s eyes on his. He didn’t look away until he leaned down and closed his mouth, softly, over Yunlan’s cock. At the sharp, wanting sound that jerked out of Yunlan, he drew back just far enough to speak, the soft breath of words directly against wet skin. “Shh. It’s still working hours here, you know.” The bitten-back moan that answered made him smile.

He wrapped his lips around Yunlan’s cock and slid his mouth down, slowly, and slowly back up, deliberate and caressing, watching Yunlan under his lashes, savoring the way he arched back over the desk, flushed and gasping for breath. Shen Wei made an approving sound and wrapped his hands around Yunlan’s thighs, holding them apart while Shen Wei took him in again, all the way down, and sucked firmly. Yunlan whimpered, pushing up against his hands, and Shen Wei smiled around him. He worked his mouth up and down, slow and wet, and took his time about it, which was only what Yunlan deserved—in every sense of the word.

Yunlan moaned for him, all the more intense for how soft it was, and Shen Wei let his hands slide up Yunlan’s thighs, over his hips, to hold him fast. And then, ever so delicately, he bit down.

Nngh!” Yunlan jerked in his hold again, but this time Shen Wei kept him still. Again and again, he closed his teeth lightly around Yunlan’s cock, working up the length of it, and then slid his mouth back down all in a rush, sucking hard.

A groan burst out of Yunlan as he came undone, arched taut over Shen Wei’s desk, and Shen Wei swallowed around him, drawing him out and out until Yunlan collapsed back on his elbows, panting hard. Shen Wei drew back and smiled, satisfied.

“Oh.” It took a few moments for Yunlan to find the second world. “Wow.”

Shen Wei laughed softly and stood up, holding out his hands. “Come here.”

Yunlan reached back, lazily, clasping his hands, and Shen Wei pulled him upright, gathering Yunlan into his arms. He made a pleased sound at the relaxed way Yunlan leaned into him. Against Yunlan’s ear, he murmured, “You know you can have anything you wish, from me. I would never deny you anything.”

“I know,” Yunlan agreed, just as low, lacing his hands behind Shen Wei and tugging him a little closer.

In other words, Shen Wei reflected a bit wryly, he knew it the same way Shen Wei knew Yunlan remembered him, now. He knew it, but old habit still made him hesitate sometimes before he spoke of shared moments from long ago. He spoke as softly as Yunlan smiled at him, every time Shen Wei mentioned those memories after all. “I don’t mind demonstrating, in the least.”

Yunlan laughed against his shoulder. “I noticed that.”

“I should hope so.” When Yunlan’s hold on him eased just a little, with the teasing, Shen Wei drew back far enough to meet his eyes. “Always.”

The promise eased the rueful edge from Yunlan’s laughter, softened his smile into something a little more peaceful. “Yes. Always.”

Shen Wei smiled back, warm with the satisfaction of Yunlan’s agreement, and set his fingers under Yunlan’s chin, tipping it up so Shen Wei could kiss him, deep and slow and thorough. Yunlan nearly purred into his mouth, pulling him closer again.

“I have students coming soon,” Shen Wei murmured against the fullness of Yunlan’s lips, sliding his hands down Yunlan’s back to stroke bare skin under his loosened waistband, “or I’d demonstrate for you further.”

Yunlan groaned, low in his throat. “You are coming straight home after that, right?”

“Directly,” Shen Wei promised, reaching around to tuck Yunlan in and do his pants back up. “You’ll be there?”

“Absolutely,” Yunlan said, husky. He slid off the desk and stole one more kiss before tugging his shirt straight, running his hands through his hair, and sauntering to the door.

Shen Wei took his seat again, and a good breath for composure, and didn’t let his smile escape at the little cascade of scandalized giggles and whispers from the hall, as Yunlan strolled out.

He rather looked forward to watching the Dean try to come up with a suitably indirect and polite way to tell him not to have sex in his office, at least during office hours. He looked up with a calm smile of welcome to greet his two o’clock appointment. “Mr. Wu, come in.”

He had spoken truthfully. He did hope, very much, that Yunlan’s hesitance to ask for things he wanted eased in time. But the deep current of possessiveness in Shen Wei’s heart hadn’t changed with his changing nature; he didn’t mind demonstrating as often as Yunlan desired.

He didn’t mind the least.