Mad Hatter has a few difficulties coping with how people have changed, post-canon. Drama With UST, I-3

“You are not fit to carry the weight of Pride,” hir lord said, evenly. “You have none. Not really.”

The Mind is its Own Place – Part Two

The world is changing for everyone, and everyone has to find some way to deal with it. Drama With Vague Romance, I-3

Lucifer’s eyes were hooded. “I am very dedicated to a stable world for all of us, but I’m doing it out of spite towards the dead. I’m not going to kill you off with unwarranted optimism.”

River – Chapter One

Those who are left forge connections along with their new world. Drama With Occasional Romance, I-4 (Incomplete)

“Remind me again why we’re bothering to talk to anyone else about this little project of yours?” Arariel asked as she strode back to him.


How Ryouma got so girl-clueless. Humor, I-1

"Gabriel-sama?" Arariel leaned around the doorway, and raised her brows at the seal Gabriel had just completed. "Um. Someone due for a little divine punishment?"

"Eminently," Gabriel said, between her teeth.