Arc: Seishin

Ebook cover for the arc

Mustang and Hawkeye both have to deal with finding new careers, as the country has to adjust to a new government. Their differences in viewpoint and background begin to surface as they negotiate toward a new professional and personal relationship. This could also be considered a loose sort of Weimar Republic fanfic. Picks up at the end of the first anime and carries forward with some Lisa/Roy.

Counterpoint – Unresigned

Lisa gives her old job the boot, much to the puzzlement of those around her. Drama, I-3

When General Hakuro popped out of an office right in their path Lisa knew he’d been waiting for them, and tensed. There were a lot of unpleasant ways this meeting could go, and she could tell by the number of teeth in Hakuro’s smile that he had at least one of them in mind.

Once More…Dear Friends – Two

What does a career soldier do when he loses his career? And what do his friends do about him? Drama, I-3

Roy’s past slid through his fingers into a box: a folded “portrait” of him, product of Elysia’s first finger paints; a box with his captain’s insignia—so that’s where it had gone; two letter openers, one of them an old knife of Hughes’.


Havoc watches and worries a bit about his friends, as he moves them in. Drama, I-2

Anyone with eyes knew Hawkeye’d had a thing for their superior officer since day one. Well, anyone with eyes who wasn’t Roy Mustang, but Jean had never been sure that wasn’t deliberate ignorance.

Once More…Dear Friends – Three

Roy comes to some realizations and starts to move again. Drama, I-3

Lisa had been a sweet, cheerful girl, when he’d met her. But she’d been seventeen at the time. He hadn’t been surprised that she’d become more solemn, when she showed up as his new Second Lieutenant two and a half years later. People changed as they grew up.

Only Tactics

Hakuro reflects grimly on Mustang’s influence. Drama, I-2

It was a messy idea, a jury-rigged, special-dispensation way to disorder records and assignments. It proposed to bend regulations into pretzels without ever quite breaking their letter.

It was Mustang all over.

Counterpoint – Previous Experience

Lisa gets tired of waiting and coaxes Roy into bed. Romance with Porn, I-4

“Lisa.” The whisper drew her attention from his hands to his face, and her lips parted. Roy was looking at her—at nothing but her—with a focus she’d only ever seen when he faced mortal danger. Except that, where his eyes were cold, then, they were warm now.