King of Spades

Ebook cover for the arc

Rufus is the kind of leader the Turks like—ruthless and lethal. Reno, in particular, likes leaders who are just as dangerous as he is. A handful of loosely connected stories, centering around the Turks and Rufus.

Diamond and Cobalt

Sort of missing-scenes. Three possible ways Diamond’s attack on Rufus’ office might have gone, two possible explanations for the look in Rufus’ eyes, one possible explanation for Jenova exposure. (And a partridge in a pear tree~. Or maybe that should be a president in a penthouse…). Drama, I-3, in-game

“If you want to commit suicide, sir, I’m afraid we’re going to need advance notification.”


Rufus gives Reno an assignment; or tries to. Written because I don’t, for an instant, believe Reno doesn’t take his job seriously. Drama/Humor, I-2, post AC

Rufus looked like he wanted to run a hand through his hair, except it would mess up his styling. “Goddammit, Reno, when you think it’s a bad plan, can’t you just say so?”


Reno talks about Rufus a little to Tifa and Cloud. Drama, I-3, post AC

“I’m not saying he’s nice, Tifa. But the old guy… he was a slime. Rufus-shachou is an ice cold bastard, but he’s honest about it. Always.”


Reno distracts a tense Rufus, as, really, only Reno can. Porn with Characterization, I-4, post AC

Reno liked danger and dangerous things; he’d long ago figured out what he stayed in the Turks for.