Sensual World

Ebook cover for the arc

After Miaka’s story ends, what happens to Yui? It should be the book of Seiryuu, now, and what does that mean for Seiryuu’s Miko, called once already out of her proper time and scarred by it? Heading toward Seiryuu/Yui of a sort.

Copper and Candlelight

Yui tries to process what happened to her. Tetsuya is an exceedingly nice guy. Drama, I-2

“At least that’s what all the stories about gods say. When someone tries to do something at the wrong place or time it just twists.”

Iron and Stone

Yui has to deal with some changes in what she wants out of life. Drama, I-3

“I don’t have to be a god,” she whispered, finally, “to not be a useless little kitten.”