Arc: Kuroshitsuji

My fic for the Kuroshitsuji manga.

Arcs in Kuroshitsuji: Standalone


Some years post-canon, Ciel wants Sebastian, the only one he can trust, to guide him through what sex is like. Written for Porn Battle with the prompt: Ciel/Sebastian, experience. Porn with Drama, I-4, post-canon

Warning: References to rape of a child.

I want to know what it’s like, Ciel had said. And that was how he’d come to be naked in his bed with Sebastian, every muscle of his body tense.

A Good Show

Sebastian stays with Ciel for his perfection—by demonic standards. Character Sketch, I-3

Sebastian stood in front of his mirror and adjusted his cuffs minutely. Aesthetics were important. He was currently a butler, and a proper butler was always perfectly turned out.

A Better Trap

Sebastian and Ciel tease each other a lot. Sometimes Ciel gets the better of that game, and sometimes Sebastian likes it when he does. Featuring demon-esque bondage kink. Mind-Porn, I-4

Sebastian was a demon who appreciated artistry, and that was why he liked his current master so much. To be sure, Ciel’s early efforts had been a bit rough. It had taken a year or two before Ciel realized that simple physical feats wouldn’t trouble Sebastian and turned his ingenuity to devising more subtle traps and conundrums.