Arc: Canon Amelioration

Ebook cover for the arc

Keeping characters alive without completely breaking the canon. I would not actually wish to change the events the show; it would sacrifice too much of the emotional impact. For the purposes of fic, however, and of me getting to play with the full cast of characters at given times and places, there are people I want to assume different endings for. These are the stories where I rationalize those different endings.


Roy and Gracia discuss some difficult plans. Angst with Drama, I-4, spoilers ep 25.

Gracia Hughes had been blessed with an innocent face. It had served her well, as the wife of an investigator. She had also been blessed with a sharp mind, which had served her even better, as the wife of Maas Hughes, in particular.

Long Enough – One

Scar’s experience at Lior, and after. Drama, I-3, spoilers ep 42.

The world was red. Red with blood. Red with pain clawing through his body. Red with the light rising around him. He watched it brighten, growing as each breath slowed, until one last breath felt like it wasn’t air any more.