Swallow the Moon

Ebook cover for the arc

Some tales of Rikkai, and their recovery in the aftermath of Regionals. This set of stories is less an arc than a collection of things that happen in the same ‘verse. Manga spoilers throughout.

Touch And Go

Kirihara’s relationship to Sanada and his temper. Drama, I-3

The first time wasn’t really a surprise. Even one summer of observation was enough to tell anyone that Sanada-senpai had no sense of humor.

Zoology and Mythology

Some friendly bickering within the Rikkai team. Drama, I-2

They were all getting off the bus, stretching and exchanging dinner plans, when Masaharu heard Yanagi ask Kirihara, softly, “So which are you going to be, Akaya? A tiger cub, or the boy who swallowed a dragon pearl?”

The Quality of Mercy

Yukimura’s reaction to his team’s behavior during his absence. Drama, I-3

“Too many of those games were sloppy, and too many were aimed at cheap victories that were unworthy of you. We are Rikkai. We are the best.” His eyes narrowed. “We don’t need to win by default. Ever.”


Sanada practices, and considers connections between sword and tennis. Drama, I-2

Sometimes intense focus shut out the rest of the world; sometimes it only brought the world closer.