Arc: Clamp Academy Detectives

Welcome to my fic based on the manga CLAMP Gakuen Tanteidan, also known as Clamp Campus Detectives and Clamp School Detectives. Have a bit of Nokoru/Suou.

Arcs in Clamp Academy Detectives: Standalone

Else the Bottles Break and the Wine is Spilled

Nokoru finally figures out how to approach Suoh. Written for Porn Battle, with the prompt: Nokoru/Suoh, futurefic, "can’t seduce your best friend like you would a lady". Romance with Porn, I-3

The problem with seducing one’s best friend, he decided, was that none of the usual methods worked. If he handed Suoh flowers, Suoh figured they were for the office and went looking for a vase and put them on Nokoru’s desk. He couldn’t very well open doors for Suoh, because Suoh felt that was his job, as Nokoru’s bodyguard.

Best not to think about the attempted candle-lit dinner. At least Akira and Utako had gotten some use from it in the end.