Petshop of Horrors

Welcome to my Petshop of Horrors fanfiction.

These stories are based solely on the PSoH manga, since I consider the anime pretty but negligible. I draw on both the initial series and Shin. There are manga spoilers throughout. On this page, you will find a lot of D, a certain amount of Leon and a lot of Wu Fei. I’m very fond of Taizu, so if you dislike that character you probably want to take a hike now.

Arcs in Petshop of Horrors: Standalone


Pet Shop of Horrors crossover. While visiting the US, some of the tennis boys come across an unusual pet shop. This evolves, as such things do, into some strange situations for a few of them. Drama, I-2, Future PoT anime continuity, middling PSoH manga continuity

If anyplace could hold the interest of his senpai when they were determined to play tourist, he’d figured Chinatown would be it. Something was always happening.

First Day

D opens the shop on his own for the first time. Drama, I-1

One of the cockatoos nibbled on his ear. “Your feathers will get ragged if you preen them any more,” she told him, winding her arms around his shoulders.

North of the Sun, Over the Moon

Leon manages to catch up with D—in Shinjuku. Contretemps ensue. Humor with Drama, I-2

D felt that he should have expected this. Orcot had gotten to more than one city ahead of him, and he’d been here in Shinjuku for months. Besides, life had probably been going too smoothly.

Best Friend

If humans can’t stay with the shop, then… Humor and Fluff, I-2

No one gave him as much trouble as the dogs.

Without Fear

Crossover of Petshop of Horrors and Labyrinth. D seduces the fading Goblin King into the shop. Written for the Porn Battle prompt: D/Jareth, what dreams are made of. Not Exactly Romance, I-3

The shop doors never opened at random.