Nine Tenths

Possible answers about Kirihara’s proclivities. Humor, I-1

Niou’s eyes narrowed. “So,” he drawled, “it’s
one of yours that makes him do that thing with the red eyes and the violence?”

“One never said that,” Belial demurred. “One said
that it was not an unreasonable hypothesis.”

“So it could be one of yours.”

Belial sniffed. “One of mine would demonstrate more subtlety,”
se said, leaving no doubt that hir retainers would possess the utmost in
delicacy, or else.

“So it could be some other—individual—who’s responsible for
his, ah, episodes?” Yagyuu suggested.

Belial shrugged. “One does not care to speculate, but yes, it is possible.”

Kirihara broke into the discussion. “You do realize I’m standing
right here, don’t you?”

“You say that like it’s supposed to bother us, brat.” Niou
cocked his head. “If an opposing team shows up to a match with a priest,
will that be a problem?”

Belial threw hir head back and laughed.