The Mind is its Own Place – Part One

The world is changing for everyone, and everyone has to find some way to deal with it. Drama With Vague Romance, I-3

“The land is… refracting. Structures are appearing that aren’t quite like anything ever created in either Heaven or Hell, and they seem remarkably resistant to being changed. I don’t know who first started calling the new area Abe, but it’s very fitting. The land grows like a living thing.”

River – Chapter One

Those who are left forge connections along with their new world. Drama With Occasional Romance, I-4 (Incomplete)

“Remind me again why we’re bothering to talk to anyone else about this little project of yours?” Arariel asked as she strode back to him.


Sakaki meets an old acquaintance. Drama, I-3

He was, Keigo reflected, getting better at spotting the angels. It was something in the way they held themselves, apart from any mortal excitement around them. At a place as excited as the courts hosting Nationals, they stood out. The one that seemed to have caught Kantoku’s attention today, though, was a bit different from the usual run.

Hard to Get

Ryouma is still chasing Tezuka. Humor with Drama, I-2

Dear Buchou,

Happy 40th. Heard you passed the Park Ranger certification; congratulations. Hope bears don’t eat you.