Ebook cover for the arc

A few stories for Hijikata and Okita, exploring the teasing and angst and depth of their relationship.

Euphemistic Touch

Okita’s punishment for stealing Hijikata’s book of haiku is designed to be something he’ll remember. Porn, I-4

Souji lay on his stomach, spread out against the futon, kimono pulled down off his shoulders and pushed up over his hips.

Taste of Steel

However guilty he thinks he should feel, Hijikata can’t be anything but pleased by what Okita has become. Whatever second thoughts Hijikata might be having, Okita can’t be other than what he is. Porn, Character Sketch, Angst, I-4

Axandra has translated this work into Russian.

The whisper of Souji’s hair sliding over his shoulders as he bent his head was scarcely louder than his voice. “They’ve called you the demon more than once. Am I not the demon’s child?”