Ever – Chapter Fourteen

Roy and Ed finally admit how close they’ve gotten. Drama with Porn, I-3

Character(s): Edward Elric, Roy Mustang
Pairing(s): Roy/Ed

It had been a harder day than most, and Roy was showing it, at least to Ed’s eyes. When they got back to his office he went to lean his head against the window and didn’t move.

He didn’t often show this kind of stress even to Ed, and Ed was worried.

“We’re done for the day, Edward-kun. You should go home.” The flat tone of Roy’s voice didn’t make Ed any less worried, and he made a snap decision. He’d thought it over for long enough. He was sure of himself. He knew he would have to speak some time. For both of their sakes, let it be now.


After a pause Roy lifted his head and turned to look at Ed with an expression somewhere between bemused and displeased. “Excuse me?”

“I said, no.” Before Roy’s expression could decide which way to go Ed gathered his courage and crossed the room to lay his hands on Roy’s shoulders.

“I’m getting tired of watching this, Shousho. Watching you do this to yourself and hold everyone at arm’s length, except Hughes, and pay with a little more of your self every damn day.” Roy’s eyes darkened, and Ed tightened his grip as if that could make Roy listen to him. “Let me help.”

“Edward-kun,” Roy began, only to break off as Ed lifted his left hand to touch Roy’s face. At that his eyes widened slightly.

“Did you really think I could watch you do this, see what it costs you, and not—not start to care?” Ed lowered his hand to Roy’s shoulder again and rested his forehead on the back of it. “If you say anything like ‘It’s only a crush’,” he added, “I am going to hurt you.”

Roy’s shoulders twitched as if with a stifled snort of laughter.

“I’ve considered the possibility that it’s just a crush, except that I’ve had crushes and they weren’t like this. I’ve considered that it might just be hormones, but I’m not looking at anyone else this way. I’ve thought whether it could just be admiration for my teacher, except that you’ve already said I know just about all you can teach me.” Ed took a deep breath. “And I’ve certainly considered the fact that you’re fourteen years older than me, and my sponsor and commander here, and I don’t care.”

Roy’s hands came up to settle lightly on his back. “Edward, do you know what you’re offering?”

That induced Ed to look up with a glare. “Oh, tea and cookies, of course, what else could I possibly mean?” he snapped.

A laugh fought its way past Roy’s exhaustion and tension. “Ah, I’m relieved to see that it really is you after all. I’d thought for a moment that I must have a changeling in my office.”

Ed made a grumpy sound and ignored Roy as much as he could without letting go.

“Are you sure?” Roy asked.

Ed turned back to him. There was the pain he’d gotten better at seeing in the dark eyes, and something that might be hope if Roy let it.

“I’m sure.”

Roy’s arms closed tight around him, pulling him hard against Roy, and the heat of his body, of his breath against Ed’s ear was a shock.

“Are you sure, Ed?” Roy asked again, very softly.

Ed had to try twice before he managed to reply. “Yes…”

Roy lowered his head to rest against Ed’s. Brief shudders had started to run through him, and his arms tightened further around Ed. It took Ed a moment to gather his wits sufficiently to wind his own arms around Roy and hold him. It took longer for the shudders to stop, while Ed hesitantly smoothed Roy’s hair.

“I will never doubt Maas’ judgment in personal matters again,” Roy said at last, a bit muffled.

Ed opened and closed his mouth a few times. “He told you?” he rasped.

Roy raised his head and looked down at Ed with a faint smile. “Some time ago.”

“That… that… snake!” Ed’s indignant sputtering was preempted when Roy ran a finger down his jaw, set it under his chin and lifted Ed’s head the inch necessary for Roy to kiss him.

Roy’s lips on his were soft and slow, the brush of his tongue electric. Ed opened his mouth under Roy’s, catching his breath at the sinuous heat as Roy wound the fingers of one hand into Ed’s hair and deepened the kiss.

Ed had no idea how long it was before Roy drew back, sucking lightly on Ed’s lower lip before letting him go. “Roy,” he breathed, and opened his eyes.

Roy stroked Ed’s hair back. “Will Alphonse and Winry worry if you aren’t home this evening?” he asked.

“No. It’s happened often enough. If I’m not back for lunch tomorrow Al will start asking at the libraries for me.”

Roy smiled. “That’s my scholar. That being the case… will you come home with me tonight?”

Ed shivered at the heat in Roy’s eyes. “Yes.”

It wasn’t a long walk to Roy’s house. They both made it with their hands tucked into their pockets, though they walked close enough that their shoulders brushed. Once inside, coats and gloves shed, Roy offered Ed his hand to lead him upstairs.

Ed felt a bit shy as they undressed each other, and concentrated on his hands. When they finally stood together with nothing between them Roy took Ed’s face in his hands and coaxed him to look up.

“Have you ever done this before?” he asked gently.

“No,” Ed smiled a bit. “I always had too many other things to be doing.”

Roy’s thumb stroked his cheekbone. “I am honored,” he said, voice low.

His sincerity affected Ed more severely than his kiss had earlier. They were only a hand span apart, and it was too far. Ed reached out and spread his hands against Roy’s chest. Roy breathed in quickly before running his own hands down Ed’s back, drawing him closer. Roy tugged loose Ed’s hair tie and his fingers combed Ed’s hair down. Shivers rippled over Ed, simple sensation rapidly becoming overwhelming.

“Roy,” Ed whispered

He was glad when Roy responded to his unspoken request and caught him close, because he didn’t think he could be any more coherent just now and he really needed something to lean on. He was more pleased when Roy drew him down to the bed; with a solid surface under him and Roy leaning over him he felt far more secure.

Secure enough to tug Roy down for a kiss.

Things became disjointed from that point.

Roy’s mouth seemed to be the only thing holding him down to the bed, as he arched up seeking the heat of Roy’s body above him. The touch of Roy’s hands lingered on his skin until he wasn’t entirely sure where Roy was touching him at any one moment.

At least until Roy’s hand moved between his legs.

Every sense he had narrowed down to Roy’s mouth against his, Roy’s tongue curling against his, beckoning, Roy’s fingers stroking him, circling, Roy’s palm closing around him.

And then Roy’s mouth left his and Roy’s hand slid further back, and heat surrounded Ed. He strained up, into that heat, sliding against him like fire made liquid, and it flooded him completely.

Ed lay, after, panting for breath as Roy stretched out beside him. He turned and buried his head against Roy’s chest, and Roy held him, rocking him just a bit. Ed was glad that Roy seemed to have expected him to be overwhelmed and non-verbal for a while.

After he’d collected himself somewhat he raised his head to look inquiringly at Roy.

“Roy? Are you…” his vocabulary failed him, but Roy seemed to catch his meaning.

“Just fine,” he assured Ed.

“You’re… sure?” Ed was trying very hard not to blush.

A glint of mischief entered Roy’s eye as he took one of Ed’s hands and guided it down.

“Ah.” Ed was sure he was blushing now. Roy had, however, unmistakably taken his pleasure from the evening too.

On reflection, Ed wasn’t really surprised he hadn’t noticed. He wasn’t sure he’d have noticed a brass band on the back of a waltzing hippo for most of the time Roy had been touching him. He settled back down on Roy’s shoulder.

“Thank you, Ed,” Roy murmured in his ear.

“Mmm,” Ed said without moving. “…you too.”

Roy’s fingers carded through his hair, and Ed wasn’t sure when he drifted off to sleep.