The Mind is its Own Place – Part One

The world is changing for everyone, and everyone has to find some way to deal with it. Drama With Vague Romance, I-3

“The land is… refracting. Structures are appearing that aren’t quite like anything ever created in either Heaven or Hell, and they seem remarkably resistant to being changed. I don’t know who first started calling the new area Abe, but it’s very fitting. The land grows like a living thing.”

River – Chapter One

Those who are left forge connections along with their new world. Drama With Occasional Romance, I-4 (Incomplete)

“Remind me again why we’re bothering to talk to anyone else about this little project of yours?” Arariel asked as she strode back to him.

Zettai Ni

Kurai finds something odd in her realm. Drama, I-3

She turned away from Noise’s worried eyes to contemplate the perfect silver bubble that had manifested on the out edges of her realm. The bubble touched Assiah, butting up against so closely that it seemed to rub raw the psychic skin keeping the planes apart. Staring at it she thought she saw flickering images of a castle, a forest, a cathedral, and for a moment, and endless plain of horizons. She didn’t really know how she was going to get from the here of Gehenna to the there of the not quite real place inside that bubble. Not knowing what else to do she placed her hands against the silver, misty edge and pushed forward.

Talking Sense

Kurai and Noise explain things to Sanada. Drama, I-3

Belial waved a hand. “Not at all,” se said. “Her Majesty is here to relieve certain misapprehensions regarding her husband’s domain.” Se glanced pointedly in the direction of the boy se had indicated previously, who was standing a little ways off and obviously trying not to look too much like he was hovering.

Yukimura followed the glance. “Ah,” he said. “I see.” He looked back at Kurai. “In that case, welcome.”


Kurai is depressed and Hatter is curious. Drama with Angst, I-3

It was the Witch’s shattered realm that eventually drew her—with all its psychic pain and loneliness like a blackened mirror for her own.

Double Entendre

Kurai has a plan. Drama, I-3

“No one has done the triumvirate ceremony since before the first wars,”Noise said. Kurai made small sound of agreement. “You don’t have to do this,” Noise said, rather plaintively. “Besides, you have to be a triumvirate and you’re just you.”


Ryouma gets off on the wrong foot with Kurai. Humor, I-1

Ryoma caught the demon girl looking around after Fudoumine practice. He estimated that he’d end up running about forty laps for this, but decided that it was probably worth it. “Hey, you,” he called.