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Suppose the series ended with Al restored, but not Ed, and Bradley still in power. Roy takes Ed back under his wing and teaches him to be even more formidable. Drama, romance, and domesticity ensue. Divergent Future, spoilers through ep 18. Roy/Ed and Winry/Al.

Ever – Chapter One

After a year staying with Winry and Pinako Rockbell, Ed and Al return to Central with Winry to settle for a while. Roy pays them a visit… Drama, I-3

Roy Mustang stood in the street and looked up at a large, though unpretentious, brick house. He had hoped he might not have to come here. But after a year of listening to rumors and whispers, of fielding more and less subtle inquiries, he had finally decided there was no choice after all.

Edward and Alphonse Elric had returned to Central City.

Ever – Chapter Two

Ed makes the decision to continue protecting his brother. Drama, I-3

Ed leaned in the doorway, smiling, relaxing. Even after a year to get used to it the sight of Al in his proper body was enough to wipe away his darkest thoughts.

Ever – Chapter Three

Everyone starts to see the shape of the future. Drama, I-3

A slow and slightly crooked smile took over Maas’ mouth. He leaned against Roy’s shoulder for a second. “You’re too soft hearted for this business, Roy.”

Ever – Chapter Four

Ed gets a closer look at Roy’s job. Drama, I-3

Ed spent the day observing, as directed. Among other things, he observed that most civilian State Alchemists deserved their bad reputation. He had never met so many money-grubbing, recognition-obsessed, amoral flakes in such a short span of time before.

Ever – Chapter Five

Ed starts to learn to play the game. Drama, I-3

Roy had seen such flickers of poise and self-awareness a couple times in the recent past. He was coming to the conclusion that Fullmetal’s legendary temper was less ungovernable than it was something Fullmetal had just never bothered to govern.

Ever – Chapter Six

Ed learns the price that playing can cost. Drama, I-4

Ed was silent for a moment. “What do alchemists do?” he asked at last.

Winry blinked at this apparent non sequitur, but Al understood. “Alchemists work for the good of all,” he recited, eyes shadowed.

Ever – Chapter Seven

Ed’s lessons turn to manipulation. Drama, Humor, I-3

This was the easy part. Edward knew a challenge when he saw one, no matter the context. Roy watched the first reflex straightening of his spine, saw his eyes widen as he took in the actual wording of Roy’s challenge, saw them narrow and watched Edward’s mouth curve up in a scimitar smile.

Ever – Chapter Eight

Ed’s family want him to pay attention to the rest of his life. Drama, I-2

When she dragged him out the door he had thought they might at least go shop for reasonable things, like a supply of screws in thirty-one sizes or a new lathe. But no.

Ever – Chapter Nine

Roy starts to notice Ed growing up. Drama with Romance, I-3

While he worked, Edward’s fire and flamboyance were channeled, honed to an edge that would shame a razor. When they had occasion to debate interpretations, which happened frequently, Edward did so with a ferocity and speed and focused force that delighted Roy, sometimes even provoked him to open laughter.

Ever – Chapter Ten

Ed has his first real-life exercise. Drama, I-3

Three or four years ago he would rather have died, or at least would rather have eaten Winry’s cooking, than admit that Roy’s approval mattered in any way to him.

Ever – Chapter Eleven

Ed and Roy continue on their way to a partnership. Drama, I-3

Ed’s brother still regarded Roy as a threat that Edward should be guarded against, Roy noted. He smiled at Alphonse with approval. That was just the way it should be.

Ever – Chapter Twelve

Ed talks to Hughes about his changing relationship with Roy. Drama with Romance, I-3

When Hughes arrived at their house, mid-morning, with a gleam in his eye, Ed was positive he’d been targeted for something.

Ever – Chapter Thirteen

Roy tries to deal with his changing relationship with Ed. Drama with Romance, I-3

His awareness of Edward’s physical presence was really getting just a bit disconcerting.

Ever – Chapter Fourteen

Roy and Ed finally admit how close they’ve gotten. Drama with Porn, I-3

Roy’s hands came up to settle lightly on his back. “Edward, do you know what you’re offering?”

That induced Ed to look up with a glare. “Oh, tea and cookies, of course, what else could I possibly mean?” he snapped.

Morning – One

How Roy and Ed deal with the way Ever ended. Drama With Romance and Porn, I-3.

Ed woke up wondering why his pillow was such a strange shape.

Morning – Two

How Roy and Ed deal with the way Ever ended. Drama With Romance and Porn, I-3.

On the one hand, the door was merely closed, not locked, and Ed had no intention of sharing this part of his life with anyone else, thank you.

On the other hand… well at the moment the other hand was Roy’s, and it was tracing patterns up his back in a very tempting manner.

Morning – Three

How Roy and Ed deal with the way Ever ended. Drama With Romance and Porn, I-3.

Ed supposed there was some reason for the concern. Ed spent at least half his time at Roy’s house instead of his own. His conversation had become peppered with Roy’s comments even in the man’s absence. And now Al was wondering whether his big brother was about to get his heart broken for him. Al thought that way.

The Rain

Ed and Roy go for a walk in the rain… at least that was Ed’s intention. Fluffy Drama, I-2.

“I actually like rain, you know,” Roy answered, tone reminiscent. “I used to go out in it all the time when I was little. Especially storms like this. Even when I started specializing, I still liked walking in it. It wasn’t until later that it became,” he paused a moment before finishing, “inadvisable.”


Ed gets home after a rather rough trip. Fluffy Drama, I-2.

Ed’s fingers were too cold and stiff to fumble around with his keys, so he knocked instead. When Roy opened the door, Ed glared at him.

“I hate being cold, I hate giving reports to stupid Generals, and I hate sleeping on train seats,” he declared, stepping in out of the biting chill.