Maria Ross

Fiat Roomate

Ed has to deal with a housemate. Drama, I-3.

“All right. I can deal with her fixation on healthy food, Sensei was the same way. It’s probably a female thing.” Ed paused to glance suspiciously at Mustang. He could have sworn the man who terrorized hard-bitten generals every day and twice on Sundays had just squeaked.

The Road

Ed thinks over what he knows about Roy. Drama, I-3.

“Bradley’s office was buried in the middle of this building,” Mustang pointed out. “Mine faces out over the city. And by standing at these windows, and being seen here, I say that I trust the loyalty of the people around me. Soldiers and civilians both.”


Ross fields some odd questions from her new boss. Drama and Romance, I-2

“Ross-kun,” he murmured, not seeming to notice. “What do women really want?”