All Fired Up

Ebook cover for the arc

In this universe, Milliardo Peacecraft kept his sister with him when he fled. Growing up knowing her past and her brother both, she makes different decisions and sends the world down a different path. Alternate History.

“All Fired Up”, by Pat Benatar, is my personal theme song for Relena.

Breadcrumb Trail

Relena doesn’t like feeling helpless, and decides to do something about it. Drama, I-3

Her earliest memory was of fire.

Braid Your Hair With Wind

Relena is in training and Zechs is distressed. In the background, Treize and Barton plan. Drama, I-2

Treize watched with some amusement as Zechs paced back and forth through his office, scowling at thin air, long hair fanning out at every turn. "I’d say you should check in on how her training is going and set your mind at ease," he offered, "but somehow, knowing you lovely sister, I feel sure she’s threatened you with a dire fate if you do."

"She told me she’d get a training suit and step on me if she saw me," Zechs confirmed, glumly. "I really don’t know where she got her temper from."