Arc: Hikaru no Go

My Hikaru no Go fic is mostly fluff, which, you have to figure, these characters have probably earned.

Arcs in Hikaru no Go: Standalone

The Hand of Fashion

Hikaru more or less dares Akira to go shopping. Written purely because I think it’s a crime to see someone so good looking dress so badly, and I bet Hikaru would agree. Humor, I-2

Akira was used to he and Shindou tearing apart each other’s games, but he’d never honestly expected Shindou to start on his clothes.

Stones In the Road

Go is everything to Ogata, including sex. This can present some difficulties, considering his best opponents. Porn, Humor, Character Study, I-3

The click of stones onto the board, so faint and so intense when a decisive move was made; the line of smooth white or black, curling around space itself, so subtly that the opponent should not even notice until it was too late; the sudden stillness of an opponent’s fingers on their stones when they did see; those were the things he thought of that made him purr into a lover’s ear so promisingly that most of them seemed surprised to be tossed out the next morning as soon as he needed to study.