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After the end, the worlds are still there, and both angels and demons have to figure out what to do with themselves. Politics, cosmology, and manga spoilers throughout.

Note: stories and sections from Mad Hatter’s point of view use the indeterminate pronouns se/hir, in accordance with my reading of this character. If that drags fingernails over the chalkboard of your soul, go read someone else.


This is the running tally of side information for River—what angels I added, etymology of names, inspiration from Revelations, links to sources, etc.

The Name

Lucifer wakes up. Drama, I-3

The fog around his senses was thinning. He was waking. The soft words that he caught in bits and pieces told him this was unlikely to be enjoyable. When he finally opened his eyes he could only reflect on the accuracy of his instincts, because he recognized the person leaning against the glass above him.


Mad Hatter has a few difficulties coping with how people have changed, post-canon. Drama With UST, I-3

“You are not fit to carry the weight of Pride,” hir lord said, evenly. “You have none. Not really.”

The Mind is its Own Place – Part One

The world is changing for everyone, and everyone has to find some way to deal with it. Drama With Vague Romance, I-3

“The land is… refracting. Structures are appearing that aren’t quite like anything ever created in either Heaven or Hell, and they seem remarkably resistant to being changed. I don’t know who first started calling the new area Abe, but it’s very fitting. The land grows like a living thing.”

The Mind is its Own Place – Part Two

The world is changing for everyone, and everyone has to find some way to deal with it. Drama With Vague Romance, I-3

Lucifer’s eyes were hooded. “I am very dedicated to a stable world for all of us, but I’m doing it out of spite towards the dead. I’m not going to kill you off with unwarranted optimism.”

River – Chapter One

Those who are left forge connections along with their new world. Drama With Occasional Romance, I-4 (Incomplete)

“Remind me again why we’re bothering to talk to anyone else about this little project of yours?” Arariel asked as she strode back to him.


Alexiel finally returns, to the interest of all and apprehension of some—particularly Lucifer. Romance with Drama, I-3

Belial’s estimation of Alexiel rose. Maybe this would fail to be a catastrophe after all.


Alexiel has a talk with Hatter. Hatter is unexpectedly drawn in. Shameless wingfic. Drama, I-3

"Hatter! I hadn’t realized anyone was in here."

Belial tried not to grind hir teeth. "One was just finishing," se said, stepping up out of the water. "Don’t let one interrupt you."

"Not at all." Alexiel slid into the water with a pleased sigh. "It can be nice to have company."

Belial made a noncommittal noise, wondering a bit grumpily how Alexiel had retained Setsuna’s obliviousness.